One Last Post For 2016


It is New Year’s Eve and this will be the last post for 2016. I know this year has had its ups and downs. We have lost people this year like every year. We have had some hard times and let go of stuff we loved but have gotten new stuff to love more. I am sure you have tons of stories about this year.

I wanted to give you a run down on our stories. I am working on two Miss Nose Evil Joe Files stories. I have a Miss Nose story that is turning into a novel. Really, it is getting long. It is longer than the 2000 words I usually write for Miss Nose stories. I have two other stories I am working on as well that are still in their infancy. Mainly I have the story map done on them with some of the story actually written out. They are developing. I am still working on my Ackerman Lake Murders and  have thought about rewriting them a bit making Ackerman Lake a town outside of Munising. It is really just a lake with houses around it and is located outside of Munising. It is near Au Train at least near the road you turn on to get to Au Train. I am working on the Stalking of Katie still as well for the #shapingyourstory. I really am trying to make my writing much better and more enjoyable.

I have been working on my very first blog that used to be on blogger but I moved it here to wordpress. I have been doing chanting challenges on there and writing up some reiki articles. I am writing some stories on massage, muscles, and injuries which I am thinking about placing on that blog.

I have been reading books in my spare time and I have some that I really need to write reviews on and get on this blog. When you are doing laundry as a massage therapist, you need something to help pass the time and reading is mine. I even read when I am waiting in between clients. I read at lunch instead of being on my phone or computer. It gives my hands a break since writing, typing, and massage really takes a toll on them.

I am thinking about a year in review blog, but what is there to review? If you have something you really like about 2016’s posts, let me know and I can make a special best of the year from the readers!

I hope your new year is great and abundant. From Miss Nose and myself, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We welcome 2017 we great expectations. Maybe this year Miss Nose will find the man of her dreams!



A Friday Edition of The Nothing Files

AHA! I have something new. I am going to go through and tag all my old nothing days with The Nothing Files as well and maybe make it a category.

Some updates.

I started the four week program for shaping your story. I am working on my old piece called The Stalking of Katie. I had put up parts  one and two. I have a third part but never put that on. I am reworking it and when I have it as a complete story, I will post it for you all to read.

I started using story boards for my creations recently. So far, I am not sure this helps me much. It kinda crimps my creativity some since I keep thinking I need to follow it. I have to constantly remind myself that it isn’t written in stone and I can change my mind whenever I please.

I am starting to like my new home in Rock. I miss Cornell. I loved my old house, but now that more and more of my stuff is getting put away, I am enjoying my new one. The chickens seem to like it. The road isn’t as heavily trafficked either. Which is better for our furbabies or featherbabies. I have five apple trees and the apples should be ready soon I hope. This means CANNING! Yes, applesauce, apple jelly, apple slices canned in filling for apple pie, and anything else I can find to do with five trees worth of apples.

I do think I have a predator. I have had some chickens and eggs disappear. Some of my cats are gone. I am worried about them all.

Wednesday, my mom was here. She went to lie down and all of a sudden, the crows and blue jays started freaking out. I wondered out and discovered patches and patches of raspberry plants. These aren’t big since they are wild, but tons of them. Just tons. Then I saw something running away. No idea if it is a human, deer, or bigfoot. It was the size of a human. I shouted, “Who is there!?” The creature disappeared. Weird, eh? I have been smelling what I would say is the smell of death. It isn’t all the time but like brief and at different times. I have no idea if it is a weed, a human out hunting and carrying around their kill, or what it is. I just get it and then it is gone. It concerns me especially since I am missing chickens and cats. The dogs start going off too when I smell it and Tillie will make her very short hair on her black lab body stand right up. She growls and barks. Not sure if she is sensing a deer, a coyote, or what. Could be a wolf or eagle even. I don’t know but she doesn’t want it around. Ryder, our beagle/basset hound, has been picking up scents in the yard and trying to follow them. He runs into the woods and you can hear his basset hound bark for miles. Then he comes back. I have no idea what he is chasing but it worries me.

Anyway, I have to get back to fixing the nothing posts. I am going to change the category and make it something else. Always good to periodically go through your blog and look at how to make it better!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Til the next Nothing File!


Shoe Tree Legend Tree in the UP

I went exploring today. I took a drive down my road. The Escanaba River isn’t that far from me and I wanted to see if there was a good spot for fishing and taking pictures. What I discovered instead was the UP version of Michigan’s shoe tree legend. Past abandoned and caving in camps, some even being used, and down a very narrow dirt road with potholes, I found three trees with shoes and boots in them.

