A wee bit of government intrusion today

The U.S. Forest Service like the DNR are jokes. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe we need to stop illegal hunting, we need more land for the animals since people think they own the whole planet, and we need some services they do offer. BUT…..

The government seems to be under the belief they own everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING! They tax us to death in property taxes and when you can’t pay, they take your land. If a corporation wants your land to put a tower on for anything, the government takes it. If the city wants a new highway, the government takes it. Do you see where I am going here? We the citizens really don’t own a damn thing thanks to our useless government.

All this leads me to this article recently published.  Good-bye to cabin life: U.S. government tells owners in U.P. to leave! That is right the good ole U.S. Forest Service is again taking away land from people and telling everyone they can’t use it. Well, if it is public land then we should be able to use it however we see fit. This is like the time when Obama closed our parks including Pictured Rocks. Do you remember the government shutdown in 2013? Our Governor, Rick Snyder, decided it was ok to follow what the feds said and closed the parks. Wrong thing to tell a Yooper! Taxpayers Revolt Against Park Closures 

The other social nasty I really want to get rid of in our government is the inflation/deficit we face. Inflation keeps rising. When I entered the workforce many, many moons ago, I made $3.35 an hour. This was good. Milk was only 50 cents a gallon. Bread was about the same price. Gas went between 75 cents to around a dollar. In the 70s we had a gas shortage which made us top around $1.75 or so depending upon where you lived. But groceries were cheaper. A can of Spaghettios was 75 cents a can. Back when we could make a homemade pizza for under a buck. Today it is under $5. I really hate that our economy has gotten like this. By all rights minimum wage should be around $18 an hour just to keep up with rising milk costs. Since that is 6 times what I made back in the 80s, our factory workers and professionals should be charging 6 times as much for their wages as well. Most attorneys charge $200 an hour today which is cheap with the realization of inflation vs wages. By all accounts an attorney should charge $1200 an hour.

This little rant is brought to you today by this article I discovered on my browser home page. Escaping poverty requires almost 20 years with nearly nothing going wrong

The biggest problem we face is money. I always loved Star Trek because they didn’t use money. Everyone had their spot on the planet and no one ever mentioned money. Except of course the Ferengi with gold press latinum.

Found this online. Not sure who made it but I love it.  It is on 45 or more sites.

That is all I got for today. Back to writing and crocheting. I have been working a ton of hours lately. Maybe if I get time, I will post some pics of what I have been making.


Goodbye to McDonald’s Playland

Escanaba’s McDonald’s located at 503 North Lincoln Road is getting what they call a facelift. They are tearing out the playland area today as it rains upon the town. Even the weather is upset that McDonald’s won’t have a play area for the kiddos anymore. They are wanting more sitting room but have forgotten the only reason they need the sitting room is for the parents who have small children whose only reason for going to McDonald’s is the play area. It is a sad reality for many today as we watch the workers hauling the play equipment off to the garbage. I feel really bad for all the kids. It is a sad, sad day.

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I did find some uplifting news for you all on Facebook. It is mainly cat related except for the bear. What great news for this bear cub. I wish more people had compassion for other beings on this planet.

10 Healthiest ‘People Foods’ You Should Be Feeding Your Cat


Hen With Motherly Instincts Sits On An Abandoned Kitten To Keep Him Warm

The Cat Handshake: How To Introduce Yourself To A New Cat

Hiker finds ‘almost lifeless’ baby bear, uses mouth-to-mouth to help save it

I still love watching The Simpson’s and I remember watching the Tracy Ullman show just to catch the latest episode of this zany family. It has been 30 years of watching the same family cartoon!

The Simpson Family Made Its Television Debut 30 Years Ago

Some sad news in today and this is the stuff I usually stick on tumblr for conspiracies. There are political articles here too. Nice that Trump gave his salary to the Park Service! Never seen a President do that before. Another first from President Trump that I have never seen in my lifetime. Although, I still say down with Betsy but that is a Michigan thing. Some hate her here and others love her but to me, she knows nothing about education and is not qualified to do this job.

Man calls 911 with vague details of shooting, opens fire on responding deputies in ambush

UPDATE: Jacobs fails to enter plea for second time

Massive explosion, fire at house in New Hampshire just after officers arrived

Snyder signs law shielding records until contract announced

Trump donates first 3 months of salary to Park Service

Betsy DeVos’ latest attack on people with student loans will make your blood boil

More news later folks. I will write to you all again soon. Have a marvelous day!


