Good Morning Snow


Sorry this is a bit later in the morning than I wanted. Been really busy. My new office is getting together. The kids have concerts and all their activities. Been hectic. Can’t wait for a slow down.


A Frosty Sunday Nothing Post

We haven’t had really great weather lately. Frost every night. I had to harvest early. I started canning what I could. The leaves haven’t even changed all the way and we are in the throes of winter. We covered what we couldn’t get to right away. I am grateful we don’t have a big garden. I planted just enough to can a few items. This is my first garden here. When we first moved in, I didn’t have time to plant a garden. It was too late in the season so we ended up with chickens first. Yesterday, we got the coop ready for winter. I need to stock up on hay and pine shavings for winter cleaning. I clean it out as much as I can in the winter since the chickens don’t like to leave the coop much. They really hate the snow.

As you can see, chickens really hate snow. It is hard on their little toes.
As you can see, chickens really hate snow. It is hard on their little toes.

We went to Manistique Big Boy for a break from work. Love eating there. Not everyone has a Big Boy but everyone should. On our way there we stopped at Walmart to pick up some supplies and I discovered this gem. Yoopers are ingenious. They find ways to reuse stuff that most people just throw away. We don’t just throw stuff away we can use. We just find a new way of using them like this guy.

A distance photo of the bikes baskets. 4 of them.
A distance photo of the bikes baskets. 4 of them.
Reused Tidy Cat litter boxes. Used as bike baskets for carrying groceries and such.
Reused Tidy Cat litter boxes. Used as bike baskets for carrying groceries and such.

Now for the biggest news. I GOT A NEW COFFEE CUP! Yep. Straight from Big Boy. As a matter of fact the name on the cup is what I was thinking about calling this blog until I went with Yooper Story. I did think about calling it Yooper Girl or Yooper Girl in da Woods. I had a ton of ideas. But here it is!!!!!

My new coffee cup!
My new coffee cup!
A close up of the new coffee cup!
A close up of the new coffee cup!

You gotta admit, this is a great CUP!!!

May your day be filled with sun. May your garden grow huge.

Baby Baby Needs Coffee! A Nothing Episode From Da Hen House.


Have a wonderful day while we are writing. Just a little post to let you know we are still here. We are working on stories. Baby Baby, Mr. Nose, and myself are keeping busy. We are working on part 3 of the Katie story. We have the book we are working on plus we are working on a fantasy story for fantasy Friday and a mystery for Monday.  Not sure if we will have them done for this week but you will know as soon as they get up.


We have been brainstorming on how to make extra cash here on the farm. We were thinking about have a meet the chickens coffee day! We are thinking about having a petting zoo. We are thinking about having an egg day hunt where you can pretend it is Easter and look for eggs around the yard. Could even get out the tractor and wagon for hay rides!

Who needs cats when a rooster will do?
Who needs cats when a rooster will do?

This young rooster is competing with the cats! He is mousing. I had to get a picture of him out mouse hunting.

Found out I won’t be going back to work as soon as I thought. Looks like more problems with the liver and pancreas. That means I keep selling eggs and finding other ways to make money with the farm until I can get back. I can’t do anything to strenuous right now which sucks. Good thing Dave and the girls can clean the coop.

May your moon shine brightly. May your harvest be abundant.

A Nothing Episode Titled Monday Madness With More of Da UP State Fair.

Today is a cold and rainy day on the farm. It smells of the rain. The plants love it but I want some sunshine and triple digits of heat. I get tired of the cold, damp feeling we have around here. It sinks into your bones. It is a great time to exercise though. Speaking of which, watch for my massage articles. I have a challenge coming up in September for my massage clients. I have already been testing the challenge. Each month you will be behind me but I have to test it make sure all the recipes work, that the exercise is doable, and write those articles. I am writing them and scheduling them for you to read. Join me in my challenge. I am trying to lose a few pounds myself. I am enjoying eating once again, but I have noticed that I am getting nauseous after eating. I guess my body is really used to that yogurt and soup diet. I am getting headaches as well after I eat. I really want you all to get in on the challenge and tell me how it is working for you. Watch for it beginning in September.

