Afternoon Coffee!

Time for us to sit down with a cup of Joe and update each other. I was sad yesterday to find out that all the pictures I took weren’t on my camera at all. Somehow they never got saved to the memory card. I had some great ones of bigfoot, pasties, Lake Superior, flowers, and so much more. It so breaks my heart. I took them so I could blog about stuff and then to find they were gone, well. I thought I could recreate them in paint by drawing what they looked like.

A purple flower found on the shore of Lake Superior
Pasty from Muldoons
lake superior
Lake Superior
Bigfoot standing at the window of Muldoons

I am working on stories just at the moment we have a ton of clients to massage! Been at work some weeks seven days. This week I took 2 days off and my schedule is slowly filling to full. I stay longer at the spa to see if anyone calls in for that last-minute massage. Never know when a body is in need. As I sit and wait, I have been crocheting and writing as the day allows or if a spark of something happens in my head.

I have been taking pictures as I walk around Munising while waiting for people to call in. I run off for some lunch somewhere usually Johnny Dogs. If you are in Munising, I would so suggest Johnny Dogs! One thing about Johnny Dogs, they are packed so plan on a long line! My other favorite spot in Munising is the Falling Rock Cafe. A fellow Nancy owns this cafe. She has a ton of books for you to read, live entertainment some days/nights, and they make amazing sandwiches. If you are craving pizza, go to Pictured Rocks Pizza. Pizza is cooked in about 8 minutes and at a great price. The bread sticks are amazing as well. I eat pasties at Muldoon’s. I am not sure where else pasties are sold in town, but this is the place everyone goes to for pasties. I always get a traditional beef pasty. We do have a new coffee shop in Munising. It is called Fudge and Coffee.

I love Tuesdays for the farmer’s market at Lake Superior. Right by the water and several vendors with great food they have grown or they made as in soap, lotion, bread, cookies. I had pictures of that as well. So sad. While you are down there, get a pizza from the ladies at the pavilion. It is five dollars for a cheese only and the proceeds go to different charities like the girls softball team.  They always have a sign up to where money is being donated for that day.

It is a blessing to see you again. Let’s have coffee another day and catch up on all things going on in our lives.

Until the next time we meet, may your day be blessed with coffee prosperity!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring

Yes, it has been raining cats and dogs here in da UP! It really need to get my ark finished. I have been working my little hands off at Our Perch in Munising. They have been too fatigued to write. They need a break from a long day as well. Been on facebook posting though. Short stuff like Hey, I have massage times available.  Which reminds me, here are some photos of my office. Soon I will be in the basement with a sauna. Yeah, try to get me out of that! I think all massages will be conducted within the sauna.


The business card


I made this ad for hot stone massage
One of the many views of Lake Superior from Our Perch


The other thing I have been doing is crocheting. I do a bit here and there to keep from chewing my nails. I decided to make stress balls that look like animals. Not the best as of yet but. If anyone has a better way to make an ear or help me with the eyes, I would be appreciative. Here is some of my latest work!




I have decided I am writing too many stories at once and I can’t remember half the time what is supposed to go where or what idea is suppose to be with what story. I am now going to focus on one at a time. I can still go back to my other stories, but I think it is better served if I just spend time getting one completed.

That’s the latest update from the swamp. I post pictures of the ark when I am done! I shall be around soon saving everyone from the rising waters.

Tuesday’s Nothing File of Nothingness

I really need to get my writing chops back flowing. I have been crocheting these little amigurumi characters instead of focusing on what I should be doing. I have been booking clients for massages instead of working on my three different Miss Nose stories. Oops sorry FOUR Miss Nose stories since I am writing one on here. I have decided to scrap the way I was writing my Ackerman Lake novel and now, I have created a new city in the UP called Ackerman Lake. It will still be the same but I am getting making one location area instead of several. I decided I am going to make this new town as a subdivision town that is being newly developed. They are clearing the woods as we speak. lol.

