Paranormal, Miss Nose (Osa Kymmenen)

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“When the crow flies 3 times past your nose. When you hear the chime of a bell no longer working. When you see the waves that aren’t waves. You will then find the person responsible.”

These words kept playing over and over in Miss Nose’s head. Poor Emmy didn’t know what to do next. As Miss Nose looks frustrated out the window, she sees the Northern Lights glimmering a green glow off Lake Michigan. Such an odd phenomenon to happen this far South. Emerald keeps watching the green sparkle and the lake glisten with the color of the Northern Lights upon it. She started to relax her mind and allow the thinking to just flow on its own. She started to dream about the conversation she had with Kendrick, Patrick, and Caroline. She started seeing the words from their conversation and then it hit her, she never asked Caroline about Brian’s father. How would they know he was dead if he is alive as Caroline states?

Miss Nose makes a note on her sticky note pad to follow-up with Caroline. She starts to make a list of possible questions to ask Caroline when she talks to her. The questions on Miss Nose’s screen say:

  • Who is Brian’s father?
  • How do you know he isn’t dead?
  • Did another man say he was Brian’s father?
  • Is this man dead?
  • Does Brian know who his father is?
  • Why have you kept his identity secret?
  • Who else knows who Brian’s father is?

Miss Nose paused a bit as she was working on the original article for the paper. She had to get the first one out. It is going to be a long night. Miss Nose loved working at the office but decided she needed the sanctity of home. She emailed herself the documents she was working on, grabbed her belongings, turned out her light, said good night to the cleaning crew, got on the elevator, and went to the parking garage to go home. All Miss Nose could think about was her nice little house on Lake Shore Drive.


Goodbye to McDonald’s Playland

Escanaba’s McDonald’s located at 503 North Lincoln Road is getting what they call a facelift. They are tearing out the playland area today as it rains upon the town. Even the weather is upset that McDonald’s won’t have a play area for the kiddos anymore. They are wanting more sitting room but have forgotten the only reason they need the sitting room is for the parents who have small children whose only reason for going to McDonald’s is the play area. It is a sad reality for many today as we watch the workers hauling the play equipment off to the garbage. I feel really bad for all the kids. It is a sad, sad day.

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I did find some uplifting news for you all on Facebook. It is mainly cat related except for the bear. What great news for this bear cub. I wish more people had compassion for other beings on this planet.

10 Healthiest ‘People Foods’ You Should Be Feeding Your Cat

Hen With Motherly Instincts Sits On An Abandoned Kitten To Keep Him Warm

The Cat Handshake: How To Introduce Yourself To A New Cat

Hiker finds ‘almost lifeless’ baby bear, uses mouth-to-mouth to help save it

I still love watching The Simpson’s and I remember watching the Tracy Ullman show just to catch the latest episode of this zany family. It has been 30 years of watching the same family cartoon!

The Simpson Family Made Its Television Debut 30 Years Ago

Some sad news in today and this is the stuff I usually stick on tumblr for conspiracies. There are political articles here too. Nice that Trump gave his salary to the Park Service! Never seen a President do that before. Another first from President Trump that I have never seen in my lifetime. Although, I still say down with Betsy but that is a Michigan thing. Some hate her here and others love her but to me, she knows nothing about education and is not qualified to do this job.

Man calls 911 with vague details of shooting, opens fire on responding deputies in ambush

UPDATE: Jacobs fails to enter plea for second time

Massive explosion, fire at house in New Hampshire just after officers arrived

Snyder signs law shielding records until contract announced

Trump donates first 3 months of salary to Park Service

Betsy DeVos’ latest attack on people with student loans will make your blood boil

More news later folks. I will write to you all again soon. Have a marvelous day!


Stress Balls

I have a few ideas for my own crochet designs of stress balls. As a massage therapist, I have way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, and many more way, too many clients who are just plain stressed out! I do offer meditation classes as well to help ease the day out of stress. Teaching meditation classes wasn’t really my forte and I have to plan each session carefully.  From the music to what I say, each class is focused.  I even throw in aromatherapy into meditation since certain smells will trigger a relaxation sensation.

