Hump Day Coffee Madness With Cheech & Chong From the Hen House!

Our pot of coffee is made. We added sprinkles to our coffee. We are out of whipped cream 😦


It is a great morning today. A cool breeze is blowing. Baby Baby and I are playing with the minions. I need to go to town soon for supplies. I am very grateful the docs gave me a different med for the acid reflux. I can have a few cups of coffee now. It has to be like tea but I can have some. I added a shake of yellow sprinkles to my cafe this morning.


I made a pot of Black Cherry Crisp. Very good black but for a kicker, I added in a chocolate creamer. I tried it with the white chocolate as well. Oh, you talk about heaven!


It is suppose to get up to 83 degrees. The cats are already coming in. I have pictures of how dead they were yesterday. Today isn’t going to be any different. I had to help one of Dave’s clients take a van off of his trailer. That was a mistake. Now my tummy hurts. Dave is off with Adrian cutting down trees. They are both making money getting trees trimmed, stumps removed, and taking down dead trees. A Yooper has to do what a Yooper has to do. Plenty of people now have firewood in their yard thanks to those two.


I got a picture of Cheech and Chong up in the cherry tree.


They are so damn cute. Up in the tree, they are. They flew up there.

Lastly, here is last nights moon. It is getting fuller. We are suppose to have a blue moon this month. Can you believe it is already July 29th? Man, how time flies.


Baby Baby and I are off to continue writing Saturday’s story. I will write another nothing episode later.


A Nothing Episode About Taco Tuesday With More Pics of Cheech & Chong

Baby Baby and I started our day outside finishing the story for Friday. We have that done and scheduled. That will be my first here so cross your fingers let’s all hope it works. Baby Baby can still fly so to protect him I put him in a cage. He doesn’t like the cage but it is for his safety. I took a picture of him. I told him to pose for his picture and smile.


That is what I got. Leave it to a bird.

It has been in the 80’s here lately. That is hot for da UP especially since we are used to 30 below. We are all soaking up the heat and loving it. I got a picture of Ryder sleeping in the sunshine and shade of our cherry tree. I loves being outside. He is a rescue dog. He is part beagle and part basset hound. He is going blind so we keep him on a chain. He likes to run when spooked and with my road, well, I don’t want him killed.


The cats have all been laying around looking dead. They are feral and come into my house at the hottest moments of the day to sleep. Why they want to sleep in a house that is hotter than outside I will never know. Zelda’s babies are now playing. I had to give these cats some sort of name so I could get them vet care. I have been taking in ferals left and right to get spayed and neutered. We call Zelda’s babies Carmen (pure white one), Jude (black and white), and Ruby (the only girl who is orange, black, and white). They are getting so big. Soon it will be time for their vet visits.


I made tacos for supper tonight. Yes, Yoopers do eat something besides pasties! We even enjoy pannu kakku for breakfast or dessert. The girls have been asking for tacos for about a month or so now. I had to give in especially when I found little boats to use.


I have wild raspberries growing throughout my yard. I really love them. They are tiny compared to what you get in the store but they are way more yummy. Sweeter than the store ones as well. I am thinking about transplanting all of the bushes to one area of my yard. That should make picking them easier.


And now the pictures everyone really wants to see and the two celebrities of the chicken farm, our mini Rhode Island Reds, Cheech and Chong! I know my mom wants to take them home. They are the cutest little things ever. They squeak when they crow. They are funny. They make the hen house. Here they are. Hot off the presses. Fresh photos from just today!


May your water stay fresh and cold. May your days be filled with plenty. Til next time!

Love the Hen House!

Tuesday Morning Coffee Brief with Cheech & Chong!


*That experiment didn’t work as planned so I will just insert the photo.*


I decided to test this with my Flickr account. I love drinking from this cup.What is your favorite cup to drink from? I label this my movie cup Tuesday. I love getting coffee mugs with movies or television shows on them. They are unique.

This is a test. Testing! Testing! Quiet on the set!

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled coffee drinking.

Just Another Manic Monday about Nothing! And Mom Is In Love With Cheech and Chong.

Today has been long. I went out to the Island Resort and Casino to spend my promo on my card they give you. I get a whooping $5. Boy, they give you so much. I didn’t win anything from it either. Their machines are always way too tight. They don’t like to part with money. I came home and non stop everything from phone calls to visitors.

