Ghost Stalker

I have a group on facebook. This is a flash fiction story for that group. Ghastly Grimoires.

My name is Radkim Heikkinen. I am now amongst the walking dead. I am some sort of ghost detective. I have no idea what I am to be honest. But let me tell you a bit about my story.

I was a detective with the major case squad. I was great at my job until one night it all came to a screeching halt. I was with my partner investigating a robbery that ended in murder. Little did we know the suspect was lying in wait for us. I came around that corner and that was the last thing I remember.

When I went to my funeral, I found out how I was shot. Thanks to my partner Pat. He told everyone how I took a bullet through my eye. Doesn’t surprise me that I didn’t even feel it. I had been shot before in Desert Storm. He told them all how he stayed with me and got blood on his best suit. I kept telling him not to wear that thing when we were looking for someone. I told him to save it for court. He never listened to me.

Jake came to me after and told me he was my guide to the heavens. I wanted no part of that. He told me if I didn’t come with him, I would be stuck here on the Earth to roam. He told me no one would see me or even know I was there. But I had a suspect to catch. I need to finish this.

Jake didn’t understand this at all. He left me with a phone number to call when I was ready. Who knew heaven had a fucking phone? I walked away from Jake and the light. I turned to the darkness to be seen. I turned into a ghost stalker.

I found my partner Pat with his new partner Jane. What a name, Jane. Who would ever name their little girl that, I don’t know? Jane has long blond hair and the most dazzling baby blues. She has legs up to her ears. She is young.

I wonder if I looked that young when I started major crimes? But I digress. You get that way when you die. Your mind seems to endlessly wander until you can pull yourself back to a thought process. Today the help there was Jane and her coffee.

Jane and Pat are on a new case but it involves the one I was just murdered in as well. The guy got away when Pat stopped to call for backup and an ambulance. I guess you could say he was a true friend. He never left my side. Now the guy is still on the loose and we need to find him.

I left Jane and Pat there at the desk. I saw a picture of the new spot he hit. This time he killed three innocent customers along with the clerk. This guy needs to die. He should have died before me. No one needs someone like this on the planet. All he does is rob and kill. What is the point to him breathing?

I found him! He is here robbing again. I decided to jam the gun with my finger. That worked. The look at this chaps face as he pulls the trigger and it doesn’t fire. I moved my finger slightly and the bullet came out the wrong end. It twisted a bit to his shoulder but I think he has the point now.

That is a good criminal! Turn and run like a coward! Oh and don’t forget to leave that blood trail for my partner! Good boy! Good BOY!

Now Pat should be able to identify you. All they need to do is call in the geek squad. Those guys will take their little cotton swabs and voila, you are known.

Come on clerk. Dial that phone. Call in the cops. Move it. COME ON! I don’t know why he isn’t moving? Guess I need to make him move. So I scream and a jar on a shelf next him breaks. The clerk jumps. He grabs the phone and dials the police.

That is a good clerk. Get my old partner, Pat, and his new partner, Jane, down here. Get them to bring the geek squad with them.

I stand outside waiting for my partner to come. I found myself smoking a cigarette while waiting. Weird being dead and still having my horrible habits. No idea where this came from, but I sure do love it. I notice my foot is up on the wall. I seem to have all my usual habits. I guess you stay who you are even in death.

Being dead is like living in a different dimension. This is one of the most awesome things I have ever accomplished. I don’t have to worry about that body getting hurt anymore. I now can freely take care of problems without stress.

There they are. Finally coming to the rescue. Late to the party as usual, Pat. I swear he will be late for his own funeral.

All cars come to a screeching halt. Tires smoking from each car, doors flying open in haste, people jumping out of them, grabbing their weapons from their sides, and running right up to the door of the establishment. It looks like some sort of Quentin Tarantino movie.

One of the patrol officers grabs the handle of the door and pulls it open like he is John Wayne in some cowboy movie and sticks his 9mm through the door first. Great way to get it taken from you, if you ask me. In they all move in a military formation. Ready to take down anything that moves.

Finding nothing but the clerk, they look surprised he isn’t standing here. Thanks for mucking up the blood, airheads. The clerk shows them the blood they stepped in, with the very nice trail, thank you very much, You see the bright ideas in their heads as they check their shoes. That’s right, call for the geek squad now. Can’t wait for the head sup of their division see you stepped in their blood. CONTAMINATION, dumbasses.

Come on, where is Pat and Jane? Oh there they are, talking outside to people and not in here working. Time to kick Pat in the ass. I kick the door and it opened nicely. I laugh, though no one can hear me, as it hits Pat in the back of his head.

Pat turns around to look at the door. It is great watching him look around, seeing no one who could’ve opened it hard enough to hit his head with it. Watching him rub the back of his head while looking inside the store is a wonderful feeling to me.