That being said, I go on you tube all the time to check out what others have created so I don’t make their product. Which is really hard since everything has pretty much been made.  I am thinking about making some stress balls to sell. One of the places I have a booth for most years is our local steam and gas show.  I want to make some cute little animals like cats, dogs, squirrels, chickens, birds, frogs, and the like. I love to do crafts. Crafts keep me sane. I drink coffee and work on crafts outside of my employment that is. Writing is another passion of mine. I love it. Especially when I can kill something which is forbidden in real life.

So anyway, I was watching this video on stress balls and learned of the Craft Yarn Council.  Never knew this existed! I went on facebook and liked their page! I found a couple of articles there you will all love. One deals with what I have said before about amigurumi. You need to know math and what better skill than crocheting and knitting to make math really stick.  I have three links for you.

CYC – Craft Yarn Council

Girls Knit Their Way to a Math Career

Adidas takes the sweat out of sweater shopping with in-store machine

The other reason I have for this post is, I want to make a stress ball that is mine. I need a great idea like should it be a carrot or a mouse. Something that hasn’t been over done or hasn’t been done at all. What are your ideas? I can make them in funny faces, as animals, as flowers, as trees, as elements, but they have all been done. Someone even made the planets. I need a great idea that is my brand. So, please, put your thinking caps on and help me!

Another Day Away From Facebook

Yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to post anything. It was the last day of school for my girls as in they are now on SPRING BREAK!

I did find some very interesting news on facebook today. I am just staying away from writing my status reports there but not completely away. I need to know what my friends and family are doing.

If ’70s Moms Had Blogs …

If Your Coffee Table Doesn’t Chill Your Beer, What’s the Point?

3 Signs Someone is Lying to You, Courtesy of a Former FBI Agent

We are getting put on the map lately with Peanut. The latest on that case is here.

Praise continues for canine hero who saved girl

Now I just focus on work for a week and hopefully, getting some direction on these Miss Nose stories. I have a new portion brewing for the Paranormal, Miss Nose and I am working on three more stories for her, my novel, and some articles for my other blog. I am working on some crime essays dealing with forensics as well. I am drinking weak coffee at the moment since I am so out of coffee and in dire need of going to the store. But it is spring break and I am being lazy. Maybe if I remember, I will get to the store and buy some.

I am writing the Reiki and health articles for my blog KWP Money Reiki. I am going to post all those massage articles there. Any nutrition or aromatherapy I write about will go there. I am trying to make those articles really shine. They have to be great. I want them posted well enough that I can put them in the spa’s newsletter for my clients. It means a ton of research and even asking my clients questions about their experiences. I am offering meditation classes now as well as teaching couples how to massage one another.

I have a few crime articles I am researching. I have been really looking at all the Nicole Brown Simpson photos. Really interesting once you know forensics. You can see the mistakes the officers made that day without even knowing.  The other one I keep going back to is White Boy Rick. Why is this poor boy still in prison?

I am further on Foxy. I haven’t really researched to see if someone has a pattern for him so I have been making him on my own. He isn’t perfect. I am making his arms right now and his tail. That is what is left of him. I am still trying to figure out his hook. Maybe I can use pipe cleaner? I like to do my crocheting without added items but still. I could just make a candy cane and that would work. You see in amigurumi, you can make a strawberry with the same pattern as any other item like a ball or turtle. When I first start out any project the beginning always reminds me of a turtle shell.

Here are some pictures of my progress for you all.


Once I put on his head, this is what he will look like


A close up of the head and body


The muzzle isn’t the best. I should have made it bigger.
I put a lot of teeth on the bottom. I am seeing my design flaws.



A very close up of the head. I have this completely done.


I am thinking I need more for the feet but I am not really familiar with Foxy which makes me uncertain.

I need to get back to writing. I am looking for some freelance writing gigs as well. I love coffee and thought, hey I could write about coffee. I love crime and I can write about that too. I find it unfortunate that our newspapers are going away. They are being outsourced by the world wide web and television. I have a ton to do today. This means I gotta go! Write back soon.


Staying Away From Facebook Day 3

I have had a long day. I forgot to tell you all about yesterday. Jordan had 2 teeth pulled. She has hooked teeth so she had to go to a special doctor to have them surgically removed. This is a major problem with someone like her. Her teeth are hooked, she has lax ligaments, makes no growth hormone, and is still the most bubbly child I know. Nothing stops her. She has ADHD and anxiety along with reading compression issues. So many, many issues and she still stays positive. The one thing I worry about is her choice of career. She wants to join the military, or be a security guard at a pizza joint. I am home with her for a few days meaning no work for me. I took the time off since I knew she would need me.

