Sunday Promises about Nothing at all with Cheech and Chong

Last night we picked up Cheech and Chong. Baby Baby didn’t know what to think about these two. They are mini Rhode Island Red Roosters (some call them Old English Game). You should hear them crow. We left them in the pet carrier over night, then put them in a big cage until I knew the hens were ok with them. They are now out running all over the yard, sitting in the trees, trying to fight the bigger chickens, and crowing. They have been staying near us. When we went to see them in Rapid River, you couldn’t get anywhere near them. The farmer we got them from had to wait til all the chickens were in the coop for the night to catch them for us. We have been holding them all night and we held them for a while when we took them out of the cage.

IMG_20150725_2332189_rewindChong  looking around after we took him out of the cage.

IMG_20150725_2331172_rewindCheech checking me out when we took him out.


               Comparison photos so you can better judge their size. 

I decided to take some more pictures of the wild flowers growing all over my yard. They are so beautiful. I really love being outside. I sit out here plenty writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, and visiting with others who stop by. We enjoy ourselves out here. Dave is using our garage for his business. He is a mechanic. I have plenty of cars in my yard now. He is fixing them left and right. My yard looks like a used car lot at times. He isn’t charging much for labor. He knows times are hard and people need their cars fixed.

Anyway, check out these beauties.




This is what I have to put up with. Wild flowers all over my yard. My apples are almost ripe too. That means more apple jam for the year. I so can’t wait. I love apple jam. I am looking for a maple tree to tap. That is my next quest. Tap one, put a bucket under it, and have enough syrup for all of us for the year. One bucket would make enough syrup to fill a small syrup jar. We don’t eat syrup much here so that one jar will last us a while.

My elbows have been really dry lately. I bought some ultra shea cream from Bath and Body Works. Oh how I love the smell. It is the Carried Away body cream. I could smell this all day. I love it. Being a massage therapist, I always check my body for dry spots. I don’t need anyone wondering why I am adding oil to them but not taking care of myself. It is very important in any profession to be able to recommend something to anyone else and have them know you have tried this so it works. I don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried on myself first.

I am almost finished with my story for Friday. When it is done, I plan on playing with the schedule setting to see if I can get it to pop up on Friday. Then I will work on one for Saturday. I have several chapter books I am working on as well as massage and reiki articles. I am grateful for the save as a draft buttons. I can keep working without wondering where my story is.

Baby Baby and I are waiting for the videos to upload. When they are done, we will add them to a post. We have one up so that one will go here. But more are being uploaded and I will get them to you.


May your breeze keep you cool on a warm summers day. I will see you all again soon with another episode of nothing.