UMERC, UPPCO, Your Voice Is Needed To Stop Them All.

I am on a facebook group to fight UPPCO! We have huge bills from them. UPPCO was purchased recently by a British company. What we are talking about here is the newly formed UMERC. They are building power plants and we all know that will mean higher prices for those of us living in the UP! At the bottom, I will place news reports to catch you all up on what is going on. Time everyone complains and looks really hard at who they elect. Time we get some laws to regulate our inflation prices which keep going up as our wages stay the same.
Sherry Ariella Bryson


Hi all I apologize for the delay. I wanted the Alert to get out to as many as possible.
So Here it is in a nut shell (as I am being told ). The meeting The public meeting, Sept 19 12-4p in Marquette at the college Huron/Erie Room is crucial.(((((( It is not to fight rate hikes))))))).
It actually is not even to fight UPPCO.
It is to Let THE PUBLIC’S, voices be heard about the new Natural Gas plants which are to be built ( I am being told) if we do not say something our energy prices will soar even more ( you have heard this on the news) . I, of all people am for new power being brought into the Upper Peninsula. You guys should know this about me by now. Yet, there is a problem. The problem (from what I understand) is WEPCO, an utility owned by WE Energies in Wis, has created a new Mich U.P. Only utility called UMERC. UMERC is the builders for the gas plants in Baraga and South Maqrquette area’s . Well, apparently they never were required or, used a loophole somehow to not do and “IRP” (Integrated Resource Plan) which requires them to show they are able or trying to use more than one resource (Natural gas, solar, wind, steam, water, nuclear.) to develop electric power. These power plants are going to cause all U.P. residents to endure yet another increase in our power bills ( I am told).
I’m all for our mining in the U.P. you wont hear me rail against jobs for our people. However, when Tilden mines only has to pay 35% of these power plants cost and residents all over the Upper Peninsula has to carry 65% carry over while the power plants are for the Mines and not residential. I kinda have with if this is the case ! (As Im told)
Mean while there is other power manufacturers, engineers, which I personally have spoken to. Who are being side lined, who do have the plans and ability to use all our natural resources(Natural gas, solar, wind, steam, water, nuclear.) to develop electric power. As well as, to build power plants right here in the Upper Peninsula. And ~ get this the cost is so minimal we wont have a significant increase in our Electric bills.
The meeting; It is up to you to show up and ask why didn’t UMERC have to pass the IRP (integrated Resource Plan) litmus test which all others have to?
This isn’t a meeting to fuss about rates. This is a meeting to keep our rates down and not suffer another possible increase. It may effect you directly in that way.


A wee bit of government intrusion today

The U.S. Forest Service like the DNR are jokes. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe we need to stop illegal hunting, we need more land for the animals since people think they own the whole planet, and we need some services they do offer. BUT…..

The government seems to be under the belief they own everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING! They tax us to death in property taxes and when you can’t pay, they take your land. If a corporation wants your land to put a tower on for anything, the government takes it. If the city wants a new highway, the government takes it. Do you see where I am going here? We the citizens really don’t own a damn thing thanks to our useless government.

All this leads me to this article recently published.  Good-bye to cabin life: U.S. government tells owners in U.P. to leave! That is right the good ole U.S. Forest Service is again taking away land from people and telling everyone they can’t use it. Well, if it is public land then we should be able to use it however we see fit. This is like the time when Obama closed our parks including Pictured Rocks. Do you remember the government shutdown in 2013? Our Governor, Rick Snyder, decided it was ok to follow what the feds said and closed the parks. Wrong thing to tell a Yooper! Taxpayers Revolt Against Park Closures 

The other social nasty I really want to get rid of in our government is the inflation/deficit we face. Inflation keeps rising. When I entered the workforce many, many moons ago, I made $3.35 an hour. This was good. Milk was only 50 cents a gallon. Bread was about the same price. Gas went between 75 cents to around a dollar. In the 70s we had a gas shortage which made us top around $1.75 or so depending upon where you lived. But groceries were cheaper. A can of Spaghettios was 75 cents a can. Back when we could make a homemade pizza for under a buck. Today it is under $5. I really hate that our economy has gotten like this. By all rights minimum wage should be around $18 an hour just to keep up with rising milk costs. Since that is 6 times what I made back in the 80s, our factory workers and professionals should be charging 6 times as much for their wages as well. Most attorneys charge $200 an hour today which is cheap with the realization of inflation vs wages. By all accounts an attorney should charge $1200 an hour.

This little rant is brought to you today by this article I discovered on my browser home page. Escaping poverty requires almost 20 years with nearly nothing going wrong

The biggest problem we face is money. I always loved Star Trek because they didn’t use money. Everyone had their spot on the planet and no one ever mentioned money. Except of course the Ferengi with gold press latinum.

Found this online. Not sure who made it but I love it.  It is on 45 or more sites.

That is all I got for today. Back to writing and crocheting. I have been working a ton of hours lately. Maybe if I get time, I will post some pics of what I have been making.