I have been looking at some freelance jobs to help get some extra cash. I really like one which is writing about coffee. You all know how much I enjoy my java, well, maybe not since this isn’t facebook. I am trying on a 30 day fast from facebook. I am thinking instead of writing facebook statuses, I will write them on my blog instead. This should be interesting.  No tweets either, just blog post in place of what would be a tweet or status update.  Not saying I won’t be sharing cute cat, coffee, and other stuff on those sites but I want to take that time and get it on my blog instead. I need to focus on this writing and most of my updates are about animals in my house like my new goat, Molly, or my funky crochet creatures.


Am I not the cutest thing you have seen all day?



I created this cat and his mouse friend.


Right now I am designing and creating Foxy from FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy’s) for my daughter. I learned a ton about amigurumi from watching Japanese you tube videos and reading books. It really is a very simple method. You increase and decrease stitches and make shapes. If you can do simple shapes you can make these creatures and dolls. You need math skills though.

You start with a magic ring. Of this I am not kidding! You make a ring around your fingers and you start your chain there. When I first learned crocheting we were told to chain 4, slip stitch to make a circle and then to go in and out of that circle for 4, 6, 8, or how many other stitches we needed to start the pattern, but this magic ring takes away that chaining circle.

The thing about amigurumi is, you never leave a seam mark since you are working in a spiral. I really love this way of creating. I am so enjoying my time crocheting these creatures. I have been translating Japanese (thank you Google) and learning how to create dolls and separate the legs and arms. I am not good yet with arms but I am going to try legs with Foxy! I will of course post a picture of Foxy when I get him done. I am trying to find out which version she wants of him and since all of amigurumi follows the same basic patterns, you can make anything by knowing this. I have gotten so into this, I bought safety eyes and embroidery thread. I am learning how to make eyes with the Japanese girls help. Not easy peasy yet for me.

Here, I will post some pictures of what I have been working on lately.


My alien



A rabbit



My sisters and I had these stringbean rabbits when we were kids and I have been trying to recreate them with amigurumi. I figured out how to make bow ties as well.



My niece tells me he is creepy looking.



I made a UNICORN!


One day, I will post how you increase and decrease. I have to get back to scheduling for work and looking for some extra cash employment endeavors. More status updates as I stay off facebook later.

Oh, Five Nights At Freddy’s is a game and storyboard background for those who don’t know.


A Spectacular Monday Note About Nothing!

First, let me say how much I love the television show Seinfeld. It is a show about nothing but daily life and gossip. I can’t help seeing yesterday as a possible show! Another side note on March 10, 2017, I bought a fainting goat. Her name is Molly.

I am Molly. I have a wonderful life in the house. No barn for me.

Now country life is about expensive animals. Remember, I have five birds. Joe (the macaw),  Baby Baby (the cockatoo), Pepper (aka Pepsi a TAG), and two cockatiels, Nippy & Coffee! The goat doesn’t like living in the barn with the chickens. Go figure! So, she lives inside my house! I swear, I live in the barn. I have the dogs and cats here as well.

I really should have blogged yesterday, but Sunday was horribly stressful. I woke up to the smell of something burning. It smelled like wood burning. Now this is early morning since we get up at 4 am. It was really powerful around 7:30 am. It took us until 11:10 am to find the problem.


The wall from the inside. Look how pretty. Fire did a very nice job on the wall.
What the nice little fire did to the outside of the wall.

Dave started scrambling (and I don’t mean eggs) screaming for water. I got him a pitcher of water which he poured between the two sides of the wall.  Dave is screaming for water and chairs. He wants ladders and whatever else for the fire. I am screaming for my girls to grab the animals and put them in the barn. You have to understand, some of these animals are very costly monetarily. I really don’t care about tvs, computers, and such, but I do care about life. I sure didn’t want my animals lives to perish.

“PUT THE DOGS IN THE CAR!” I was screaming at Jordan.

“Where do I put the dogs?” she asks me blankly.

“THE CAR! PUT THEM IN THE CAR!” I scream as I am filling another pitcher of water!