At least I got his attention enough to notice the blood. I watch as Pat sees the blood and follows it with his eyes outside. Following the blood trail, Pat grabs a flashlight from a patrol officer standing by. Keep walking Pat, you will find the bastard.

I keep up with Pat while he is on the trail to the suspect. I will do what I can to warn him before he is like me. Around the corner you see no more blood. What the hell! It is just stops right here? Come on now. Pat looks toward the curb. Oh, yeah, now it’s coming back. I bet he got into a vehicle and looky there, we have a camera.

I hear Pat on the radio telling dispatch to get the camera footage. He tells Julia to have the forensic unit find that plate number. Soon we will know who this guy is, if that is, the car isn’t stolen. That is always a possibility in these cases.

Pat and I always had a saying about criminals. They are like flies. Annoying as hell and hard to catch. But just like a fly, a criminal when whacked will die. Sometimes you need a fly swatter, other times you need fly spray. Either way you catch the little bugger and get it out of your hair.

I walk with Pat back to the store. Pat walks into the establishment and looks around. That’s it buddy. Find those cameras. Seeing one, he approaches the clerk and asks about seeing the tape. The clerk takes Pat into the back.

He pulls up the video. Pat watches it, as he does, he peers closely, rewinds, and there you see me. I am nothing more than a mist of fog, but you can see me. Pat keeps watching. I see he is trying to make out the face, but it is hard when the camera is in a downward slant. Unless the guy looks up and to the camera, seeing the face is always a challenge.

Pat tells the clerk he wants the tape this is on. He calls in the forensics person. I wait. Then I see who comes through the door. It is Beth. She is our best as far as I am concerned. This gal knows her stuff. She runs around telling everyone she is a real life Sara Sidle, but I tell her she is more Catherine Willows than Sara Sidle.

Pat takes a look at her as a patrol officer leads her into the office of the establishment. How nice! She did the smokey eye and found a dark purple lipstick. With her long dark hair and green eyes, this looks amazing. Pat always did have the hots for her.

It takes him a moment to compose himself after seeing Beth walk in. Beth gets straight to work getting the tape made from the computer it is on. Since she is on it, she helps herself to a few more files as evidence. I know what is going on in her mind. Possible inside job maybe. Could be. I had thought of that just before I died.

The night I died, I conveyed to Pat that we should check out who owned the buildings, who owned the stores, and see if there was any connection even a geographical one. My gut said something connected each place. Even if it was the same delivery man. There is something. I just know it. A reason each of these spots are being hit.

Looks like dear Beth thinks like I do. I wonder if I can get her a message somehow to really look at all this evidence in my head. Maybe if I try hard I can make myself appear to her in a dream or write a message on the computer. I have to figure this out.

I see Pat turn to leave and decide to follow him out. Let’s see where his gut takes him next.

Pat stands by the office door watching the geek squad taking samples of the blood. One found the bullet. I wonder if my print is on that thing? I wonder if ghosts have finger prints? The squad is taking pictures of the scene and casting impressions of the cops shoes that ran through it. Some cops are morons.

Pat stands here watching everything so intently. I never noticed this before. Did you always stand there looking like this? Funny how things appear differently when you are dead and an observer compared to being alive and doing.

Pat’s eyes are moving from one end of the room to the other. I am not sure what he is thinking. Finally, he starts moving toward the geeks.

I see Jane over there by the door. She looks uncomfortable. I see Pat walking toward Jane. I watch him as he looks at her. Come on Pat, train her. I know a new partner is hard but she needs someone to mentor her. Tell her what to do. Little sticky notes of reminders to help her solve cases.

She looks lost. I wonder what her last gig was in the police department. She seems uncomfortable even around the patrol officers. Most who come from the patrol division still behave like patrol officers. She behaves like she has never seen a crime before in her life. Makes me wonder if she was in the records department or even dispatch.

The most powerful time an old detective has on a rookie is when the rookie is a rookie. The newby needs guidance. Pat is just standing there looking at Jane. Maybe I need to make another disturbance so he gets the hint. Take her by the hand and show her how to be great.

Pat just stands there and finally asks Jane if she talked to anyone. Of course, she says no. What rookie would say yes? This is her first crime. She has no idea how to solve crime. Pat is the veteran here. Pat needs to be the teacher. Come on Pat, teach.

I have no idea what happened next. I was pulled to another location by forces beyond my control. Back to the robber/murderer. Lovely. I wonder if Captain Kirk felt like this when he was beamed away by Scotty?

Here he lies on a kitchen table with some guy with crazy magnifying glasses on using tweezers and a knife. Boy, you are stupid. Go to a damn hospital and have it done correctly before gangrene sets in. I guess stupid really does what stupid does.

Blood is dripping off the table and onto the floor. This is gonna be great. This guy is just gonna die for us. Feeling a little light-headed are we?

I sit there and watch this make shift emergency operation in a filthy kitchen. Cockroaches are walking all over this guy.

