A Friday Edition of The Nothing Files

AHA! I have something new. I am going to go through and tag all my old nothing days with The Nothing Files as well and maybe make it a category.

Some updates.

I started the four week program for shaping your story. I am working on my old piece called The Stalking of Katie. I had put up parts  one and two. I have a third part but never put that on. I am reworking it and when I have it as a complete story, I will post it for you all to read.

I started using story boards for my creations recently. So far, I am not sure this helps me much. It kinda crimps my creativity some since I keep thinking I need to follow it. I have to constantly remind myself that it isn’t written in stone and I can change my mind whenever I please.

I am starting to like my new home in Rock. I miss Cornell. I loved my old house, but now that more and more of my stuff is getting put away, I am enjoying my new one. The chickens seem to like it. The road isn’t as heavily trafficked either. Which is better for our furbabies or featherbabies. I have five apple trees and the apples should be ready soon I hope. This means CANNING! Yes, applesauce, apple jelly, apple slices canned in filling for apple pie, and anything else I can find to do with five trees worth of apples.

I do think I have a predator. I have had some chickens and eggs disappear. Some of my cats are gone. I am worried about them all.

Wednesday, my mom was here. She went to lie down and all of a sudden, the crows and blue jays started freaking out. I wondered out and discovered patches and patches of raspberry plants. These aren’t big since they are wild, but tons of them. Just tons. Then I saw something running away. No idea if it is a human, deer, or bigfoot. It was the size of a human. I shouted, “Who is there!?” The creature disappeared. Weird, eh? I have been smelling what I would say is the smell of death. It isn’t all the time but like brief and at different times. I have no idea if it is a weed, a human out hunting and carrying around their kill, or what it is. I just get it and then it is gone. It concerns me especially since I am missing chickens and cats. The dogs start going off too when I smell it and Tillie will make her very short hair on her black lab body stand right up. She growls and barks. Not sure if she is sensing a deer, a coyote, or what. Could be a wolf or eagle even. I don’t know but she doesn’t want it around. Ryder, our beagle/basset hound, has been picking up scents in the yard and trying to follow them. He runs into the woods and you can hear his basset hound bark for miles. Then he comes back. I have no idea what he is chasing but it worries me.

Anyway, I have to get back to fixing the nothing posts. I am going to change the category and make it something else. Always good to periodically go through your blog and look at how to make it better!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Til the next Nothing File!


What Chickens Eat

I put dog food out for the dogs and found the chickens eating it. I put out cat food for the cats and find the chickens eating it. Good lord they eat anything! I am learning lots with these chickens. It has been raining all day today. They were out when it wasn’t raining, but then decided it was coop time when the storms started bad. They are nesting in the garage now and no where else. All of the hens nest in the exact same spot! 

The roosters are starting to go after everyone if you don’t feed them cookies or some other treat. Have not been giving that to the hens but I have 5 roosters and they like the sweet stuff. They have been eating the apples that I didn’t get off the tree. I still have more to pick off of it. I am trying to pick them, can them fast, and then get more. 

We finally got a handle for the barn door, but it keeps falling apart. Trying to get it to stay and work right. I have one rose bush thriving and I finally have a beautiful flower on it. 

We are still cleaning around the property. The people before us have garbage buried and just thrown all over the place. I am thinking about getting a dumpster to put some of it in. The wood we have been burning in our firepit at night. I have to say, I really love the freedom. The farming will continue. Hopefully next year I can get a full garden in. Then I will be really busy canning in the fall. 

This is what life is really about. Living like we should. Farming the land, raising the chickens, having to fix and build. I love it. What can I say? I have always been a farm girl.