“Just give me the pitcher of water.” Bella tells me calmly and matter of factly. Bella has Asperger’s and doesn’t really show emotions. She reminds me of a Vulcan! “The cats will be fine.” she says, “The fire really isn’t that bad!” She tells me and rolls her eyes.

I look at her like she is the crazy one. We have a fire in the house! How can this not be bad? I give her the pitcher of water.



“JORDAN GET THE CATS OUTSIDE. TAKE THE CAGE AND GET THEM OUT! WHERE IS THE PHONE? I NEED THE PHONE!” Jordan of course isn’t concerned at all about the animals. The fire is way cool and there is some Corey/Cory guy who is live streaming on you tube. This guy is WAY more important than the fact we have a fire going on and should evacuate.

I tried calling 911 on my computer. Did you know the computer will not connect you to 911? It told me it was an invalid number. I have a computer telephone number which allows me to make calls. I even tried Skype which failed. I finally find the phone and call 911 but since it is a cell phone and I live in the country, there are problems talking to the dispatcher on the other end!

“911. What is your emergency?” the male voice on the other end of the phone says to me calmly. I have no idea what is wrong with these dispatchers. They should be concerned and freaking out on the other end. Not calm! Who remains calm when there is a FIRE?


A bunch of break up noise and then, “What is the address?”

A bunch of static, noise, a few “WHAT?”, and I finally give him our address. The dispatcher says something to me which I can not tell you what it was even now!


I travel upwards to our tiny upstairs which is really a loft. As I travel up the stairs, I say into the phone, “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? ARE YOU THERE?”

“Yes, I am here.” he says, “Is everyone out of the house?” I look out the window and see smoke coming from where Dave is throwing water. I see Dave run with the pitcher to the faucet outside getting more water and run back to the smoke. Now mind you, I am upstairs! With a cat and the goat. The cat leisurely stretches. And no, I won’t tell you which one.  Let’s just call him one crazy cat. You see, this cat likes sleeping on my water bed and even a fire won’t move him.

“Oh yes, we are out of the house.” That was a lie! WE and ALL THE ANIMALS were still in the house. I walk back downstairs and get more garble from the dispatcher hoping he heard me tell him I am not in Delta county but truly I am Marquette county. Then I get nothing but noisy static and say to the phone, “THANK YOU. GOOD BYE!”

Meanwhile, Dave is taking a crow bar to the wall and Bella is filling up another pitcher of water. Jordan still has no animals outside and what do I do, freak! FREAK OUT TIME!  Finally, Dave comes in and bitches because the fire department still isn’t here and says, “I have the fire out!” He looked so relieved but was still wanting water. He brings me outside to see the hole in the wall. Then he comes into the house and wants the cell phone. Now, we are running around the house yelling at each other about a phone.



“WELL, IT ISN’T ON THE TABLE! WHERE IS IT? IT DIDN’T JUST GROW LEGS!” he is such a pain in the ass sometimes.



Do you ever want to smack someone? Do you know how close he came to being murdered?

Finally, as I was walking behind him, I spot the elusive cell phone on the filing cabinet. He grabs the phone and goes outside. I look out the window because I swear I hear something, and there is a fire truck coming up the driveway. It has been about twenty minutes since I called them. I think we could land a man on mars by the time some of our responders get to the location. Good thing Dave was already on the scene and got it out. The firemen, have axes and they spray more water on the hole in the wall. Bella gets more pitchers of water for the firemen to throw on the wall. They check it with some special heat thingamajob. Then they talk to Dave and leave.

And all this took about an hour out of my day. There is more to my day like the fact I had to calm down and as I was trying to by talking to my sister, my other sister calls. Mom was bleeding and needed to go to the hospital. Mom is stubborn and wouldn’t go so I have no idea how serious that is. But I was so hoping my sister’s conversation would calm me down but when the only phone you have doesn’t work well in these conditions, sadly, it is a bunch of, “I can’t hear you. Can you repeat that? What did you say?” Which does nothing for the nerves.

By the way, my house still smells like burnt wood. Which is how my day started.

A little Shamrock Coffee on a Nothing Friday!