Three trees have shoes in them along this seasonal road at the end of Maple Ridge Road in Rock MI

Rock is filled with haunting stories mainly of our Finnish ancestors and the old Finn Hall where they gathered to meet located on Finn Hall Road. Rock was founded by the Finnish community. People say Finn Hall is haunted and you can hear the people laughing and dancing to this day. I have never seen nor heard this coming from Finn Hall but some have and they are sticking to their story.

The Finnish people came here from a very communistic Finland! They worked hard and would gather together sharing everything they had. To this day, we the second and third generation of Finns willing give to others. We still even leave our doors unlocked and so long as you ask, we will gladly let you borrow or give you what you need.

Back to the shoe tree! I was curious to find that river and a good fishing spot so down the road I went. The road narrows and this time of year it is all rutted up with mud and snow. As you go down my road, you see which houses are being used and which ones people have long forgotten about. As you go further and futher the camps and houses get fewer and fewer. Once you reach the sign where it says seasonal road sign, you will see the trees with shoes and boots thrown high in them.

I took close ups of the shoes and boots.

The interesting part of all this is instead of my car not working when I got near them, my camera conveniently decided the batteries were dead and kept shutting off. I then turned to my trusty fire phone and ended up with issues with that while trying to take photos. It turned off the camera, turned on a different app, and did all kinds of weird things mainly as I was trying to take a picture. It took me a bit to get just the few I got.

When I got home and tried getting the pictures to upload on my computer and to wordpress, I ended up with slow internet speed, my internet stopped, and it took me about 30 minutes just to upload 13 photos. Weird, eh! My daughter kept telling me that the ghosts didn’t want their picture taken.

Enjoy the photos. I am sure this is nothing more than drunk hunters and fishermen having a great time and possibly wondering where they left their boots and shoes. If you are one of the people who own these shoes and wondered where you misplaced them, they are in the tree at the end of Maple Ridge in Rock!