I find myself sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette. I guess old habits don’t die at all. I wish I had a beer when I find myself drinking one. Well, isn’t this convenient? I roll my eyes as I watch this show. Man, I really should’ve written a book while I was alive on the criminal stupidity mind. I bet it would’ve been a best seller.

I hope by now Pat has his head on straight and is teaching Jane some great work. But apparently I can’t will myself back to him. Instead, I get to watch this show.

This so-called doctor just told some broad to go to the butcher on the corner to get some pig blood. Nice. Dude, he is putting pig blood into you. I laugh out loud since neither of these idiots can hear me anyway.

How comical is it to watch someone giving some nutjob pig’s blood. Dude, you are so gonna die. Oh looky there, the light has returned. Even in death this guy is oblivious to me sitting here. That’s right run along into the light with Jake.

I wave hi to Jake. Jake shakes his head at me and walks this dumbass into the light. What a fool. Hospitals are the best place to be treated even if the cops show up. At least you are alive.

I am pulled back to Pat and Jane. They are now at the office. I wonder how to get a message to them that this guy is deceased? The answer comes in a phone call from a dispatcher. Seems the make-believe doctor put the dumbasses body on a bench waiting for the bus.

Now Pat will put two and two together. This will be case closed but my gut says otherwise. I still think this guy was way to dumb to pull this off by himself. Someone else will pick up where he left off. Mark my words.

But for now it is case closed.

The Mean Neighbor


I survived being eaten by a monster during our summer vacation from school. The monster lives three doors down from Grandma. I really thought I was lunch for sure! You see, it happened like this:

Dick, Maggie, and I were all out front of Grandma’s house playing stickball when I hit the home run. The only thing is, I made the ball fly high and it ended up in old man Garrett’s window. Mr.Garrett is an evil old man who lives on our block. We are always told by adults to stay away from him. He is some sort of war hero and respect but he is mean and cranky. We played rock-paper-scissors to see who would go to the house and retrieve our ball. Maggie had rock, Dick had rock, and I picked scissors. I lost and was nervous going to the house.

Mr. Garrett lives three doors down from Grandma. You would never know how my feet had lead in them as I was heading to his house. All I kept thinking about was the stories I have been told about him. Did you know he eats children? I didn’t want to find out if that was even true. I kept looking behind me hoping Dick and Maggie would come running up and say, “we will go with you” but they never did. They stood there frozen like popsicles to first base watching me drag my feet all the way to his door.

I finally got to his big, red door. Why his door is red we don’t really know? We think it is stained with the blood of his victims. I told you he eats children, right? Grandma tells me he will eat me for breakfast every time I am bad.

I found myself in his yard. I took a deep breath and decided to run around his house a bit and see if I could find the ball. I went through the gate, looked quickly to both sides of the front lawn, ran to the right side of the house, through the backyard, zigzagging around it looking, and then to the left side of the house, The ball of course, was not in the yard. Ain’t that all a hoot!

I had no choice but to look up and I saw the attic window broken. I know Grandma will want me to take responsibility and will call Dick and Maggie’s parent to help pay for it, but I have to give him the information and retrieve our ball. I walked up the three front porch steps, saw the door bell, and pushed it.

The bell rang loudly inside and I could hear Mr. Garrett coming to the door. He was screaming, “Hold on to your damn britches. I am coming.” I did tell you he was mean, cranky, and ate children, I did, right? My heart started beating wildly in my chest. I could really feel it. My heart wanted to jump out of my chest and run away from Mr. Garrett as much I did.

Mr. Garrett opened the door. He looked puzzled at first until he looked down and saw me, his next meal! I gulped. “Well what do you want?” he screamed at me.

“Our ball hit your window and we would like it back. I can give you Grandma’s number and we will pay for the window.” I said softly barely getting it out.

“What’s that?” he said. “You need to speak up. I can’t hear mumbling.” He peered at me like a hawk eyeing the mouse on the ground.

I repeated what I said. I am not sure if it came out exactly the same. I actually had to repeat it twice before he caught on. Finally he squinted his eyes at me and shoved me from the doorway. He walked down the three steps and looked up. His face got really red and he stomped up the stairs and back into his house screaming about today’s society of children and words no one should ever hear or say. He came back to the door with my ball and said, “You will get this back when your Grandma calls me to arrange payment for my window.” I blinked and said, “ok.” I turned and walked toward the gate. Once I reached the gate, I hurriedly opened it and ran. I ran like I was being chased by a giant T-Rex. I couldn’t wait to get back to Dick and Maggie.

I had to go tell Grandma. She wasn’t very happy with the three of us nor with Mr. Garrett. She called Dick’s mom and then Maggie’s. The three of them met up and went to Mr. Garrett’s home. They came back with our ball.

And that is how I survived being eaten by the monster who lived three doors down from Grandma.