Have you tried the new shamrock mocha at McDonald’s? I do recommend them! Oh so yummy! McDonald’s has been stealing coffee ideas from me again. They even put sprinkles on top of the whipped cream.

As you know, I have been trying my had at crochet. I took home ec in school. Yes, I am that old. LOL. We learned crochet and knitting as well as setting the table correctly for any occasion. So much to learn in a home ec class. We did a ton of different daily activities like budgeting for a party, cooking, cleaning, creating different items from flower arrangements to crocheting rabbits. I remember making these long rabbits in the same amigurumi style. We called them stringbean bunnies. They were made like giant dolls with ears. I will have to go through the archives of photos from the day and see if I can find one with our bunnies. Several parents bought them for their children for Easter. They were the coolest bunnies. If I can remember how to make them, I will get them up and show you all, but mainly, they are done just like any doll.

I have been on you tube learning from people as well. As you all recall my scary chicken from just looking at various pictures. As I watch these videos, I keep remembering my bunny and the bunnies I made. I keep searching my mind for that pattern. So many of these patterns are similar. Like I noticed, if you can crochet a mushroom, you can make a cupcake, an octopus, and several other items just out of a mushroom. Me, I like to just keep on crocheting in a round circle. No stopping. Just keep on going. I don’t even count half the time. I have been watching these other crocheters because I always have issues in increasing. I don’t keep it even, but thanks to all of them, I think I figured it out. Decreasing to me was always skipping a stitch, but there are some who do it like a half double crochet between the two stitches.

Anyway, I did stop on a you tube site and tried her bunnies. I don’t think my bunny turned out that great. LOL. And then I decided I would try her egg and chick. Yeah, my egg looks like a clam shell and not an egg. She has a blog as well with the pattern on it. She is known as Happy Berry Crochet and the you tube site. Anyway, here is the rabbit and chicken I tried from her site:


The finished bunny



She doesn’t stuff her ears but I stuffed mine



What my bunny looks like from behind



The other ear.



A better view of the front of my bunny



I think my deformed chicken is trying to kill my bunny



I had to make the chicken twice. The first one didn’t turn out correctly.



The first one I made, I sewed the wings completely down and he looks like Princess Leia’s head.



Help! I’m stuck in a clam!



I so need to hatch from this clam!



Am I out yet?



Here I am! Man, is that snow?



I think with that weather you are having, I will stay in my clam.


She makes heart bracelets. I was looking at those and started digging through pictures. We made those in home ec as well. We made a ton of heart stuff in February. We made heart scarves, heart necklaces, heart cookies, heart cakes, heart hats, heart mittens, heart bears, and anything else our teacher could think of. We even had a special Valentine’s Day party we had to set the table for. Seeing some of these items just brings back a flood of memories from my childhood. From the Aqua Net to the music. It brings back something to make me smile. I wish my kids could experience school like I had. Today we have too much common core and not enough learning about life. Home ec taught us plenty that we can use today. I am so grateful I got that experience!

Well, back to facing the snow. I can’t wait for better weather. I love the U.P., but I do hate the snow. Did you hear we are going to have another ice age? I so want a tropical age! When do I get my tropical age! Do let me know what you think of my creations! As scary as they are. Keep warm my friends. And please, drive safely out there.


Watch out! I’m coming to get you!


A little Nothing about Sunday!


Good MORNING to you all! Sorry I haven’t been getting those words onto the blog in a while. I know you are all waiting for the next Miss Nose story and I have been busy with other activities. Being involved means I can’t express myself or learn new and exciting words adding to my vocabulary.  But I did learn a new one recently!

I love to write or crochet in my down time. It all depends upon my hands and if they are hurting after working on everyone. Massage is not an easy career path. If you don’t take care of yourself, kiss your career good bye. Carpal tunnel is the major reason most end their massage career as is back issues and tenosynovitis. This is because massage schools only give you 500 hours of training and don’t teach proper body mechanics. They don’t teach students the proper exercises to strengthen their body nor do they teach students to use heat and ice after their day. I am very lucky. I went through a program that took 2 years of my life but I learned massage therapy the correct way. They taught us proper body mechanics, how to treat injuries, and how to limit ourselves so we could have a very long career. I am forever grateful to them and the City of Colorado Springs for demanding such a course. I digress. Time to the real reason I am typing this blog post.  I learned something new recently.