I found some great stuff on facebook and I figured I could share it here. A bunch of news stories that people can read. Very interesting, at least to me, and mostly about crime. There’s those criminal justice classes of mine coming out in me again. I love crime. I see things in news reports and connect them. Do you ever watch NCIS? If you do, you know Gibbs rule number 39. There are no coincidences.  I find this in many news stories. I try to link what is going on with what congress is doing and what other criminal activities are going on in the world.



Love It ALERT: If Your Phone Rings Once Then Goes Silent, Here’s The One Thing You Need To Do

San Diego woman dead after turmeric IV infusionIf

You Spot A Tennis Ball On The Ground, Do Not Touch It. Police Have A Dire Warning

Dog owners warned about “tennis ball bombs” ahead of Fourth of July weekend

When clutter is weighing you down … decluttering the home

Some of these are old but remember it is always a great reminder.

Today, I did a ton of cleaning and working on Foxy for her. I am working on his body. Now to do this I had to read a ton of books on amigurumi and watch others do it. I have been watching the Japanese videos and rewinding them to really catch how they are making the hair and such. They really do a great job. They will make the head in two colors and carefully plot each strand. I have seen them use just the crochet hook, a latch hook, and a needle. Some have a special item which I haven’t figured out yet what it is. I have watched them place hair from the bottom and some start at the part located at the top of the head. They have many different ways of completing the same thing.  I found a few American ways of doing them as well. Here, I will post some links for you.

How to Make Doll Hair for Crocheted and Knitted Dolls (fast)

Adding Hair to your Amigurumi Dolls

Doll Hair Tutorial: Latch Hook Method

These are a few. Now one says to make a wig cap and I watched her do this and sew it on. Wow. Another makes them very interestingly and then glues them. She does it in 15 and 30.

Let me show you one in Japanese that I have been watching over and over. I do this to figure it out.

【初音ミク】 Making ” Amigurumi MIKU” 【HATSUNE MIKU】

I will find a day as I am off for a week to be with my daughter to put in how you do the amigurumi stitching. It will drive you mad. You have to use your math skills that you told your teacher you would never use in your life.

The video above in Japanese shows how she made the legs for her doll. I was thinking about doing it that way for Foxy. But I went with the traditional doll way for now. I am going to try to do it that next. I didn’t have brown for his pants so I am using black for now.  Let me show you the picture she gave me to base him off of. I am not sure on his belly. I don’t want to do the two-tone color like some do. I am leaving him a solid red.



I still am working on the body so they are not sewn together yet


It should look good when I am finished.


As you can see, making legs as a whole isn’t easy but doable.


Anyway, I need to get back to cleaning and making Foxy. I have a ton to finish before bed.  There is school tomorrow for my kids sore or not they have to go. We had several schools close for illness which I think ours should have. The kids keep getting sick and they keep going. Tomorrow is a half day anyway and next week is SPRING BREAK!


A Spectacular Monday Note About Nothing!

First, let me say how much I love the television show Seinfeld. It is a show about nothing but daily life and gossip. I can’t help seeing yesterday as a possible show! Another side note on March 10, 2017, I bought a fainting goat. Her name is Molly.

I am Molly. I have a wonderful life in the house. No barn for me.

Now country life is about expensive animals. Remember, I have five birds. Joe (the macaw),  Baby Baby (the cockatoo), Pepper (aka Pepsi a TAG), and two cockatiels, Nippy & Coffee! The goat doesn’t like living in the barn with the chickens. Go figure! So, she lives inside my house! I swear, I live in the barn. I have the dogs and cats here as well.

I really should have blogged yesterday, but Sunday was horribly stressful. I woke up to the smell of something burning. It smelled like wood burning. Now this is early morning since we get up at 4 am. It was really powerful around 7:30 am. It took us until 11:10 am to find the problem.


The wall from the inside. Look how pretty. Fire did a very nice job on the wall.
What the nice little fire did to the outside of the wall.

Dave started scrambling (and I don’t mean eggs) screaming for water. I got him a pitcher of water which he poured between the two sides of the wall.  Dave is screaming for water and chairs. He wants ladders and whatever else for the fire. I am screaming for my girls to grab the animals and put them in the barn. You have to understand, some of these animals are very costly monetarily. I really don’t care about tvs, computers, and such, but I do care about life. I sure didn’t want my animals lives to perish.