Sunday was the last day of our week long event. Sunday like Monday is a half day event for the State Fair. I got some pictures of the WOW ride, the petting zoo, and the Antique Village.  Friday we had a health fair at the fair. I got new grocery bags, well, canvas bags that they were handing out there. I like to use them for groceries when I go. They have bingo every day of the fair as well. It is a quarter for 3 cards.

The WOW (Walk On Water) ride. It costs $7 to get put in one of those balls and then walk on water.
The WOW (Walk On Water) ride. It costs $7 to get put in one of those balls and then walk on water.
Here you can see someone getting the ball inflated around them.
Here you can see someone getting the ball inflated around them.
This camel wouldn't turn his head any other way but that way.
This camel wouldn’t turn his head any other way but that way.
Still won't turn his head.
Still won’t turn his head.
This camel wouldn't look at me at all. Just kept his back to me the whole time.
This camel wouldn’t look at me at all. Just kept his back to me the whole time.
Baby kangaroos all sleeping.
Baby kangaroos all sleeping.
A baby Joey. So cute. I was able to pet this one until someone else came up to look. Then it hopped back there.
A baby Joey. So cute. I was able to pet this one until someone else came up to look. Then it hopped back there.
Munch, munch, munch goes the turtle.
Munch, munch, munch goes the turtle.
The general store and ice cream shoppe at the Antique Village.
The general store and ice cream shoppe at the Antique Village.
The Cook Shack at the Antique Village is the best place to eat when you come to the fair.
The Cook Shack at the Antique Village is the best place to eat when you come to the fair.

I am working on part 3 of the Katie story and I am working on 2 other stories as well. I am still working on my book. That is going to take me forever to complete. But I keep working on it. I am getting those posts done for blogging 101 that are directed at your readers. I still need to visit 5 blogs and tell them good bye. 😦

May your egg shells be hard. May your plants grow large.

A Thursday Telling About Nothing Except the UP STATE FAIR

Tuesday we headed off to the Upper Peninsula State Fair. We wanted to go Wednesday and Thursday but we are experiencing rain at the moment. It is monsoon time here in da UP.

The Fair this year has Skerbeck’s Carnival AGAIN. I hate Skerbeck’s. They really don’t have great rides. They charge $22 on Tuesday – Thursday and then $25 for Friday and Saturday. They charge $20 on our two half days of Monday and Sunday. Monday the Fair doesn’t open until 5 pm and then closes by 10 pm. They are still setting up on that day as well. Sunday they close at 5 pm and start tearing down before that time. So really the Fair is only 5 days here.


There is face painting in the Ruth Butler building.


Plus the DNR’s Pocket Park is open to everyone. There is archery, shooting, and fishing.


The best places to go see at the Fair is the barns. We have the cow barns, pig barns, sheep barn, poultry and rabbit barn and the best animal that everyone loves HORSES. This year though poultry was banned because of the avian flu. My kids were upset since they have roosters they wanted to enter into the events. We have the Miracle of Life barn where everyone can come and watch a cow, sheep, pig, or any other animal give birth.


Want a great place to visit go to the Steam and Gas Antique Village. They have a museum, an old school house, a cook shack, a general store, a lumber mill, and several other shops.


I hope you enjoy the pictures with history in them. There is a ton more to see and when I get back there I will take pictures of the stuff I didn’t get to. Look for part 2 to come soon. I hope. Especially since they have a petting zoo and a new type of game where you get inside a ball and walk on water. It is called WOW.


May your farm be profitable.

A Musty Monday Adventure of Nothing.

Today is #blackcatappreciationday. I put up pictures of Charlotte and Cinderella on Twitter for the event. I got a great one of Charlotte tonight in the laundry room. 


This shows her inner demons so well. lol. She won’t let us touch her or anything. She is feral after all.