I came home and started cleaning the whole house. I like to have my housework done fast so I can just sit and write. I am nearing the end of the story for Friday and I am trying to think about what I want to use for Saturday. I know from my English teacher that the only way to write well is to just write. If I can do this daily then I can get those massage and Reiki article out as well. My problem is, I can start something but I don’t finish. My anxiety gets in the way most of the time. I have OCD moments and I have to stop writing to fix a cup because the handle isn’t facing the same way as the rest. Or I stop because I can’t have dirty dishes hanging around. It really does get in the way of my life, but I keep trying. I have learned to live with it and I can ignore something for so long then it has to be done.

Lester is home from North Dakota. He is here til maybe Wednesday. He came out with my sister Linda and their kids, Danny and Samantha. They took Lester’s granddaughter with who is 3. We had hot dogs on the grill, roasted marshmallows, and talked for hours. I didn’t get much writing done.

The kids played with the hose since it is so freakin hot outside. They had on their bathing suits and as all kids will do they ran through the water as one sprayed. They chased each other around the yard and fed the chickens. They helped to gather wood for the fire. They should all sleep great tonight.

My mom is in love with Cheech and Chong. Everyone is actually. I had Ang and Adrian here yesterday and they just loved the hell out of these two. We were laughing our asses off at the shit these roosters do and how cute they crow. They were trying their damnest to mate with a hen. The hens are like triple their size. One hen was trying to throw one of them off and it looked like he was riding a bull.


Joe was brought outside and enjoyed sitting in the tree. He was talking and dancing enjoying the company. We were all laughing and having a great time. It is a whole lot cooler outside than in my house. My house is like a sauna. I am thinking about sleeping outside tonight under the many stars.

I wished I had my video going. I have been taping cars speeding down my road, well, today we all seen a state boy doing like 90 past my house. I had company so I wasn’t video taping. I can hear them now as I am typing this speeding past my house but unfortunately my video doesn’t pick up the cars just lights flashing as they drive by.

The night time is the best time here in the big C. I love seeing all the stars. I just wish I could get a picture of the night sky as I see it out here. It always comes out very dark. I wish I could find a camera to capture the sky.


Dirty Bag, yes that is the cat’s name, was outside with me. I brought him in to write this. I worry about my animals with these cars flying down the road as they do. I really wish they would slow down. I don’t think any of them need to go faster than a tractor.

Dirty got his name because he was pure white when he was born. Then one day he started getting darker. I thought it was dirt and tried washing him. It wasn’t. Little did I know he was turning into a snowshoe. His mother is a pure black cat with long hair. His sister is black and white. She has only had the two and we kept them. We have the 3 cats that are ours. The rest of the cats I have are feral but I have been socializing them.


Off to take a shower and get some shut eye. Tomorrow is another day. I still need to do the blogging assignment but right now, I am too tired. It can wait.

May the stars guide you on your nightly walk! May Cheech and Chong’s crowing be your favorite song! Goodnight from the Hen House.

Sunday Promises about Nothing at all with Cheech and Chong

Last night we picked up Cheech and Chong. Baby Baby didn’t know what to think about these two. They are mini Rhode Island Red Roosters (some call them Old English Game). You should hear them crow. We left them in the pet carrier over night, then put them in a big cage until I knew the hens were ok with them. They are now out running all over the yard, sitting in the trees, trying to fight the bigger chickens, and crowing. They have been staying near us. When we went to see them in Rapid River, you couldn’t get anywhere near them. The farmer we got them from had to wait til all the chickens were in the coop for the night to catch them for us. We have been holding them all night and we held them for a while when we took them out of the cage.

IMG_20150725_2332189_rewindChong  looking around after we took him out of the cage.

IMG_20150725_2331172_rewindCheech checking me out when we took him out.


               Comparison photos so you can better judge their size. 

I decided to take some more pictures of the wild flowers growing all over my yard. They are so beautiful. I really love being outside. I sit out here plenty writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, and visiting with others who stop by. We enjoy ourselves out here. Dave is using our garage for his business. He is a mechanic. I have plenty of cars in my yard now. He is fixing them left and right. My yard looks like a used car lot at times. He isn’t charging much for labor. He knows times are hard and people need their cars fixed.

Anyway, check out these beauties.




This is what I have to put up with. Wild flowers all over my yard. My apples are almost ripe too. That means more apple jam for the year. I so can’t wait. I love apple jam. I am looking for a maple tree to tap. That is my next quest. Tap one, put a bucket under it, and have enough syrup for all of us for the year. One bucket would make enough syrup to fill a small syrup jar. We don’t eat syrup much here so that one jar will last us a while.