Another Day Away From Facebook

Yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to post anything. It was the last day of school for my girls as in they are now on SPRING BREAK!

I did find some very interesting news on facebook today. I am just staying away from writing my status reports there but not completely away. I need to know what my friends and family are doing.

If ’70s Moms Had Blogs …

If Your Coffee Table Doesn’t Chill Your Beer, What’s the Point?

3 Signs Someone is Lying to You, Courtesy of a Former FBI Agent

We are getting put on the map lately with Peanut. The latest on that case is here.

Praise continues for canine hero who saved girl

Now I just focus on work for a week and hopefully, getting some direction on these Miss Nose stories. I have a new portion brewing for the Paranormal, Miss Nose and I am working on three more stories for her, my novel, and some articles for my other blog. I am working on some crime essays dealing with forensics as well. I am drinking weak coffee at the moment since I am so out of coffee and in dire need of going to the store. But it is spring break and I am being lazy. Maybe if I remember, I will get to the store and buy some.

I am writing the Reiki and health articles for my blog KWP Money Reiki. I am going to post all those massage articles there. Any nutrition or aromatherapy I write about will go there. I am trying to make those articles really shine. They have to be great. I want them posted well enough that I can put them in the spa’s newsletter for my clients. It means a ton of research and even asking my clients questions about their experiences. I am offering meditation classes now as well as teaching couples how to massage one another.

I have a few crime articles I am researching. I have been really looking at all the Nicole Brown Simpson photos. Really interesting once you know forensics. You can see the mistakes the officers made that day without even knowing.  The other one I keep going back to is White Boy Rick. Why is this poor boy still in prison?

I am further on Foxy. I haven’t really researched to see if someone has a pattern for him so I have been making him on my own. He isn’t perfect. I am making his arms right now and his tail. That is what is left of him. I am still trying to figure out his hook. Maybe I can use pipe cleaner? I like to do my crocheting without added items but still. I could just make a candy cane and that would work. You see in amigurumi, you can make a strawberry with the same pattern as any other item like a ball or turtle. When I first start out any project the beginning always reminds me of a turtle shell.

Here are some pictures of my progress for you all.


Once I put on his head, this is what he will look like


A close up of the head and body


The muzzle isn’t the best. I should have made it bigger.
I put a lot of teeth on the bottom. I am seeing my design flaws.



A very close up of the head. I have this completely done.


I am thinking I need more for the feet but I am not really familiar with Foxy which makes me uncertain.

I need to get back to writing. I am looking for some freelance writing gigs as well. I love coffee and thought, hey I could write about coffee. I love crime and I can write about that too. I find it unfortunate that our newspapers are going away. They are being outsourced by the world wide web and television. I have a ton to do today. This means I gotta go! Write back soon.


Tuesday’s Nothing File of Nothingness

I really need to get my writing chops back flowing. I have been crocheting these little amigurumi characters instead of focusing on what I should be doing. I have been booking clients for massages instead of working on my three different Miss Nose stories. Oops sorry FOUR Miss Nose stories since I am writing one on here. I have decided to scrap the way I was writing my Ackerman Lake novel and now, I have created a new city in the UP called Ackerman Lake. It will still be the same but I am getting making one location area instead of several. I decided I am going to make this new town as a subdivision town that is being newly developed. They are clearing the woods as we speak. lol.

I have been looking at some freelance jobs to help get some extra cash. I really like one which is writing about coffee. You all know how much I enjoy my java, well, maybe not since this isn’t facebook. I am trying on a 30 day fast from facebook. I am thinking instead of writing facebook statuses, I will write them on my blog instead. This should be interesting.  No tweets either, just blog post in place of what would be a tweet or status update.  Not saying I won’t be sharing cute cat, coffee, and other stuff on those sites but I want to take that time and get it on my blog instead. I need to focus on this writing and most of my updates are about animals in my house like my new goat, Molly, or my funky crochet creatures.


Am I not the cutest thing you have seen all day?



I created this cat and his mouse friend.


Right now I am designing and creating Foxy from FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy’s) for my daughter. I learned a ton about amigurumi from watching Japanese you tube videos and reading books. It really is a very simple method. You increase and decrease stitches and make shapes. If you can do simple shapes you can make these creatures and dolls. You need math skills though.