My business plan for the 1.4 Billion Dollar Powerball Lottery Winnings

I hear plenty of people say, “I want to win the lottery so I don’t have to work”.  I, on the other hand, want to work! I have a ton of dreams that I need an investor for. Since banks won’t lend me the money for my dreams to come true, then I have to try elsewhere. I figure if I win the lottery then it is like everyone in the universe becoming my investor. They all believe in my dream.
What are my dreams? Well most are to put other people to work. I asked a bank recently for a loan to put in a charging station. I was laughed at for that one since they have no idea who in the U.P. would become my client and they said if a gas station came to them to request this, they would fund that. A charging station is a fill-up station for hybrid cars. Think about all the savings we would have with hybrids and all the tourist that could then fill-up here with their hybrid cars.
The next dream is to buy some old motel/hotels and turn them into stunning spas! I want to take all the old rooms and make them into affordable offices for people in the healthcare realm. Think of the chiropractors, doctors, nurses, massage therapists, and beauticians all in one spot.  I want physical therapists and personal trainers on the spot giving people the best workout. This way you don’t become injured and if you are injured you can become healthy. I want hotels that already have the pool, sauna, and hot tub! It will make the conversion easier.
Next will be to get our mechanic business all the equipment that needs to set up fully. We have  already added in the snow removal to the business but we need equipment. To be fully functioning we need snow plows, ice/sand trucks, and all the technology to fix your car. Then it is off to hire great mechanics. Since I hate it when people say get this fixed, charge you an arm and a leg, but then that wasn’t what needed to be fixed or they fix it wrong, I want mechanics who are willing to go the distance. You have to know what you are doing. Be an expert and a professional. Know that you need to charge but be flexible and most importantly fix what is really wrong the right way! Honesty and integrity are important!
I would love to open a restaurant. Not really on my to do list but something that would be beneficial to my spa. I like different ethnic food and I love it when it is cooked authentically. I think it would be wonderful to offer vegan and vegetarian dishes from around the world. You can get a hamburger anywhere but where can you get the best soups, sandwiches, salads, and cuisines that offer zero meat.
I really want a coffee shop. That is my dream job. To smell coffee all bloody day long! I want to be able to sell you a can of coffee along with a cup. That is the most awesome idea I have! I would love to have an in house band there as well playing cool jazz in the background. I use to want it to be a bar but I love coffee more than alcohol and I think it would be better for all society. This way someone fighting an addiction can come in without temptation knocking at the door. It would be great to have wifi in there as well.
Then there is my farming. This year we planted tobacco and found out it will grow here! Next is to try coffee. I want to build a heated barn for the horses and chickens. Oh I can see my chickens now! The look on their faces as they get into their nesting boxes all warmed up with heat! They may never want to leave! They love mealworms and I can see them chasing each other around a heated barn wanting that one worm. Farming takes a ton of equipment. I need the equipment and farm hands for harvesting. That should put a few people to work! I hope they love coffee as much as I do. I need to plant corn, wheat, oats, and veggies for my chicken feed. I bet the horses can eat that as well. Think of the yummy corn bread! I also need a functioning building to grind all the corn, wheat, and oats to make flour and feed with.
Then there is charity. I wish I always had money to help someone when they need it most. Someone has a fire and I don’t have money to even help them buy clothes. I can go through mine and give them what I can, but that doesn’t get a new house built for them. Some have insurance for that but not everyone does. What about those with medical bills? It would be great to give them some extra cash or pay for a procedure they need. I could give money to places that help people with their rent, heat, lights, and food. I could help with the homeless.
Then there are the animals. I would love to set up a Mr. Nose fund to help with TNR for ferals, low income spaying/neutering, and rescues. Then I could put together the Dirt Bag fund. My Dirty, who is again gone, was found after 4 months with an embedded collar. I didn’t have the money but I figured it out. It would have been great if our local shelter had the funding to help me. I am not sure what to name my special fund for getting pets out of jail when they decide to run away from home. I have to think on a name for that fund. Those animals always think  the grass is greener at the neighbors house. Crazy pets and their wanderings. Always a worry if they will need medical attention because they decided to leave the yard. I would help the no kill as well. I can’t see ending a life because you are homeless. I would love to create an animal shelter that also takes in the homeless people. Those people could help the animals for room and board!
Then there is family. They always need cash and new cars. I don’t mind helping them when they need something like money for gifts or their car needs to be fixed. I know my family. They wouldn’t ask at all for anything! But it would still be nice to be able to help them out with a teeny bit of cash.
I would love to help out my friends from time to time as well. They may need money in an emergency. They may need money to start an idea so they can make their own money. They might get into a bind and just need help because of some lesson they need to learn. You never know. It would just be nice to help when needed.
Anyway, that is my business plan to the universe. I hope you will invest in my dreams where banks won’t! As you can see. I have plans! I have ideas! I know people just like me who need help with starting something in life. It is always great to invest in a dream that one can turn into a reality.

Hump Day Coffee Madness With Cheech & Chong From the Hen House!

Our pot of coffee is made. We added sprinkles to our coffee. We are out of whipped cream 😦 It is a great morning today. A cool breeze is blowing. Baby Baby and I are playing with the minions. I need to go to town soon for supplies. I am very grateful the docs gave me a different med for the acid reflux. I can have a few cups of coffee now. It has to be like tea but I can have some. I added a…

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Hump Day Coffee Madness With Cheech & Chong From the Hen House!

Our pot of coffee is made. We added sprinkles to our coffee. We are out of whipped cream 😦


It is a great morning today. A cool breeze is blowing. Baby Baby and I are playing with the minions. I need to go to town soon for supplies. I am very grateful the docs gave me a different med for the acid reflux. I can have a few cups of coffee now. It has to be like tea but I can have some. I added a shake of yellow sprinkles to my cafe this morning.


I made a pot of Black Cherry Crisp. Very good black but for a kicker, I added in a chocolate creamer. I tried it with the white chocolate as well. Oh, you talk about heaven!


It is suppose to get up to 83 degrees. The cats are already coming in. I have pictures of how dead they were yesterday. Today isn’t going to be any different. I had to help one of Dave’s clients take a van off of his trailer. That was a mistake. Now my tummy hurts. Dave is off with Adrian cutting down trees. They are both making money getting trees trimmed, stumps removed, and taking down dead trees. A Yooper has to do what a Yooper has to do. Plenty of people now have firewood in their yard thanks to those two.


I got a picture of Cheech and Chong up in the cherry tree.


They are so damn cute. Up in the tree, they are. They flew up there.

Lastly, here is last nights moon. It is getting fuller. We are suppose to have a blue moon this month. Can you believe it is already July 29th? Man, how time flies.