My elbows have been really dry lately. I bought some ultra shea cream from Bath and Body Works. Oh how I love the smell. It is the Carried Away body cream. I could smell this all day. I love it. Being a massage therapist, I always check my body for dry spots. I don’t need anyone wondering why I am adding oil to them but not taking care of myself. It is very important in any profession to be able to recommend something to anyone else and have them know you have tried this so it works. I don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried on myself first.

I am almost finished with my story for Friday. When it is done, I plan on playing with the schedule setting to see if I can get it to pop up on Friday. Then I will work on one for Saturday. I have several chapter books I am working on as well as massage and reiki articles. I am grateful for the save as a draft buttons. I can keep working without wondering where my story is.

Baby Baby and I are waiting for the videos to upload. When they are done, we will add them to a post. We have one up so that one will go here. But more are being uploaded and I will get them to you.


May your breeze keep you cool on a warm summers day. I will see you all again soon with another episode of nothing.

A Caturday Message about Absolutely Nothing!

I love writing about nothing at all! It makes me feel like I am part of a Seinfeld episode. The cats are doing great after their spay/neuter time. I have a ton of ferals in my area and I am not the only farmer taking in cats that need to be fixed or paying for vet bills for unwanted kitties. Although as a rule those of us who farm do as much as we can for any animal. We know they are needed. We respect them as they respect us.

I need a break from writing about muscles and just stories. I can’t wait to go back to work. I am sure by now my clients are in a tizzy about not seeing me. I have been out for a while now. This gallstone is horrible. I just want it out at this point. I will be gone in August to have this out. Therefore, you won’t see me for a few days.

Now onto chickens. I will be receiving a couple of bantam roosters tonight or tomorrow morning. They look like mini Rhode Island Reds. You should hear them crow. They sound so cute. Once I get them, I will add a ton of pics and videos.

I started to clean up my tags and categories here. I am going to link certain post with my other social media sites. This should be a good idea so I think. This way it will bring some people to me while I write. Some of my friends already know how to get to this site since I sent them links.

Baby Baby and I are enjoying the heat. Now we are setting out to get more stories written up. We are discussing a Suspenseful Saturday story. I think Baby Baby watches too many Alfred Hitchcock movies and his telly show. We will be back with more soon.

We are wishing everyone a sunshiny day!!! Go outside and enjoy the heat while you can!!!

Friday Mumblings about Nothing at All.

Oh what a Friday it has been. You know, we have throwback Thursday, thoughtful Thursday, taco Tuesday, hump day Wednesday, manic Monday, Caturday, soulful Sunday, spirit Sunday, but nothing for Friday. What about fantasy Friday? I just found out that they made a flashback Friday.

Today, my fine feathered friends, started with me being late taking the ferals to the vet for their spay/neuter time. I took 2 moms and 4 babies that I could catch and now they are genderless.  Of course, you feel bad for them but then you see them all high on the drugs. Laughter starts happening. It starts becoming funny watching the kittens run around playing with their tongues hanging out. I know I shouldn’t laugh but you can’t help it. I enjoy when they sleep. Then for once I can actually treat them like a real cat. I can pet them and love them. That is my favorite moment. But it is a fleeting one since as soon as the meds are gone, they run out the door and I am once again the enemy.


I even treated the kittens and mamas to cat nip. I hate seeing their little ears tipped but I do know that is important. It will tell our local shelter that this cat is fixed but has been fixed already. If one gets in a trap for the TNR, they will be released to carry on mousing.

After I brought the cats to All About Animals mobile vet clinic, we went out for coffee at Delona’s. It is a great restaurant that was really missed when it closed. Everyone is really loving the fact it is open once more. They have a huge omelet there called the garbage can. That baby is big.

0623151122 This photo was taken June 23, 2015

They really have great food there. I tell everyone to go to Delona’s for something great to eat. Now don’t get me wrong, I have other hang outs I really love to eat at.

We have had a very long day indeed. It was running to the bank, to Copland’s, back to get the cats, stopping at rummage sales, and listening to my mom carry on and on. Her new rant is on her car. Walmart didn’t put the tires on the rims nor did they even move the car to put tires on. Instead they said they couldn’t get it on the lift because it was rotted. The only one who says how rotted it is, is my sister who makes up “stories”. My mom always called her huge whale of a tale “stories”. She is lying. That is what it is. A lie. Exaggerating the truth. She has been this way since she could talk. Everyone knows this. This is why you don’t take her word on it but have it checked out.

I am working on more massage articles. I started one today on the erector spinae muscle. It is actually nine muscles that are close to the spine made up of small fibers. This bundle of muscles are called erectors because that is their main function, keeping you erect and your head held up. The majority of low back pain is caused by your erectors.

