Peeps Delights Blueberry


The package before I opened it. As you can see the Peeps look really good. I like the blue flecks.

I was at Wal-Mart during the after Easter sale. I purchased these Peeps for $.99. They were 50% off.  The package pre-Easter sale time must have been close to $2 or more. I was very fortunate to get these for $.99!


I tried to get the nutritional information off the back.
The ingredients and calorie information on the back. I got as close as I could and tried to make it readable.


The rest of the ingredients up close and personal.


The first thing I smelled when opening the package was chocolate. I unfortunately got the dark chocolate. I am not a fan of dark chocolate. I love milk chocolate more. The aroma was overwhelming and tempted my taste buds so I hurriedly ate one. The dark chocolate overwhelmed the blueberry Peep. I took another one and ate the top of the Peep to taste the blueberry. I must say blueberry Peeps without chocolate would be an all time fave.


The 3 little Peeps awaiting their fate in my tummy and looking all sad that they must be eaten. They are so cute. The chocolate smell is the first to hit your nose.


I ate the top so I could taste the blueberry Peep without the dark chocolate. Dark chocolate always over takes the taste of anything else it is combined with.


The dark chocolate underside.

The most unfortunate part of this whole Peeps with chocolate package is, there are only 3 Peeps in the entire package equaling 150 calories. WHY????!!!!! I want more! My hope would be that Peeps would make a milk chocolate, 50 or more piece of the blueberry/chocolate Peeps. 3 just isn’t enough.

Since I was late getting to the Easter sales, I have no idea if there were any other flavors or other types of Peeps this year. I am hoping next year will be much better and I will be delighted in Peeps.

These Peeps I would definitely tell you to buy. Don’t buy the yucky Oreo cookie Peeps but do buy these. They will fill your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Oreo Peeps Cookies

*A quick morning note to all! Try them if you want. This package I purchased was nasty tasting. My dog Ryder wouldn’t even eat them. He took his and buried it. But you never know. There could be a really good package of these out there that has the golden ticket in it. But I won’t be purchasing another. I was hugely disappointed. *

I purchased the recently debuted Oreo Peeps cookies with the vanilla cookie not the chocolate/black one that is normally an Oreo. I was totally disappointed by these cookies!

They are horrible! HORRIBLE!!!

Opening the package you can see several broken cookies
Sorry it is out of focus but I wanted everyone to see the filling of the Oreo

They left a bad taste in my mouth. The filling did not taste like a peep at all. It was weird tasting. They pretty much took the Oreo filling and colored it pink. Some of the vanilla wafers looked burned.

One of the cookies this side looks fine.
This side looks dirty or burnt.
A shot of the cookie whole and you can see the side that is more brown than the other side.
A closer shot of that cookie.

I have no clue what has happened to Oreo cookies since their move to Mexico, but this package that I purchased at Wal-Mart is horrible. They are the worse Oreo and Peep I have ever tasted. They are so bad, I can’t even describe the taste. There is something really weird tasting in this package of cookies. I even unscrewed the cookies to lick the filling and that tasted really bad. It left almost a metallic taste in my mouth. I will never buy these again!!!

This cookie broken when I tried to get it out and a look at the cream filling.
The cream filling tastes like a normal Oreo cream filling just colored pink. It leaves a weird after taste in your mouth after you eat it.

I am very, very disappointed in this product. I was expecting something that tasted like a Peep with an added cookie shell and what I got was a very unfavorable Oreo mess.

Mystery Peeps Flavor #3

mystery 3

After trying the last two, I needed to try the third.What ever could this flavor be? The package is red and purple. I was hoping for a fruity flavor like strawberry or raspberry. When you open it, you get a slight smell. As you put your nose closer you know what it is and I couldn’t wait to put one in my mouth.

mystery 3a

As you can see they are white peeps again. The eyes are in the back. The beak is longer than the other two. They are smooth looking with a slight dimple in the beak.


Anyone wanting to try this flavor really, really should. The flavor is cherry. It smells like cherry 7up. Like a jar of maraschino cherries.  When you put one in your both and let it melt, it is so amazing. You can really suck out that cherry flavor.

Those were the three bags of peeps I got for mystery flavors this year. What is your favorite?

Mystery Peeps Flavor #2



This package is deceiving. It is orange on top and green on the bottom but wait, doesn’t it remind you of something you see every summer growing in fields? If not, you will know immediately when you open the package. The smell hits you and that smell is very familiar! It is the smell of movie theaters everywhere!


mystery 2a


That is right! POPCORN!  When you open the package you find 10 white peeps that look all crinkly. They look shriveled. Their eyes look like they are melting. But the taste and smell tell you right away that they are popcorn flavored. This flavor is no mystery and everyone who loves popcorn will love this peep. So if you are a popcorn fan, run out and grab a bag of mystery number 2.

Mystery Peeps Flavor #1

mystery 1 (1)

An interesting flavor worth the try!

Flavor number one of the mystery peeps is hard to determine. It smells like lime or coconut and tastes like it might be lime or coconut. It may be both or it may be just coconut.

When you first open them, you find white peeps with an interesting smell. The five of them are smushed together and are shaped like most peeps. The eyes in the middle a short beak. There is a slight dimple in their beak area.

mystery 1 a

The package wants you to ask if it is fruity or sour. I am thinking this package is part of the sour peeps line. The package is green on top and blue at the bottom. I checked both boxes and ate a peep from each to see if the flavor was different. It was not.

If you love peeps, this one is a very interesting flavor and worthy of controversy. I am sure it will taste different to everyone out there. Let me know what flavor you think this is!