Coffee Clutching Time

As we sit here in the coffee shop, drinking our coffee, latte, or tea.I have so much to share with you especially with my writing.

By now you will see that I am going through and revising stories. I need to do that. I know my stories can use more work which is why I am taking a good, hard look at them. Some I have pulled off and I am reworking them completely.

Here, I pause, to drink some of the really warm, brown water with French Vanilla cream in it wishing they had whipped cream and sprinkles at this place.

Stories are why I made this blog. I need to get them out but I also want them to be perfect. Please know that I am constantly working on new stories and rewriting the old ones. I am enjoying playing with new fonts and new sizes. I am trying out new colors and then clearing them when I realize no one can read them with my theme. I am forever looking for the correct theme as well.

This blog is my book. My book of many stories and some are chapters to one story. Each dedicated with much love and inspiration with the hope that they will fulfill a legacy. This is my way of leaving something to my children and grandchildren. They will always have a great tale to tell at bedtime just by reading my blog!

The smell of Hazelnut waffles through the air diverting my attention from our conversation until I am sparked back.

I want you to know that the story is the real reason I blog. Not the personal day to day shit everyone writes about, not the book reviews, nor the photos, nor the celebrities, I just want to tell a tale and make it believable. I want you to fall into the character and the drama of that characters life.

As I drain my cup, I stand up. I wish you a most excellent day filled with beautifully written words and excitement for the next chapter, just one more chapter of that amazing story.

Please, do leave feedback on all my stories. I do hope you enjoy them. I will be forever changing them until I know the plot and the character have the right words.