You start with a magic ring. Of this I am not kidding! You make a ring around your fingers and you start your chain there. When I first learned crocheting we were told to chain 4, slip stitch to make a circle and then to go in and out of that circle for 4, 6, 8, or how many other stitches we needed to start the pattern, but this magic ring takes away that chaining circle.

The thing about amigurumi is, you never leave a seam mark since you are working in a spiral. I really love this way of creating. I am so enjoying my time crocheting these creatures. I have been translating Japanese (thank you Google) and learning how to create dolls and separate the legs and arms. I am not good yet with arms but I am going to try legs with Foxy! I will of course post a picture of Foxy when I get him done. I am trying to find out which version she wants of him and since all of amigurumi follows the same basic patterns, you can make anything by knowing this. I have gotten so into this, I bought safety eyes and embroidery thread. I am learning how to make eyes with the Japanese girls help. Not easy peasy yet for me.

Here, I will post some pictures of what I have been working on lately.


My alien



A rabbit



My sisters and I had these stringbean rabbits when we were kids and I have been trying to recreate them with amigurumi. I figured out how to make bow ties as well.



My niece tells me he is creepy looking.



I made a UNICORN!


One day, I will post how you increase and decrease. I have to get back to scheduling for work and looking for some extra cash employment endeavors. More status updates as I stay off facebook later.

Oh, Five Nights At Freddy’s is a game and storyboard background for those who don’t know.


Paranormal, Miss Nose (Osa Yhdeksan)






Miss Nose kept looking around her office. Looking for something to explain the voice and then she saw it. She rubbed her eyes, but it was still there. She slapped her face, but it was still there. There, on Tillie’s desk, was an orange and yellow bunny dancing and talking to Miss Nose!

“I must be hallucinating” Miss Nose stated aloud!

“You are not hallucinating, Miss Nose.”

“I’m not?”

“No, you are not! I am the gate-keeper to the Rainbow Bridge. Someone has escaped from here and is now causing problems. We need your help, Miss Nose!”

“Why does everyone always need MY help?” Miss Nose stated in frustration.

“Because you are willing to help anyone.” The bunny told Miss Nose. “You have a heart that feels for others. You can see their pain. You are special.”

Miss Nose blinked at the bunny in disbelief. Then said, “This is not helping me figure out who is sending mystery gifts to people and one isn’t even dead!”

“I can help some.” The bunny continued dancing on Tillie’s desk. Miss Nose keeps watching him dance wondering why he just doesn’t sit down.

“Can you tell me who escaped?”

“That is what I am here to do. He is one of our best and finest. But he recently had a very traumatic event happen. He was supposed to pick up a body but that body figured out how to cheat death and placed someone who wasn’t suppose to die in his place. This is hard when it is not their time but the one who has cheated. Our agent went a bit off the edge and couldn’t handle it anymore. He jumped and landed here in Escanaba. Now we have to locate him. He doesn’t know how lost he is. We have agents ready to lead him home, but we need you to locate him.”

“How? Do you have a picture? Can you describe him? What am I looking for?”

“I will give you 3 clues to who you are looking for. Are you ready?”

“Hold on!” Miss Nose ran to her desk and retrieved her notepad and pencil. She ran back to the rabbit and said, “Ready!”

“When the crow flies 3 times past your nose. When you hear the chime of a bell no longer working. When you see the waves that aren’t waves. You will then find the person responsible.”

Miss Nose blinked at the bunny and said, “Where are the clues?”

“I just gave them to you.” The bunny said matter of factly while still dancing upon Tillie’s desk.

“You mean that was the clues? Can’t you give me a description or something?”

And then the bunny disappeared. Miss Nose looked around the office and screamed, “COME BACK! THIS CAN’T BE THE CLUES! COME BACK, BUNNY!”





Paranormal, Miss Nose (Osa Seitseman)

The color glints off the table from the stained windows behind Miss Nose. She is wishing now she never would have come, but something pulls at her every time. Maybe it is the reporter in her. Her mother always called her Miss Nosey Nose. Her mother thought her being curious and inquisitive are issues that needed to be taken care of. Her mother found it befitting to always inform her of a cat’s curiosity and how the cat ends up dead at the end. Miss Nose was blessed with logic though. If you think about why the cat ends up dead, you see it had something to do with a logic. If a cat chases a rabbit and doesn’t see a hole, falls into the hole, and breaks a leg, well, that is logic. If a cat is climbing a tree, a branch breaks, and they fall on the branch, well, that is logic. It had nothing to do with curiosity! But it did have to do with logical deductions. Branches break and sometimes there are holes where you are running or walking. You can’t blame twisting your heel on curiosity.