Memoir of Lillian Sarah Beseau

The brisk, cold air of winter filled my lungs as I walked out of the door into some freedom for the day. I got up early so all my chores would be done by 8 am. I promised my best friend Gertie I would be at the ice rink early today. My mother wasn’t going to allow me to leave but my dad got between us and said I could go.
I dressed warmly since last night we ended up with over 6 inches of fresh snow. I throw my ice skates over my shoulder and walk out our front door into the icy winter air. The ice rink is over a mile from my house maybe even two miles. It is a long walk to get there but so worth it.
I think of skating all the way to the rink. I love to twirl and twirl in circles. I love to hold my leg straight out and spin around the ice. We all show off our moves out there. I secretly hope a boy I like will be there so I can ice dance with him again. Waltzing on ice is not as easy as some think.
It is cold walking to the rink but I love looking at the way ice forms on the trees. It is so pretty. It looks like a Christmas card. The brilliance of the ice and the shapes it creates on the branches are like fancy art. I like seeing my breath coming out of my mouth like smoke. It is so cold my breath is freezing on my walk to the ice rink. I can’t wait to see Gertie. I can’t wait to talk to her.
I finally arrive. It has been a long walk. I sit on a snow bank and remove my warm boots. Good thing I have wool socks. I put on my ice skates and lace them up high. You need to make sure your laces are tight before you get on the rink. I notice Gertie talking to a boy.
She turns around and then notices me lacing up my skate. “Come on. Let’s go. You are so slow today.” she says to me with that smile of hers. “I’m getting it. Hold on.” I get it laced up tight and out to the ice I go. Gertie and I skate around the rink, hold hands, and spin. It is so much fun. We twirl in circles going faster and faster on one foot. It is like ballet dancing and we both pretend we are ballerinas.
Then Gertie looks to the side of the rink. “Oh no Lil. You are never going to believe who showed up.” “Who?” “Don’t look.” “Who?” I said getting angrier. ” Oh my, it is Elmer Walsh and his big bear coat.” Gertie starts laughing up a storm. She knows how much Elmer likes me and I like Elmer but I sure don’t want to date him. He always looks funny in his big bear coat and he stutters when he talks. Not saying he isn’t a nice guy but not really my type.
He sees me and skates over to Gertie and I. “Hello Lil. Enjoying sk-sk-skating?” He stutters everything. Gertie and I roll our eyes and giggle. “Yes Elmer we are enjoying skating.” Gertie and I take off on him and skate around the rink several more times. Elmer goes off and talks to other girls. There are a couple of girls who really like him and think he is the greatest, but not me.
Gertie and I both have afternoon chores waiting for us and supper soon. We go over to the snow bank and remove our skates. “Well, maybe I will see you tomorrow.” Gertie says to me. “Maybe. But It won’t be this early. I know my mother will have extra chores for me. My dad step in and she hates it when he does. That means I will have more to do tonight when I get home and tomorrow.” “I hope to see you anyway, Lil.” she says. We walk up to where we have to split to go home, hug, and say our goodbyes.
I take in all the winter beauty as I continue my walk home alone. I dread getting there. I day dream about all the fun I had at the ice rink today. I dream about doing the perfect spin. I dream that I am a ballerina on ice and I have an audience applauding me.  I know mother will have a ton of work for me to do immediately. I will have to get supper on the table because I know mother will be extremely mad. At least for a few hours, I was able to be a free woman with no work.

The Stalking of Katie Part 2

Author’s note: This isn’t quite where I want it yet. I wish I had more time to get it where I like it. Here is part 2 anyway. Everyone has been waiting for it. This is a redo of the original. It is as close as I can remember it being. There are some paragraphs that were detail that I can ‘t remember word for word what I wrote.


Katie walks from the front door and looks at the clock. 9:32. She soon hears light rain coming down on the windows. It is just a sprinkle.  Katie hears a knock on the door. She looks out the window carefully. She sees her friend Jessica. She has an umbrella in her hands. Katie opens the door and exclaims, “Jessica! Am I glad to see you!”

Jessica lives one block away from the Miller’s. She is eager to get in out of the cold and rain.

“Dani called me. She said you were scared and someone is calling you?”

“Yes. It is strange. He just says strange things.”

“Katie, are you sure? You are always so dramatic.”

“Yes I am sure.” Katie snaps at Jess. Jessica’s face turns sour and Katie states, “Sorry Jess. I didn’t mean to snap but it is stressful.’

Katie is grateful for the distraction Jessica gives her. Taking Jessica with her to the kitchen Katie grabs two Wild Cherry Pepsi cans. They stay in the kitchen for a bit to talk. They sit at the island on the bar stools and sway them back and forth as they chit chat and drink the Wild Cherry. Katie starts to settle down and even starts laughing.  They then head back to the living room to sit in front of the computer. They start chatting with Dani again on SocialCard.