“PUT THE DOGS IN THE CAR!” I was screaming at Jordan.

“Where do I put the dogs?” she asks me blankly.

“THE CAR! PUT THEM IN THE CAR!” I scream as I am filling another pitcher of water!


“Just give me the pitcher of water.” Bella tells me calmly and matter of factly. Bella has Asperger’s and doesn’t really show emotions. She reminds me of a Vulcan! “The cats will be fine.” she says, “The fire really isn’t that bad!” She tells me and rolls her eyes.

I look at her like she is the crazy one. We have a fire in the house! How can this not be bad? I give her the pitcher of water.



“JORDAN GET THE CATS OUTSIDE. TAKE THE CAGE AND GET THEM OUT! WHERE IS THE PHONE? I NEED THE PHONE!” Jordan of course isn’t concerned at all about the animals. The fire is way cool and there is some Corey/Cory guy who is live streaming on you tube. This guy is WAY more important than the fact we have a fire going on and should evacuate.

I tried calling 911 on my computer. Did you know the computer will not connect you to 911? It told me it was an invalid number. I have a computer telephone number which allows me to make calls. I even tried Skype which failed. I finally find the phone and call 911 but since it is a cell phone and I live in the country, there are problems talking to the dispatcher on the other end!

“911. What is your emergency?” the male voice on the other end of the phone says to me calmly. I have no idea what is wrong with these dispatchers. They should be concerned and freaking out on the other end. Not calm! Who remains calm when there is a FIRE?


A bunch of break up noise and then, “What is the address?”

A bunch of static, noise, a few “WHAT?”, and I finally give him our address. The dispatcher says something to me which I can not tell you what it was even now!


I travel upwards to our tiny upstairs which is really a loft. As I travel up the stairs, I say into the phone, “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? ARE YOU THERE?”

“Yes, I am here.” he says, “Is everyone out of the house?” I look out the window and see smoke coming from where Dave is throwing water. I see Dave run with the pitcher to the faucet outside getting more water and run back to the smoke. Now mind you, I am upstairs! With a cat and the goat. The cat leisurely stretches. And no, I won’t tell you which one.  Let’s just call him one crazy cat. You see, this cat likes sleeping on my water bed and even a fire won’t move him.

“Oh yes, we are out of the house.” That was a lie! WE and ALL THE ANIMALS were still in the house. I walk back downstairs and get more garble from the dispatcher hoping he heard me tell him I am not in Delta county but truly I am Marquette county. Then I get nothing but noisy static and say to the phone, “THANK YOU. GOOD BYE!”

Meanwhile, Dave is taking a crow bar to the wall and Bella is filling up another pitcher of water. Jordan still has no animals outside and what do I do, freak! FREAK OUT TIME!  Finally, Dave comes in and bitches because the fire department still isn’t here and says, “I have the fire out!” He looked so relieved but was still wanting water. He brings me outside to see the hole in the wall. Then he comes into the house and wants the cell phone. Now, we are running around the house yelling at each other about a phone.



“WELL, IT ISN’T ON THE TABLE! WHERE IS IT? IT DIDN’T JUST GROW LEGS!” he is such a pain in the ass sometimes.



Do you ever want to smack someone? Do you know how close he came to being murdered?

Finally, as I was walking behind him, I spot the elusive cell phone on the filing cabinet. He grabs the phone and goes outside. I look out the window because I swear I hear something, and there is a fire truck coming up the driveway. It has been about twenty minutes since I called them. I think we could land a man on mars by the time some of our responders get to the location. Good thing Dave was already on the scene and got it out. The firemen, have axes and they spray more water on the hole in the wall. Bella gets more pitchers of water for the firemen to throw on the wall. They check it with some special heat thingamajob. Then they talk to Dave and leave.

And all this took about an hour out of my day. There is more to my day like the fact I had to calm down and as I was trying to by talking to my sister, my other sister calls. Mom was bleeding and needed to go to the hospital. Mom is stubborn and wouldn’t go so I have no idea how serious that is. But I was so hoping my sister’s conversation would calm me down but when the only phone you have doesn’t work well in these conditions, sadly, it is a bunch of, “I can’t hear you. Can you repeat that? What did you say?” Which does nothing for the nerves.