Now the time has come for an explanation. Miss Nose takes a deep breath in and exhales slowly as Kendrick starts, “You see Emmy, we all have a common issue. Caroline, Patrick, and I have received packages,  letters, and phone calls from very mysterious visitors.” Miss Nose was going to say something about the letters and such when Kendrick held up his paw to shush her. “Listen to me first, ok?” Miss Nose nodded. “The ‘visitors’ are dead relatives and friends. Or should I say, we are supposed to believe they are from our dead relatives and friends.”

Miss Nose made a face at Kendrick. Her eyebrows raised in suspicion and she wanted to drop her jaw in shock but instead locked it tight in a grimace. Kendrick could see the wheels going in her head. He knew he had her.

“Why don’t you ask the police to help you?” Miss Nose asked, “I am sure they could investigate and help you figure out who is sending you this stuff?”

“We did go to the police.” Kendrick stated. “They told us there was nothing they could do until we were harmed.”

Kendrick shrugged a bit and both Patrick and Caroline sighed. Miss Nose was puzzled as to why police would not investigate. She wondered if it was just something to not really worry about. She was about to interrogate him more when Kendrick started speaking again.

“I have some of the items. Patrick did you take yours here. Caroline, where are yours?”

“I did take mine.” Patrick said, “And the ones my wife got.”

“I took the ones I got and the ones that came in for my son. Who would send this stuff to a baby?” Caroline looked like she wanted to cry.

All three got up from the table and disappeared. Miss Nose poured herself another cup of coffee and sat back. She was thinking. She knew she couldn’t really decide a course of action until she got all the information from the three of them. She started to wonder how many other people where in the same boat. She started thinking she could write an amazing article about this for the paper and maybe others would come forward. Miss Nose’s eyes started to hint at a breakthrough idea.

Paranormal, Miss Nose (osa nelja)

Miss Nose and Topaz found the best seat at Friday’s. They actually have windows over looking the parking lot. But they were higher up and could see a few buildings going down toward the park. “I was told the Evil Mastermind wants to put a third story on this building.” Topaz told Miss Nose with excitement.

“Really? What would he put on a third story?” Emmy seemed perplexed about this. Then she made a mental note to start looking into the rumor. Miss Nose and Topaz both pulled out their knitting projects at the same time. Topaz grabbed her French vanilla creamer out of her bag. She never went anywhere without it. It was her own blend. She made it from the cream of her cows and the vanilla she grew. She didn’t like any foods coming from a store. Emerald was always a wee jealous of her sister’s ability to make her own anything. She watched her sister when they were kids making rugs, clothes, and jam. She watched her sister win blue ribbons time after time at the UP State Fair. She watched her compete in horse events, craft events, and tractor pulls. She watched her log rolling and building her own outhouse for the Trenary Outhouse Races! The only thing Miss Nose won awards for were her short stories and her solo ensembles. Miss Nose could play any instrument she laid her paws on. And thanks to her sister, she knew clothing, fabric, and what to watch for when someone created a new line of clothing.

Miss Nose couldn’t keep from thinking about what Kendrick had said to her. She was trying hard to keep her mind focused on her sister. “Are you going to compete in the outhouse race this year?”

“Well of course I am. Matt has the design all drawn out and we have been working on it.”

Miss Nose knew she needed to keep talking to her sister or her mind would be racing toward Kendrick’s conversation. Topaz poured the french vanilla cream into her freshly poured coffee. She started to continue the conversation about the outhouse they were making for the next race. The sisters had a great time. They paid for their order and left. Topaz and Emmy went to their cars, hugged one another, and left. Topaz was heading back to Cornell.

Miss Nose got into her car. She put her keys into the ignition. She sat there a minute. Looking in her purse, she took out the card Kendrick gave her. Sitting there, she kept going over the events of the day in her head. Miss Nose kept vacillating over going to Kendrick’s or not. The whole day just seemed like a horrible dream. Although, she did love being with her sister. Miss Nose really wasn’t sure what kind of problem she could help Kendrick the Great with. As she sat there, she made up her mind. She had to know what it was. She wouldn’t be able to make a good decision without knowing what she is making the decision about.