Baby Baby and I are off to continue writing Saturday’s story. I will write another nothing episode later.

Sunday Promises about Nothing at all with Cheech and Chong

Last night we picked up Cheech and Chong. Baby Baby didn’t know what to think about these two. They are mini Rhode Island Red Roosters (some call them Old English Game). You should hear them crow. We left them in the pet carrier over night, then put them in a big cage until I knew the hens were ok with them. They are now out running all over the yard, sitting in the trees, trying to fight the…

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Sunday Promises about Nothing at all with Cheech and Chong

Last night we picked up Cheech and Chong. Baby Baby didn’t know what to think about these two. They are mini Rhode Island Red Roosters (some call them Old English Game). You should hear them crow. We left them in the pet carrier over night, then put them in a big cage until I knew the hens were ok with them. They are now out running all over the yard, sitting in the trees, trying to fight the bigger chickens, and crowing. They have been staying near us. When we went to see them in Rapid River, you couldn’t get anywhere near them. The farmer we got them from had to wait til all the chickens were in the coop for the night to catch them for us. We have been holding them all night and we held them for a while when we took them out of the cage.

IMG_20150725_2332189_rewindChong  looking around after we took him out of the cage.

IMG_20150725_2331172_rewindCheech checking me out when we took him out.


               Comparison photos so you can better judge their size. 

I decided to take some more pictures of the wild flowers growing all over my yard. They are so beautiful. I really love being outside. I sit out here plenty writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, and visiting with others who stop by. We enjoy ourselves out here. Dave is using our garage for his business. He is a mechanic. I have plenty of cars in my yard now. He is fixing them left and right. My yard looks like a used car lot at times. He isn’t charging much for labor. He knows times are hard and people need their cars fixed.

Anyway, check out these beauties.




This is what I have to put up with. Wild flowers all over my yard. My apples are almost ripe too. That means more apple jam for the year. I so can’t wait. I love apple jam. I am looking for a maple tree to tap. That is my next quest. Tap one, put a bucket under it, and have enough syrup for all of us for the year. One bucket would make enough syrup to fill a small syrup jar. We don’t eat syrup much here so that one jar will last us a while.

My elbows have been really dry lately. I bought some ultra shea cream from Bath and Body Works. Oh how I love the smell. It is the Carried Away body cream. I could smell this all day. I love it. Being a massage therapist, I always check my body for dry spots. I don’t need anyone wondering why I am adding oil to them but not taking care of myself. It is very important in any profession to be able to recommend something to anyone else and have them know you have tried this so it works. I don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried on myself first.

I am almost finished with my story for Friday. When it is done, I plan on playing with the schedule setting to see if I can get it to pop up on Friday. Then I will work on one for Saturday. I have several chapter books I am working on as well as massage and reiki articles. I am grateful for the save as a draft buttons. I can keep working without wondering where my story is.

Baby Baby and I are waiting for the videos to upload. When they are done, we will add them to a post. We have one up so that one will go here. But more are being uploaded and I will get them to you.


May your breeze keep you cool on a warm summers day. I will see you all again soon with another episode of nothing.

Apple Tree

I have been picking the ripe apples off my tree. I have a ton sitting in my kitchen at the moment. I am looking like an insane person all over the internet for great applesauce recipes. I can’t wait to can some. I am also thinking about canning some into apple pie filling. That way when I want pie, I just open the jar and put it in the pie crust. Voila!. 

My other tree I need to figure out exactly what it is. It is either a Rowan AKA Mountain Ash or an English Hawthorn. Both I have read make excellent jams/jellies and are edible. I have to do more research and I am looking at finding someone who knows trees to help me identify it. I can’t wait to really know what it is. If it is one of these two trees, I can have some excellent jelly for my sandwiches. 

Daily Chicken Drama 8/7/14

I was talking to Dad this morning. He thinks I should keep the chickens cooped up til Noon. His other suggestion was to fence in around the coop and then let them out of the fence after the eggs are laid. I am not sure which way to go. I know I can let them out and running at any point in the day. I just hate to go on a scavenger hunt for eggs. Everyday for me feels like Easter. Gotta go find the eggs. It is getting old. 

In other news: At least my apples aren’t going to waste. The chickens are eating them from off that branch. I still have one set of worms way up high in one tree left to get out. I gotta get those soon. I am very worried about my tree.