At 9:45, the phone rings. Katie looks apprehensive, but is relieved to find it is Mr. Miller’s boss again.

“What time did they leave?” he asks Katie.

“Just before nine.” Katie tells him.

“Well it shouldn’t take them this long to get here.” He hangs up on Katie.

She stares at the phone with a look of puzzlement on her face. Katie isn’t sure how to take this information.

“What is the matter?” asks Jessica reading Katie’s face.

“The Miller’s still haven’t arrived at their party.”

“Maybe they are caught in traffic somewhere.”

“Yeah. That could be it.” But Katie wasn’t convinced and fear was settling in.

Jessica looks at Katie’s face and sees it turn pale. Jessica knows she has to use logic to get Katie back to reality. It is going to take some quick thinking to get Katie from worrying about nothing.

“Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Sure.”

“Katie. Earth to Katie. I think I am going to start calling parents. You don’t look so good.”

“I am fine.” Katie looks at Jessica. But Jess can see the fear in her eyes. She can see Katie shaking.

“What do you think has happened to them? I am sure they are fine and stuck in traffic.”

“I guess you are right. Maybe they stopped off somewhere to pick something up. Maybe they planned something before the big event. I am so grateful though that the kids are asleep in their beds and I just have to sit here.”

“That’s the spirit. It is good to just sit here and talk to Dani and me.”

“Yes it is. Have you tried that new game on SocialCard? The one where you have to milk a ton of cows and fast.”


“Wanna try on mine?”

“Yeah. I think it may be a lame game.”

“It seems that way until the levels start getting harder and you have to milk more cows faster. They pile up and crash. That is when you lose.”

Katie and Jessica sat down and started playing the Milk A Cow game. They were so into it that they both startled when they heard……


“What was that?” Jessica could barely speak.

“I don’t know.” Katie replied.

Just then Marilyn the Miller’s Golden Retriever came running into the living room. Marilyn is wet from the storm and looks scared.  She runs up to Katie and Jessica. Just as she reaches the two of them she stops and shakes all the water off. It lands on the girls and the computer.  Both girls scream at the dog, “MARILYN STOP! YOU ARE GETTING US WET!” Marilyn stops but decides to shake one more time.

“Oh my, Marilyn! What did you get into?” Katie scolded the dog. “You wanna come with me to see?” she asked Jessica.

“Sure. Why not. My heart needs to slow down.”

They both laughed as they head toward the area where the dog came running.

“The Millers have a doggie door on the backdoor of the house. It is near the laundry room.”

“I bet that stupid dog hit the dryer on his way in.” said Jessica.

Jessica and Katie went past the kitchen and toward the garage. The back door was just right there.  They turned on the light and took a look around the room. Nothing.

“Well, I don’t see a mess. I guess we can go back to SocialCard.” Katie told Jessica

“Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.” Jessica replied back.

They walked by the kitchen and then Jessica said, “Are you hungry? I could munch on something.”

“I am actually. And the Millers have pizza sitting out. Let’s have some of that.”

“That sounds good.”

Jessica and Katie grab paper plates and slices of pizza. They warm them up in the microwave. They then grab cans of Wild Cherry Pepsi and head back to the living room for another round of SocialCard and talking to Dani. As they do, they start to hear the thunder roll in.  Katie is forgetting all about the phone calls and notices the clock says 10:10 pm. She still has two hours of babysitting left to do. Then the phone rings. Katie answers. “Hello.”

“Hello Katie is Jessica with you.”

“Yes she is Mrs. McDonnell. Would you like to speak with her?”

“Yes please.”

“Ok. Here she is.”

Katie hands Jessica the phone.

“Ok mom. I will.”

Just then they hear a beep.

“He is out there right now mom. I am heading home.”

Jessica hangs up the phone, looks at Katie, and says, “My brother was on his way home from a game and mom asked him to grab me. I have to leave now.”

“Ok. Thanks for coming over and staying with me.”

“You are so welcome. It was fun. See you tomorrow at school.”


Katie walks Jessica to the door and watches as she gets in the car. The car speeds off and Katie shakes her head. She watches as the rain slows a bit and hits the sidewalk. She looks at the puddles and thinks about jumping in them like she did when she was eight. She was just getting lost in nostalgia when the phone rings again. The voice on the other end is Jessica’s.

“Katie. He has me. Get out of the house and run. Call the police.”

“Jessica this isn’t funny.”

“Neither is this.” says a creepy voice from the other end. “Go ahead. Call the cops. They won’t find her and you are next.”

Katie hears a knock at the door. Her heart starts beating fast. Her breathing gets harder.  She walks  over to the door slowly with the phone still in her hand. She peers out the window and sees Jessica’s brother Eric. She opens the door and starts talking to Eric.

“Eric. Am I glad to see you.”

“I am here to get Jess. Where is she?”

