Parenting a Soul

I have tried the no rules way. I have tried the rules way. I have tried the you have done something wonderful here is a prize way, and I have tried the you have done something wrong here is you time out way. As a parent, I have tried all the ways you can think of to raise a child. I wish they came with an instruction manual. I would have even loved a card with basic information on it like, “I’m allergic to. My favorite color is. I have this wrong with me. You need to speak to me like this to get this result.” But no, they unfortunately don’t even come with a card telling you their blood type nor any other basic information you may need in a pinch.
We were up at 4 am for a meteor shower which didn’t bother showing. How was anyone to know that there were too many clouds to see it especially since 4 am is dark. But children when tired are cranky and start fighting. I had to come to the conclusion, many moons ago, to just be their parent and then I had to define what is a parent.
A parent is a teacher, a guide, a master, a person with wisdom, a guardian, a protector, an advanced soul on a similar path, and a lover. Not a lover like you all are thinking but a lover of another soul. Love is powerful. Love is sweet. Love is kind. Love is unconditional. I made a pact with these souls before I was joined to my vessel here. I was to give them an experience. I was to come down first and lay the path for them to come and walk.
For a while, I doubted myself. Words were echoing in my brain about not being good enough. I had heard it plenty growing up as a child. As if the adults who were suppose to be my path blazers totally understood me. Unfortunately, they did not. They obviously didn’t define their roles to make my life the ultimate journey that I needed. I struggled to find my footing. It is in those struggles that I found my strength and my survival. Knowing their plan, I was still able to find mine. I just had a bigger challenge and should have found better souls to guide me. When I had children, I needed to know what I was to them and for them. Once I defined what a parent was, I knew I couldn’t just be their fellow friend on a journey up the mountain. I had to first prepare them for their journey. My job is to make sure they know how to survive.
Now being this teacher and guide isn’t an easy job at all. I have been entrusted with two souls on two different paths and somehow, someway, I need to get them to bond with one another in case one stumbles and needs help up. You never know when you need help and it is the other souls we end up in the same house with who will provide that support. Those souls need to know how to respect each other, how to praise each other, and most importantly, how to be there when the other soul is struggling with the emotions these vessels carry with them. A soul doesn’t need emotions but the vessel does. It needs to relieve itself of stimuli.
I found a way to teach these souls because I asked myself, “what will they need to know for this time age and this environment? What will they need to survive any options that befall them?” Once I had the questions, I knew the answers. What they needed was someone to keep a house clean, bathe them for a while, feed them for a time, supply them with basic vessel needs like clothing and shoes, and show them how to balance time.
Balancing time I found to be an easy solution. I go to work for a paycheck, I come home, I cook, I clean, I talk and play with my souls I am entrusted with, and I find them experiences to try out. Experiences I have tried are taking them to parks, sending them to schools, bringing them to restaurants, taking them camping, farming with them, and all the other little things one can think of to socialize their wee ones. Putting them in the paths of other souls means a better foundation for their path up the mountain.
The first thing we need to teach new souls is how to care for themselves and build their foundation by socializing with other souls on this journey. Again, one never knows when they will stumble so anyone who can help is a huge benefit while we are here. You just never know when you are going to need help and survival is all this vessel knows. I had to show them that this vessel is easily injured by having my own health issues so they could see you can heal the vessel and make it strong again with patience and time. I had to let them experience death of vessels so they could understand that one day they won’t be housed in here, trapped anymore. They needed to understand that their journey isn’t going to be forever. It stops when they have reached what their soul accomplished. I had to teach them about lesser vessels and how when it is their souls time to be reborn into something better, they too go on.
I decided to treat these souls to something that most today never get, a life of farming. I know that this planet and the souls on it can at any time become lost. They can go to war and destroy everything. When the world they know comes to a halt because of other vessels greed or pure nature to destroy, they need to have a way to survive when this happens if it happens. Farming is an excellent adventure for new souls. It allows them to grow sustenance. It allows them to be of benefit to souls trapped in lesser vessels. Not that a cow body is better than a human body but since humans think they are superior to all, well, you understand. Farming allows a soul to prepare for the path. It gives the new souls a chance to plan and execute that path with preparedness. It provides an honorable way to walking the path. It makes one appreciate the hard work one must do to eat. Farming gives these souls a sustainable self efficiency to life. I believe all souls should farm. It allows you to tune into your meditative states. It allows your energy to flow with other energies. It gives you purpose. Your walk can’t go wrong if you take a detour in the farming region of the path. It allows you to grow in ways you can’t imagine. The basic prep of farming includes (if you live near them) traveling into the wilderness of trees that have been named forest. This ability allows the soul to really prepare for the path. If something does go awry, the soul can direct the vessel on how to find housing, food, and water. These ideas for preparation of a new soul are important. Souls don’t know what other souls will do. Those who came down wanting to cause chaos can alter any souls choice.
My hope is to give these two souls the best options and choices to help their path. Each of us has a very important path. We have a goal. We may not remember our goal but on a much deeper level I know we really do. When you sit quietly and look around you, you can see the peace and serenity. You can see where your soul wants to go. You have a passion, a yearning for something. That something is the real reason you are here. My job then as a parent to inspire that yearning and help complete it until a time when that soul will move forward, prepared, and knowing that each step up the path is easily completed. Once that is finished, I will have another goal crossed off my path list. I will have accomplished the most important reason my soul came here, to be of service to another soul on their journey up the path.