As you all know, my friend Alice’s cat Smokey needed surgery for cancer. She still needs funds to help pay for the vet costs, Smokey’s meds, and other items like changing the bandages. He is learning to walk on 3 legs. He is sore. Poor kitty is fighting for his life. I have been crocheting in my off hours to try and raise money to send to Alice for Smokey. In the U.P., it appears everyone crochets or knits and no one wants to buy what you have created. Washcloths, blankets, hats, mittens, slippers, and scarfs. I created a ton of each and no one wanted them. I ended up giving them away to relatives. But this just made me more determined to look into something that no one is creating here and I realized what it was, it isn’t baby items either, it is amigurumi! That is right. My new word now placed in my vocabulary is amigurumi!

What is amigurumi? I actually stumbled upon it when I was looking for slipper patterns. The slippers I make are in an amigurumi style.



Amigurumi’s definition is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed animals, creatures, or dolls! It got this reference from several dictionaries and books I read in the library. One book I read, and I forgot the name of it, said they are dolls with oversized heads. After reading the books, I headed to the internet and saw several pieces of others work. Amazing. My first chicken didn’t come out right. I am still trying to figure it out. But by looking at them, I realized they were balls. I have accidentally made balls when trying to make hats! Then there is the idea of trying to clone what others have done for beaks, feet, ears, eyes, and such. Not easy. I saw one person’s blog on a rabbit, her suggestion safety eyes. Safety eyes are for dolls which makes sense.

I tried to crochet eyes on him and they didn’t turn out right at all.

My first attempt at creating a chicken didn’t turn out like I had hoped. I think I need to get to some you tube videos and see if they can help me make the small parts. If I find one that is really good at making these small parts, I will share that person in a future blog! I didn’t have doll eyes so I tried my hand at crocheting the eyes on. My chicken is a bit funky and slightly scary. A bit deformed too. I think I used too large of a hook since he came out the size of my coffee cup.

The chicken ended up bigger than I thought.

Since this is the one type of item I am not seeing people create here in the U.P., I decided I may have a great chance of now getting some money to help Smokey. I have another friend as well, she runs a rescue and sure could use help in feeding those cats. I am still trapping ferals in Cornell so they can get spade and neutered. Nothing worse than having babies to worry about when you are homeless.

the backside of my chicken. Maybe this should have been the front.

Let me know what you think! I think I found something I really enjoy. I will bring you more amigurumi blogs as I create them!

Hi, I am here for morning coffee!


Will you be my friend? BOO!


See I told you he is scary!

A little diddly about Nothing


I know I promised a creepy pasta for October based on a true UP incidence but I can’t make it work right now. I have rewritten it so many times it isn’t funny.I am trying to figure out how to tell the story. Do I start it in the future recalling the past? Do I start it in the past with a main character telling the story? You see, I have done so many different ways with this story and I can’t decide.  But once I do, you will get that story.

On other story news, I am still working on 3 Miss Nose stories. A couple of them are very long. One is already 20 pages and going, I mean growing. I have an outline for the story and I just keep adding to the details. That story will be a stand alone story away from the Evil Joe Files.

I know, you are all sitting here waiting anxiously for me to belt out the next tale. It is coming. Until then, I will try to remember to keep you updated with something. I have another blog as well. I am doing a 40 day Violet Flame challenge on there. Look for that! It started on the 30th of October.

Keep on reading!

Miss Nose & Nancy


Blessed Wednesday of Nothingville


Miss Nose and I want to wish you a happy Wednesday. The creepy pasta we are working on for October’s Halloween time is about 1800’s Fayette where we have the ghost town and Garden Michigan. We had some savory people then and I am just gonna make up names but use the true tale. I hope you will all enjoy it.

I am still working on my #shapingyourstory of the Stalking of Katie. I hope to have that ready for Halloween time as well. I hope you will all enjoy it. I am hoping to have all the stories ready for you for this brand new month.