By the way, my house still smells like burnt wood. Which is how my day started.

Paranormal, Miss Nose (Osa Yhdeksan)






Miss Nose kept looking around her office. Looking for something to explain the voice and then she saw it. She rubbed her eyes, but it was still there. She slapped her face, but it was still there. There, on Tillie’s desk, was an orange and yellow bunny dancing and talking to Miss Nose!

“I must be hallucinating” Miss Nose stated aloud!

“You are not hallucinating, Miss Nose.”

“I’m not?”

“No, you are not! I am the gate-keeper to the Rainbow Bridge. Someone has escaped from here and is now causing problems. We need your help, Miss Nose!”

“Why does everyone always need MY help?” Miss Nose stated in frustration.

“Because you are willing to help anyone.” The bunny told Miss Nose. “You have a heart that feels for others. You can see their pain. You are special.”

Miss Nose blinked at the bunny in disbelief. Then said, “This is not helping me figure out who is sending mystery gifts to people and one isn’t even dead!”

“I can help some.” The bunny continued dancing on Tillie’s desk. Miss Nose keeps watching him dance wondering why he just doesn’t sit down.

“Can you tell me who escaped?”

“That is what I am here to do. He is one of our best and finest. But he recently had a very traumatic event happen. He was supposed to pick up a body but that body figured out how to cheat death and placed someone who wasn’t suppose to die in his place. This is hard when it is not their time but the one who has cheated. Our agent went a bit off the edge and couldn’t handle it anymore. He jumped and landed here in Escanaba. Now we have to locate him. He doesn’t know how lost he is. We have agents ready to lead him home, but we need you to locate him.”

“How? Do you have a picture? Can you describe him? What am I looking for?”

“I will give you 3 clues to who you are looking for. Are you ready?”

“Hold on!” Miss Nose ran to her desk and retrieved her notepad and pencil. She ran back to the rabbit and said, “Ready!”

“When the crow flies 3 times past your nose. When you hear the chime of a bell no longer working. When you see the waves that aren’t waves. You will then find the person responsible.”

Miss Nose blinked at the bunny and said, “Where are the clues?”

“I just gave them to you.” The bunny said matter of factly while still dancing upon Tillie’s desk.

“You mean that was the clues? Can’t you give me a description or something?”

And then the bunny disappeared. Miss Nose looked around the office and screamed, “COME BACK! THIS CAN’T BE THE CLUES! COME BACK, BUNNY!”





Paranormal, Miss Nose (osa kahdeksan)

Miss Nose is sitting at her desk reminiscing about her meeting with Kendrick, Patrick, and Caroline. Caroline was concerned about her son getting messages as well. Her son, Brian, is getting packages saying they are from his father. Caroline told Miss Nose that Brian’s father is still alive. She just told everyone he was dead because he is a married man.

Miss Nose looked out her window. She loved where she sits at the office. It overlooks Lake Michigan and since she is up higher, she can see around Escanaba more. As she is sitting at her desk, thinking about how to write this article and how to investigate it, she saw the Northern Lights beaming across the lake in a hue of green with blue and yellow stripes going through it. It is rare for the Northern Lights to be this far South, but such a treat when they are. They give everyone a feeling of peace.

Miss Nose gets up from her desk and walks to the coffee pot. She needs fuel for this. She has all the information but needs the words to come the right way. How to write an article in which dead relatives are leaving presents for their loved ones.

Miss Nose gets back to her desk and starts typing another version of the story.

I was summoned to a meeting by Kendrick the Great. We have all been to his shop on Main Street, Ludington. The smell was quite familiar as I walked into the door for a secret to be revealed to me. I was greeted by his business partner Patrick. The eerily tale to unfold in front of me included Kendrick, Patrick, and Caroline along with Caroline’s son. The spooky tale goes as such. 

Early in the morning before they wake for their day, a package is delivered and place on their door step. The package is written in a handwriting they recognize and contains materials in which they collect, love, or would want. 

Miss Nose stops. She reads what she has written once more. She sighs. “Oh, this is not right at all!” she says out loud to no one. “Sure it is!” Miss Nose jumps and falls out of her chair. She regains her balance some to stay on her feet and starts looking around. She sees no one in the office. No one at all. All the hair on the back of her neck stands up straight. Where did this voice come from? Who is in the office with her? She is feeling very ill. She needs to find that voice. She needs to know she isn’t hearing things that aren’t there, but who is talking to her.