“Something horrible has happened.”

“What do you mean Katie?”

“I just got a phone call from her. She got into a car. We thought it was you. She hung up with your mom after the horn blew outside.  I just got a call. He has Jessica.”

“Who has Jessica?”

“I don’t know. He has called a few times tonight.”

“Let me in. I need to call my mom. We need the police or someone. Maybe my mom can call my dad. We need help if what you’re saying is true. My sister has been kidnapped.”

Katie moved and Eric walked past her. Her nerves are shot and she is looking around at nothing not able to even think when suddenly she looks at her hands and says,  “Wait. Eric. I have the phone.” She hands him the phone and he calls his mom. He explains to her what Katie just said. “I was on the phone with her when she said you were there.” his mom said. “How could it not have been you?”

“I don’t know mom. I just know I just got here and she is gone. Katie said she got a call. Hold on mom there is a beep.” Eric hits the send button on the phone to answer the other call. “Hello.”

“Eric. Please help me.” He hears Jessica sobbing and it starts sounding further away. “Hello, Eric. Is Katie there?” says a voice on the other end.

“Yes she is. Who are you? Where is my sister? If you hurt her I will beat the shit out of you!”

“Just give the phone to Katie.” snaps the voice.

Katie looks at the clock, 10:35 pm. Eric hands her the phone. “Hello.” Katie says with apprehension.

“Nice to hear your voice again Katie” the voice on the other end sounded like he was smiling. Katie shudders.

“What do you want?”


“You can’t have me. Let Jessica go.”

“Not until I have you.” The voice hangs up the phone. Katie gives the phone back to Eric.  She turns around so Eric can’t see her cry. She feels helpless and her anxiety is flowing. Katie wishes her parents were at the house to help her. She wants her mom.

Mrs. McDonnell didn’t know quite what to do except call her husband at work. Lieutenant McDonnell operates the major crimes division at the local precinct. She tells him what Eric told her. She knows it sounds weird but it is all she knows for now. Lieutenant McDonnell decides he needs to send patrol officers and one of his finest detectives to the Miller’s home to question Eric and Katie.  He knows just the one to send. He is a rookie and really doesn’t know the lieutenant’s children which is a good thing as far as he is concerned. He needs someone who won’t be taking it personally.

Detective Anthony Pariseau is summoned into his superior officer’s office. “Detective, we have a situation. For me it is personal and I have to step back. I need the best on this.”

“Yes sir. What has happened? You say it is personal so what can I do?”

“My daughter was kidnapped and I need someone to take control and find her.”

“You’ve got it Lieutenant. ”

Anthony heads to his desk. grabs his gun, badge, and notebook. He talks a couple extra pens with him as well. You never know when you will need to edit something. He grabs his tape recorder so he can record the conversations. This will help in court if he has to edit his report. He stops for just a moment to think about anything else he may need then turns and walks down the stairs to the clerk. He has to check out a car. He gets the keys and heads to the parking garage.

Detective Pariseau is driving to the Miller’s as the rain starts. It is pouring in spots and just drizzling in others. The wipers swish back and forth as he sits in the car thinking.  He was wondering why the Lieutenant decided to have him investigate. Anthony is the youngest person on the squad. He does have degrees the others don’t but that is to be expected with every new generation coming in. The road is dark and slick with puddles. The rain isn’t letting up and is coming down at a good pace. The beating back and forth of the wipers really makes his head hurt as he is trying to figure out this puzzle. He almost misses the Miller’s home.  Anthony has to back up the car to go back to the house. He turns it into the driveway in reverse. He slowly gets out of his car and looks around.  He likes to be through and really look at everything. He peers around by the windows and notices shoe prints. The rain is really doing a number on them. He calls in forensics. He knows these won’t last long at all and heads back to his car. He opens the trunk and pulls out a tarp. Not the best way to preserve evidence but it will help with the rain washing away the evidence. He needs to look around the outside of the house and then take notice of the inside. He talks to the first responding officer. Protocol dictates this is step one of any investigation.

Detective Pariseau interrogates Katie about the nights events. He wants to know the exact time the first call came in, he wants to know if anyone else has called. He is floored when she told him that Mr. Miller’s boss has called twice saying they weren’t at the party yet.

“You didn’t find this a big deal?” he asked Katie.

“Well at first I did but then Jessica said they could be stuck in traffic. They could be anywhere right now even at the party.”

Detective Pariseau then asks Katie about the car Jessica climbs into, but Katie can’t remember what color or type of car Jessica got into but it must have been similar to Eric’s or she wouldn’t have gotten in.  He decides to put a tap on the phone and wait for the next phone call to come in.

Detective Anthony Pariseau says to Katie, “Anyone else in the house tonight?”

“What? That is a crazy question.”

“How is that crazy ma’am?”

