Miss Nose’s Mad Lib

Miss Nose and ___________(Person) decided they would get out of the house and have some fun. They compromised on flipping a coin on where they were going to eat, shop, and what movie they would watch. Shopping was first for the day, Miss Nose and __________(Person) were heading to ___________(Name Store) to look around and find something wonderful to wear to the movies. Here they purchased __________(retail item) and ___________(retail item) with several of ____________ (retail items). After leaving, Miss Nose and ______________(Person) ran into ________(Person) who was ____________(verb) around _______________(adjective). They asked ___________(Person) if he/she would like to join them for the movie. “__________”(exclamation) said excitedly. As they were walking towards the exit, they saw the Chocolate Shoppe and decided to purchase ______________ (food item) and ______________(food item). Miss Nose was ____________(verb) her ______________ (food item). As they stood in line for ___________________(Name Movie) starring _________________(Male Celebrity) and _____________(Female Celebrity), they discussed where to go after the movie to eat. During the movie, Miss Nose __________(past tense verb), ___________ (Person) ____________ (past tense verb) while drinking, and _____________ (Person) __________________ (past tense verb). When the movie ended, the three friends went to ____________ (food establishment) and had _________________ (food item) with _______________ (food item) and ________________ (beverage) to drink. They really loved the _____________ (dessert item) that was made especially for Miss Nose. The Chef cam up and ________________(verb) to everyone in the restaurant. This gave Miss Nose and her friends a great _________________ (verb). The _________________(adjective) ______________(noun) ______________(verb) _______________ (adverb) with Miss Nose wishing it would never end.

Link back to us so we can read the fun adventure Miss Nose is having with her friends. 

Miss Nose’s Adventure to _______

The gloomy ______ was scary to Miss Nose and she vowed to never enter. But the news of the day was behind _____________ and she had to get it. It was proof that the Evil Mastermind was preparing ____________. This led her to a very dark place near Pictured Rocks where she found ___________. When she found the mysterious __________ in the gloomy ___________, she went through several _________ before finally reaching ______________. There she found the next clue glued to __________. She had to call for help but who would come to her aide? She knew she had to get ________ off of __________ to get to the next clue. This investigation was going no where fast and Miss Nose needed ______________ to make it work. She then found a secret ______________ under a ___________. This led her to a ____________ who told her a very horrible plan. She was then captured by ____________________ and force fed ______________ until she screamed. This was the most horrible place she had ever been to in her life. She wanted to go home but ____________ wasn’t letting her go. When she was finally alone she found __________ to get out and she climbed out of __________ to safety. She ran up a ___________ to the nearest ____________ where she was able to call for help. The storm kept on coming down as she approached __________ where a very evil __________ lived. The path was long and ___________. The trees were __________ and looked like they would ____________. Miss Nose finally found a castle where _____________ lived. This was not on the map of the path. She decided to snoop around the castle. When she push on a _________ she went through it and landed on _____________. It was a dark place with no light and Miss Nose felt around finding _____________. She went through it to a __________________. Quickly, Miss Nose __________ and found a _________. She took it and found her way out. She went back to her office and ___________ about her adventure.


*Not the best story. I am working on a better one for everyone to fill in the blanks for an adventure*