A little Nothing about Sunday!


Good MORNING to you all! Sorry I haven’t been getting those words onto the blog in a while. I know you are all waiting for the next Miss Nose story and I have been busy with other activities. Being involved means I can’t express myself or learn new and exciting words adding to my vocabulary.  But I did learn a new one recently!

I love to write or crochet in my down time. It all depends upon my hands and if they are hurting after working on everyone. Massage is not an easy career path. If you don’t take care of yourself, kiss your career good bye. Carpal tunnel is the major reason most end their massage career as is back issues and tenosynovitis. This is because massage schools only give you 500 hours of training and don’t teach proper body mechanics. They don’t teach students the proper exercises to strengthen their body nor do they teach students to use heat and ice after their day. I am very lucky. I went through a program that took 2 years of my life but I learned massage therapy the correct way. They taught us proper body mechanics, how to treat injuries, and how to limit ourselves so we could have a very long career. I am forever grateful to them and the City of Colorado Springs for demanding such a course. I digress. Time to the real reason I am typing this blog post.  I learned something new recently.

As you all know, my friend Alice’s cat Smokey needed surgery for cancer. She still needs funds to help pay for the vet costs, Smokey’s meds, and other items like changing the bandages. He is learning to walk on 3 legs. He is sore. Poor kitty is fighting for his life. I have been crocheting in my off hours to try and raise money to send to Alice for Smokey. In the U.P., it appears everyone crochets or knits and no one wants to buy what you have created. Washcloths, blankets, hats, mittens, slippers, and scarfs. I created a ton of each and no one wanted them. I ended up giving them away to relatives. But this just made me more determined to look into something that no one is creating here and I realized what it was, it isn’t baby items either, it is amigurumi! That is right. My new word now placed in my vocabulary is amigurumi!

What is amigurumi? I actually stumbled upon it when I was looking for slipper patterns. The slippers I make are in an amigurumi style.



Amigurumi’s definition is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed animals, creatures, or dolls! It got this reference from several dictionaries and books I read in the library. One book I read, and I forgot the name of it, said they are dolls with oversized heads. After reading the books, I headed to the internet and saw several pieces of others work. Amazing. My first chicken didn’t come out right. I am still trying to figure it out. But by looking at them, I realized they were balls. I have accidentally made balls when trying to make hats! Then there is the idea of trying to clone what others have done for beaks, feet, ears, eyes, and such. Not easy. I saw one person’s blog on a rabbit, her suggestion safety eyes. Safety eyes are for dolls which makes sense.

I tried to crochet eyes on him and they didn’t turn out right at all.

My first attempt at creating a chicken didn’t turn out like I had hoped. I think I need to get to some you tube videos and see if they can help me make the small parts. If I find one that is really good at making these small parts, I will share that person in a future blog! I didn’t have doll eyes so I tried my hand at crocheting the eyes on. My chicken is a bit funky and slightly scary. A bit deformed too. I think I used too large of a hook since he came out the size of my coffee cup.

The chicken ended up bigger than I thought.

Since this is the one type of item I am not seeing people create here in the U.P., I decided I may have a great chance of now getting some money to help Smokey. I have another friend as well, she runs a rescue and sure could use help in feeding those cats. I am still trapping ferals in Cornell so they can get spade and neutered. Nothing worse than having babies to worry about when you are homeless.

the backside of my chicken. Maybe this should have been the front.

Let me know what you think! I think I found something I really enjoy. I will bring you more amigurumi blogs as I create them!

Hi, I am here for morning coffee!


Will you be my friend? BOO!


See I told you he is scary!

Smokey has Cancer!

We need $300 more by the 31st of January for Smokey’s operation! Please, donate. Smokey needs his leg amputated. He has cancer. With his leg gone he can recover and live. Please, donate and share. Thank you! BTW, 300 is only to the half way point of the price of the surgery but it is what the vet wants down to get him help.
Smokey is a beautiful black cat. He lives with Alice Mashburn in North Carolina. Alice took Smokey to the vet because he had an issue with his paw. The vet took his toe and a biopsy showed cancer in the leg. Please, donate whatever you can afford to this beautiful cat.
Smokey has Cancer and Needs his leg amputated (Alice Mashburn)
Thank you!