“Well duh, I am babysitting” says Katie sarcastically. “Mr. and Mrs. Miller left just before nine and the kids were already in bed when I got here.”

“So you haven’t really seen the Miller’s children tonight.”

“Well no. They are in bed sleeping.”

“With the noise downstairs?”

“We didn’t make much noise officer.”


“Yes, sir.”

“Check upstairs. Check the bedrooms and see if the kids are sleeping.”

The Stalking of Katie Part 1

*Since this story is already at 2661 words, I know it is going to be long. I decided to break it up into 2 or more parts. I will post each part on Saturday.*

The early morning sun was just starting to peak in through the bedroom window as Katie lies in her bed. The alarm starts buzzing lowly as it begins its ascension to loud. It is only 6 a.m. but Katie has school on this fine autumn day in August. School started only 2 weeks ago and she already was behind on her homework. This year was harder than last year. Katie is now a junior in high school with her first real job at Burger Hut.  She just got her license this past summer when she finally turned 16. Katie got a job right away so she could save for her first car. She is so excited about this. She writes in her blog daily telling the whole world about her trials and tribulations as a working teenager going to school trying to get her first car.

Katie hits the snooze button and rolls out of bed, stretches, and grabs her journal. She checks her schedule for the day.

“Wonderful.” She says to herself.

Her schedule for the day is long. As Katie looks at the pages she notices her day has school from 7:30 to 2:20, then cheer practice from 2:30 to 4:30, Burger Hut from 3:30 to 8:30, babysitting for the Miller’s from 9 to midnight.

Katie lets out a big sigh.

And that doesn’t cover homework time or when she will be able to take a shower before getting up for school tomorrow.  It also means listening to her coach berate her for missing an hour of practice before Saturdays game.

Katie gets up as the alarm starts the loud buzzing again. 6:05 a.m. She pushes the snooze button again and heads to the bathroom.  She does a quick 5 minutes in the shower wishing she could sit in it longer. She gets out and towels off, grabs the blow dryer to dry her hair. It dries quickly. She brushes her teeth as the alarm buzzes yet again. 6:15 a.m. She throws on make up as fast as she can and then grabs her clothes for the day putting them on as fast as she can. She runs downstairs and grabs a bowl of cereal to eat fast. She looks at the kitchen clock 6:20 a.m. The bus is at her stop by 6:30. She eats her food by 6:25 and grabs her backpack. Katie gets to the bus stop at 6:29. Now to start the half hour bus ride to the school, Katie gets on her bus and heads to the back seats.

She pulls out her math book, half an hour to get this homework done. Every day she does this. She needs a day off just to catch up on homework.  No one told her it was going to be this hard to work at Burger Hut part time and go to school full time.

As she does her math homework, she day dreams about what kind of car she will buy with the money she is saving up. Her dad warned her to find one that won’t cost her an arm and a leg to insure.

“Buy a car outright by saving all your money now.” He told her. “That way it is yours. Don’t make payments to anyone for a car. Save up every penny.  Then save up everything to buy a house. You will be thankful you did.”

That is what her dad did. He joined the military at 18. They were giving anyone who signed up a $20,000 enrollment bonus. He put that in the bank and saved what he could of his military checks. He lived in the barracks and ate in the mess hall. When he got out, he had $50,000 to spend on a house. He married her mom and bought the house as soon as he got out. Then he got into construction. He has sacked away a cool amount of money now, but his daughter still has to earn her own. Daddy figures if he could do it, so could each of his children.

The bus stops. Katie gets off and heads to her locker. Only 7:00 a.m.  She grabs her English book and notebook. She has to work on her essay. She heads to the cafeteria with her books. Time to get this one started. Her rough draft is due today and she only has a few pages to show for it.  Her first class is math and isn’t far from the cafeteria.  She doesn’t even realize time has flown until the first bell startles her. She has ten pages done now for English. This should be a good start. She grabs her books and heads down the hall.

Katie heads to her math class and sits down.

“Good morning class.” says Mr. Johnson. “As always we shall start our day off with a quiz. Got to keep you all practicing for that test we have coming up.”

Katie hates math. She is good at it, but hates it. It bores her to spend a whole hour in a class going over something she can figure out from the book itself. She whittled away the time by doodling while taking a few notes of what could be on the test. Mr. Johnson always double underlined without realizing important information that was always on his tests. Finally 8:20 came around, and the bell rang.

Katie walked down to the gym area. This is her next class.

“Today, we are going to watch a health video on nutrition, have a nutrition quiz, and start some acrobatic gymnastics. You will need to remember the terms and the health information for your upcoming test in this class.” Mrs. Owinga states.

“Wonderful.” Katie said softly under her breath.

Between the video and the quiz, they only had 15 minutes to learn one acrobatic gymnastic routine before they were sent to the shower.  Katie had just gotten her last shoe tied when the bell rang at 9:20. She grabbed her books and ran to her locker quick. She shoved everything into the locker and grabbed her flute with her folder of music.  She ran all the way to the band room. This was her favorite class and easiest A.