I found some more pictures of me at younger ages. I am going to add those to my about page called Who Are You.

I have been writing more on Evernote. I am working on my novel plus a bunch of short stories. I have two articles I am writing for my massage business and one for Reiki. Busy, busy, busy little writer I am. I signed up for the Writer’s 101 class as well. See you all in that class in September.

The UP State Fair starts today. I will be going sometime this week. When I do go I will get some pictures and blog about it.

I still need to get to Watersmeet. I want to see that Paulding light. That will be another blog right there.

I am working on my Stalking Katie story as well. I should have a new version of Part 2 this Saturday. It won’t be like the old one but I tried hard to remember as much of it as I could. At least the plot and where I was going with the story.

Today I bought the kittens giant size balls with bells in them. My house is now a soccer field. I have kittens batting them all over the house.

May your night be warm. May your happiness shine.

Spiders, Spiders, Spiders Everywhere There Are Spiders.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Creepy.”

As you can see, this thing looks crazy.
I hate spiders. They are on my walls and ceilings.
Blurry but tried to get a better shot of this stalker.
Close up of one of the creeps who I need a restraining order on. This one is on the ceiling.
I went out one morning to head to work when I discovered this gem.
This poor guy is missing legs. I found him hanging from our thermostat in our old apartment.
This creepy thing was walking on the wall.
Not sure if anyone can see the eggs or not.
I tried to get a better photo of her.
This little spider actually has eggs on her back

This is also my post for Blogging 101! There you have it. Too many spiders around me. I had one walking on my table the other day. It got eaten by a cat.

A Tribute To Leonard Nimoy!

If you haven’t heard William Shatner asked all Trekkies to do a LLAP selfie. I took one of myself and my daughter doing the LLAP! Now we will be in the centerfold of the Guardian. Now I have to find that paper in my area to buy!

I have the article as well you can read. I am excited. I need to get that paper. I have to find us.

By the way, LLAP means Live Long And Prosper!


Just a quick Friday Note for the Nothing Files.

We are naming her Emerald Nose. Different mother than Diamond Nose but they must have the same Papa! Look at the nose! Oh my gods, check out the nose. She is calico by the way! What is the luck of finding two with that NOSE!



Just so you know, there is also a three part Friday event going on while I am out healing. Doing a bit better but it is going to take me a few weeks to recover fully!

May your weekend be filled with beautiful surprises and blessings!

A Little Thursday Update Really About Nothing.

Surgery went well. I am sore. I have a sore throat. I don’t know yet if the pancreatitis will be back yet or not. I have stuff to be posted while I am healing. I noticed my stats weren’t what they usually are. But then, I have been on a health issue.

I came home to no Fluffy. We lost her.


I miss her wonderful soul. She was a joy to be around. I hate the fact she won’t be here for a long time nor will she have a loving family in her furever life. Her journey was short but honorable.

A moment of silence for Fluffy as she runs to the Rainbow Bridge!

I came home to another SURPRISE! 


Twelve more souls on my doorstep needing a warm place and new homes. This one feral mom keeps taking all the other kittens into her tote. As you can see she stole Jude and now he is being used as a comparison to the other kittens.

I have quite a few days of blogging 101 to catch up on. Still not feeling the best but I am going to try and get there. I have been bored and I started looking up opportunities on freelance writing. I found quite a bit that I know those of you in blogging 101 and in blogging 201 will like to check out. This could be your greatest opportunity to break into the writing world.

Upwork has jobs listed with a price. You may want to look into some of these. I mean, who wouldn’t want to write a paranormal romance novel!

The Writers Bureau, which sounds like a government conspiracy website to take down bloggers everywhere, has a list of what to do and not to do for your freelance blogging. I don’t really agree on the court reporting. If you are a legal expert or a law student, I think court reporting can be beneficial. This can help you get clients. It can help you really understand the law better and we all know that teaching something to someone else can help you learn.

There are many articles out there for you to explore on freelance writing. Just a thought for everyone.

May your day be long! May your night show the stars!