Paranormal, Miss Nose (osa kaksi)

Miss Nose felt as though Kendrick was hitting her with daggers. His stare was just so unbelievable. Miss Nose started to really get nervous and then she heard her phone ringing. She grabbed her purse from the ear of the chair and dug for it. She found it. Aha, thought Miss Nose. She pushed the send button and heard Topaz, “Emmy! I need pants and I need some burn cream. Could you, please, run over to Shopko and get those items for me? I think I need to go to the hospital. This isn’t good. Oh it hurts so bad. I want mom.”

Emmy felt horrible for her sister. “Sure. I will be there shortly. Just hold on Tope.” Emmy grabbed her and Topaz’s stuff and started walking to Shopko through the mall’s hallways. She decided to purchase a pair of sweat pants for her sister. They were loose and with burns would be better than denim. Emmy always prefers cotton to denim. These had some polyester and spandex in them. Good enough. She got them a size too big so her sister’s legs wouldn’t be hurting.

She was thinking about her sister when her phone rang. The caller ID said MOM! “Great!” thought Emmy as she answered her phone. “Hello Mom!” “I tried your sister. I can’t get her to answer. I know something is wrong!”

“Everything is fine mom. We are shopping. Can I let you go for a moment? I have to pay for my stuff and then we will call you right back.”

“Ok. But I know something is wrong. Let me talk to Topaz.”

“I can’t mom. She went to the bathroom quick and I am paying for our purchases. I will have her call in a moment. Ok.”

Emmy didn’t even wait. She hung up on her mom.

Miss Nose got through the line and practically ran to the bathroom. “Topaz.” She called as she enter. Emmy saw a hand come out from under a door, “I am here Ems. Please, have something.”

“I have burn cream and I got you sweats a size bigger for your legs. And mom called. She knows something is wrong.”

“Geesh. That woman. We could never get hurt as kids without her saying, “I knew you were injured”. She drives me nuts with her premonitions.”

“I know. I didn’t want to tell her she was right. I hate it when she is right.”

“Me too. She called me last month all worried about my cattle. Sure enough, I go out there and one has its head stuck. I nearly lost that one. I got it unstuck and called the vet. She always said it would come to me when I became a mother. Not once has it ever came to me. I have four kids and zero premonitions.”

“I have zero kids and zero premonitions.” Miss Nose sighs.

Topaz came out of the stall with the sweats and smelling like burn cream. “Do you want to go to the walk in?”

“I think I am ok. Looks like first degree. It isn’t hurting as much now. I washed it off right away. The redness is now down to a pink. If it gets worse, I may.”

“We gonna finish shopping?”

“You betcha!” Topaz giggled. “There are sales here. I say we go look. Something has got to be great to buy.”

Paranormal, Miss Nose (Osa yski)

Miss Emerald Nose, journalist for the Escanaba Morning Express, is sitting with her sister, Topaz. They are having coffee at their favorite coffee shop in the Delta Plaza Mall, Joe’s Coffee Café. Miss Nose noticed one of Ruby’s friends, Kendrick the Great, sitting at a table with another woman. He was reading tarot cards to her. At least that is what it appears to be. She was watching Kendrick when Topaz tried to get her attention!

Ahmm. Topaz cleared her throat and waved her hand in front of her sister’s face. “Hello” she said to her and snapped her fingers. “You haven’t been listening to me at all. HELLO!” Miss Nose snapped out of her daze and blinked at her sister. The thought occurred to her that Topaz was correct. She didn’t even hear a word her sister said.

“Here I am going on and on about the remodeling being done at the mall since The Evil Mastermind bought the place and you are just staring out into space!” Topaz flailed her arm around in the air while her other hand held what she is crocheting. Emmy was always amazed that her sister could knit and crochet better than she could. They often get together to drink coffee and knit something together. Her sister was won awards at the UP State Fair for her work. Topaz has even won blue ribbons on her garden, canning, and pies. Most citizens don’t believe the two of them are sisters. They are like night and day. Topaz lives in Cornell with 80 acres of land. She has horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, and 5 acres dedicated to farming. Her husband does most of the farm work with their farm hands, but don’t let that fool you, Topaz can hold her own. She has thrown enough hay bales around the farm to build up her arms. Emmy always seen her sisters arms as body builders arms. They are firm and the muscles stick right out. Her sister could take anyone in a fight. Emmy lives in Esky and works for the Escanaba Morning Express. The only work out she gets is at the gym. Emmy loves her yoga classes and her muscles show it. They are lean and very feminine. She wears make up, Topaz doesn’t. She loves high heels and nice clothes, Topaz wears cowboy boots, jeans, and t-shirts. No one ever believes they had the same parents.