I pray your blessings are many!



Happy Caturday! A Nothing Note!

It has been a month since I posted anything. I really should start posting daily even if it is some goofy picture so you can keep coming back. I sit here with my coffee filled with french vanilla creamer taking a break from writing two Miss Nose stories and a possible creepy pasta for October. I have also been working on my Ackerman Lake Murders and I am thinking about changing it completely.

I am baking up Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies. Joe loves them. They are healthy, I know, but that is good for the parrots. They can’t have some of the stuff I do. It does another thing as well, stops cravings for unhealthy cookies. lol.


I have been going to people’s houses for massage. It isn’t the same as having an office but it does make it nicer for the client. I am looking at finding some new modalities to add for my mobile business. I am looking for a drivable RV to turn into a mobile office.

School has started and I haven’t had a day home. It has been doctors and other running. Been so crazy. Both my girls came down with the common cold and guess who they gave it to, ME! So I have been battling that. We had to pick up my oldest daughter’s violin from Jim’s today. The neck had separated from the body and it cost us $60 to fix. She is so happy that it is back. All I have been hearing since we came home is her playing.

Happy Autumn Equinox to everyone. It is fall and harvesting time. All the farmers around me and I have been getting ready for winter. Canning, picking, cleaning barns & coops, & putting stuff inside so it isn’t left outside during this time.  Mitch, a local farmer, who lives on St. Nicholas Road, is selling vegetables he has grown to anyone wanting them. If you are interested, give him a call. He has tomatoes for .75 cents a pound. Can’t beet that! Get it beet instead of beat! lol. Farm humor.

A Friday Edition of The Nothing Files

AHA! I have something new. I am going to go through and tag all my old nothing days with The Nothing Files as well and maybe make it a category.

Some updates.

I started the four week program for shaping your story. I am working on my old piece called The Stalking of Katie. I had put up parts  one and two. I have a third part but never put that on. I am reworking it and when I have it as a complete story, I will post it for you all to read.

I started using story boards for my creations recently. So far, I am not sure this helps me much. It kinda crimps my creativity some since I keep thinking I need to follow it. I have to constantly remind myself that it isn’t written in stone and I can change my mind whenever I please.

I am starting to like my new home in Rock. I miss Cornell. I loved my old house, but now that more and more of my stuff is getting put away, I am enjoying my new one. The chickens seem to like it. The road isn’t as heavily trafficked either. Which is better for our furbabies or featherbabies. I have five apple trees and the apples should be ready soon I hope. This means CANNING! Yes, applesauce, apple jelly, apple slices canned in filling for apple pie, and anything else I can find to do with five trees worth of apples.

I do think I have a predator. I have had some chickens and eggs disappear. Some of my cats are gone. I am worried about them all.

Wednesday, my mom was here. She went to lie down and all of a sudden, the crows and blue jays started freaking out. I wondered out and discovered patches and patches of raspberry plants. These aren’t big since they are wild, but tons of them. Just tons. Then I saw something running away. No idea if it is a human, deer, or bigfoot. It was the size of a human. I shouted, “Who is there!?” The creature disappeared. Weird, eh? I have been smelling what I would say is the smell of death. It isn’t all the time but like brief and at different times. I have no idea if it is a weed, a human out hunting and carrying around their kill, or what it is. I just get it and then it is gone. It concerns me especially since I am missing chickens and cats. The dogs start going off too when I smell it and Tillie will make her very short hair on her black lab body stand right up. She growls and barks. Not sure if she is sensing a deer, a coyote, or what. Could be a wolf or eagle even. I don’t know but she doesn’t want it around. Ryder, our beagle/basset hound, has been picking up scents in the yard and trying to follow them. He runs into the woods and you can hear his basset hound bark for miles. Then he comes back. I have no idea what he is chasing but it worries me.

Anyway, I have to get back to fixing the nothing posts. I am going to change the category and make it something else. Always good to periodically go through your blog and look at how to make it better!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Til the next Nothing File!