I took video of Baby Baby ringing his bell today. I tell him all the time to ring his bell so angels can get their wings.

My cousin, John John’s daughter Ally is in Ann Arbor. She is 15 and just had her baby, Blake. He is 15 weeks premature. Today they had to put him on antibiotics. His breathing is shallow and tummy is bloated.Keep them in your prayers. They sure do need them. They put together a go fund me for Blake and Ally. They are going to have a ton of expenses. This isn’t going to be cheap.

Well, Baby Baby and I are off. We are thinking about writing a fantasy story for next Friday! Maybe we can make Friday’s Fantasy Friday! I really am sick of writing about muscles. Can you tell? It gets a bit boring and it is really hard to find a creative way to write about them.

Have yourself a brilliant evening! Light a fire and gaze at the stars!

A Thoughtful Thursday Post About Nothing.

I am finally getting the chance to sit down. I have been up all day cleaning. I cleaned up the yard so it can be mowed. I cleaned up my house just in case someone does decide to come over which never happens. This inspired me to write a massage article on sweeping. I am not done yet with that one. I went through and listed every muscle. Now I am weeding out muscles and wondering how to make this a better article. I will put it up for feedback when I finish. Be honest and really tell me if it needs more or any spelling/grammar mistakes.

I am moving my pictures from off my fire phone unto my computer. I still need to get the old computer to speed up in taking stuff off my old hard drives. My old computer crashed. It was the only one that I could get my black hole hard drive to work on. I have old essays and stories on that drive from my college English class. I figured I could add them here.

I have been working hard today and my gallstone is now telling me I over did it. I go in for another procedure in the OR in August. They are going to try once again to get that sucker out. It is jagged all around and it is large. I don’t have a gallbladder anymore so they can’t just take that thing out. And, here is the kicker, I only have one friggin stone. It has been causing me tons of problems. So many, I can’t even work. Who wants to have a massage from someone who is having spasms and vomiting?  After the last procedure, I ended up with pancreatitis.  So I can’t eat or drink what I really want. I have to be very careful or it acts up.  Meaning my love of coffee is on hold at the moment. Though I am still trying to drink it, I have been adding in soy milk to keep it from upsetting everything.  The soy milk isn’t my favorite thing but it doesn’t upset the pancreas like milk does. I can eat yogurt though. No cheese. That is where my love of pizza went on hold. I can’t wait to have this thing out. I am heading to Mueller’s as soon as I can and ordering a pizza.

I did decide to try some of the new Simply Lemonade Blueberry.


I can only have one glass a day with my tummy but it is the best ever. I really love the Simply OJ and Lemonade. I love anything that can list real food and not a ton of chemicals.


I am really getting sick of how fast they drive down my road. I have been taking videos of the cars as they past. I am going to the county board with my videos and hopefully I will get a speed limit sign put up to slow them down. I have way too many animals killed on my road. They kill deer, porcupines, skunks, rabbits, feral cats, and even people’s pets. I have watched too many people nearly get hit as well.

I did have a moment today to go take some pictures of my garden that I planted.


I only planted a few seeds. This is my first year in this house so I don’t have an actual garden area yet. I went down below the hill to make a garden and when it got dug up, there was tons of metal buried in it. I have to now dig up that whole area and clean it thoroughly so I can place my garden there.  I put my garden up near the house which is why I could plant more.

I know, I know, people tell me all the time that my flower pictures are actually weeds. But they are so pretty and I say they are a flower. I took these pictures after we had our rain today. Just about 30 minutes of rain and now the sun is out shining again. I love the heat and sunshine.  I really love the clovers and I keep looking the elusive 4 leaf clover.




I took a bunch of pictures of my chickens as well. I had to get rid of my young roosters. They were trying to mate left and right. They were over mating and pulling the feathers out of my hens. My poor hens look like they went to battle and lost. The vet tells me their feathers will grow back in and I have noticed they are.


I spend most of my day with my good buddy, Baby Baby. He sits with me all day while I am at the kitchen table. I put him on his cage at eating times so he can have something to chow on. I enjoy having my macaw and cockatoo. Birds are messy though so don’t get one unless you are prepared to clean up after them daily. I put down newspaper to help keep my floor from being ruined.


Well, Baby Baby and I are going to go back to writing this article plus writing my books. I am writing a murder mystery set here in Da UP. Lol. I call it the Ackerman Lake Murder or Alger County Murder. Haven’t really decided yet on the title. It actually encompasses several of our counties.  I will see you all soon. I will be doing the blogging 201 homework later as well. You can look for that tonight.

Have a blastful day filled with fun in the sun!