Miss Nose put her coffee down and grabbed her slippers she was crocheting. She started again with her pattern. “You know, you should try some harder patterns. I have some. I can give them to you. You could be creating something more than slippers. I made a purse for my best friend and shorts for her husband.” “There are some items I draw the line on making.” said Emmy, ” and shorts are one of them. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. And I did knit mom a sweater for Christmas.” “Yes. And one arm was longer than the other. You need to keep better count. Why mom wears that god awful thing, I will never know. She must really love you. I made her and dad matching sweaters. It took me months to find the right buttons. Yet, she wears your pull over gaudy one.”

Right then Netty Carlsen walked over to Emmy and Topaz. She was all excited about something and was rushing over with a fresh cup of coffee in her hands. All of a sudden she tripped over Matthew Johnsson’s coat and fell right on Topaz’s lap where she was knitting. Coffee flew all over the table, floor, and of course, Topaz. Miss Nose jumped as far as she could away from the violent spilling of coffee. Topaz stood up so fast she knocked Netty sideways. Netty was in a turn as she hit Miss Nose’s table. Netty’s back caught the edge of the table and started to flip. As it did, Miss Nose’s coffee cup and saucer took flight. Netty blinked twice as the table came flipping up from under her and landed on her face. Miss Nose watched as her cup flew over the Johnsson’s table, over the table where the City Manager and 4 City Council members were sitting, over a table of young high school students studying, drops of coffee landing on each table as it passed by, and then it landed right in the center of Kendrick’s tarot cards.

Miss Nose stood there a moment with her slippers in her hand as her sister was jumping around trying to get the hot coffee off her legs. She watched as her sister ran to the bathroom. Netty was groaning on the floor as Kendrick looked up from his cards with a very shocked expression. Miss Nose finally came to her senses as Michael, a barista, came rushing over to help Netty. Miss Nose didn’t know what to do. She just had to stand there a moment to let it all sink in. Then, Kendrick rose up like a vampire from his cards. He looked a bit peeved. He walked over to the napkins, asked another barista for a towel, and then back to his table where he proceeded to clean the mess from his cards. The woman sitting with him, looked over at Miss Nose, and gasped. She said something to Kendrick who turned on his heel and stared at Miss Nose.


One Last Post For 2016


It is New Year’s Eve and this will be the last post for 2016. I know this year has had its ups and downs. We have lost people this year like every year. We have had some hard times and let go of stuff we loved but have gotten new stuff to love more. I am sure you have tons of stories about this year.

I wanted to give you a run down on our stories. I am working on two Miss Nose Evil Joe Files stories. I have a Miss Nose story that is turning into a novel. Really, it is getting long. It is longer than the 2000 words I usually write for Miss Nose stories. I have two other stories I am working on as well that are still in their infancy. Mainly I have the story map done on them with some of the story actually written out. They are developing. I am still working on my Ackerman Lake Murders and  have thought about rewriting them a bit making Ackerman Lake a town outside of Munising. It is really just a lake with houses around it and is located outside of Munising. It is near Au Train at least near the road you turn on to get to Au Train. I am working on the Stalking of Katie still as well for the #shapingyourstory. I really am trying to make my writing much better and more enjoyable.

I have been working on my very first blog that used to be on blogger but I moved it here to wordpress. I have been doing chanting challenges on there and writing up some reiki articles. I am writing some stories on massage, muscles, and injuries which I am thinking about placing on that blog.

I have been reading books in my spare time and I have some that I really need to write reviews on and get on this blog. When you are doing laundry as a massage therapist, you need something to help pass the time and reading is mine. I even read when I am waiting in between clients. I read at lunch instead of being on my phone or computer. It gives my hands a break since writing, typing, and massage really takes a toll on them.

I am thinking about a year in review blog, but what is there to review? If you have something you really like about 2016’s posts, let me know and I can make a special best of the year from the readers!

I hope your new year is great and abundant. From Miss Nose and myself, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We welcome 2017 we great expectations. Maybe this year Miss Nose will find the man of her dreams!