10:20 time for lunch. Katie walks back to her locker and takes out two books and notebooks for her last two classes of the day. She has study hall right after lunch so she can use that time to do research for her English essay and finish up her essay on plants for science class. She needs to use these two hours wisely so she can have this done. She is so behind on homework and more just gets piled on. Burger Hut doesn’t seem to care that she needs time for school.

12:20 and now Katie is off to her English class with 15 pages of her essay done. She breathed a sigh of relief knowing she got her pages in that were due for today. They have had 2 weeks to get this much done of the rough draft. She has to hand in her 15 pages plus research material.

“How is everyone today?” asks Mrs. Dieter. “Were you able to get all your research material and first 15 pages written?”

The class mumbles. Katie is elated she was able to. Her mom was so right in telling her to take a study hall.

“You are going to thank me later this year for telling you to take this class. With your job and all your after school activities, this class will help you keep your grade point average up.”

Mom was so right. And Katie was even more grateful that it was right after lunch. That meant she could get more done when she got into a problem like this one. She hates Burger Hut for not allowing her time for her life. They always want her there even on the weekends. She has to beg to get the time off for the games she needs to cheer in. Cheerleading is what will get her scholarships for college.

The bell rings promptly at 1:20. Katie looks up exhausted but so relieved. Her day is just about done. One last class, science, and then she is off to cheer practice. She walks down two hallways to get to her last class. The day is almost complete.

“Hello everyone.”

“Hello Mr. Clemens.” Says the class

“If you could, please, hand in your drafts for your essays, and then we will get started on a review of this chapter. I will give you all pointers on what to study for the test. Remember, you can ask questions if you are unclear about anything. I want you confident and ready for this test. Then if there is time, we will start our next chapter.”

The bell rang before Katie even knew it. Finally 2:20 p.m. has come. Time to get everything ready and in her backpack. Then down to the locker room to change for cheer practice, and onto the field to practice for Saturday’s game.

Katie left cheerleading practice early since her boss at Burger Hut wouldn’t let her be late. She had to hear Mrs. Owinga lecture her once more about the importance of being here for the entire practice.  There really wasn’t much Katie could do. She needed a job and Burger Hut was the only place that would hire someone of her age. All the other places she applied for told her, she was too young to work.

Katie walked out to the parking lot. She hated leaving early and wished she could do something to get her manager to listen to her. She looked around for her mom.  She really needed this job for that car. Then she could get where she wanted to without begging for transportation. She finally found her mom and hurriedly got into the car.

“When do you need me to pick you up?”

“8:30 is the end of my shift. I need to be to the Miller’s by 9”

“Alright. Your dad told me he will pick you up after your shift. I have to take your sister to dance class and pick up your brother from karate. I will be on the other side of town. Do you have your cell phone?”

“Yes mom, I do.”

Katie got out of the car and walked into Burger Hut. She has five minutes to change her clothes and clock into work. She puts her things in a locker in the employee room and heads to the employee bathroom to change. She changes quickly and then puts her street clothes in her locker. At the time clock she has one minute before logging in.

Burger Hut is a hard demanding job. It is running around to gather food and taking orders for customers then out to the lobby to clean or to the bathrooms. You don’t ever stand still or sit down. You are on the go constantly. When Katie’s shift is done, she is grateful. She drags her feet to the locker to change out of her uniform. She puts her uniform back into the locker, grabs her things, and walks out the door. Her dad is sitting in the parking lot waiting for her.

“How was your shift?” he asks.

Katie grunts like a bear. Her dad laughs.

“That bad huh?” he says to her with a smile.

“The whole day has been bad.”

Katie talks to her dad for the whole drive to the Miller’s. She unloads on him about her whole day. Her dad just listens. When he pulls up to the Miller’s, he says to Katie, “Honey. I know it all seems hard, but you are doing a great job and soon you will have a wonderful car. Don’t forget that.”

“I know daddy.” She says. “I love you.”

“I love you more.” He tells her.

“I am done at midnight.”

“Ok. Either your mom or I will be here to get you.”

Katie leaves the car and walks up to the Miller’s house, rings the doorbell, and waits. Mr. Miller opens the front door.

“Great you are here and a little early. That is what I like about you.”

“Hello to you as well, Mr. Miller.”

“My wife will be right down with the usual instructions for you.”

Mr. and Mrs. Miller left after giving Katie her instructions.  Their children were already in bed since they have school in the morning. Katie decides to watch some television and work on her essays.  She turns on the TV and keeps the volume low. She picks up her English book and starts looking at how this essay is supposed to look. That is when her cell phone buzzes. Katie picks it up and looks at it.

The cell phone says, “PRIVATE CALLER”

“That’s odd.” Katie thinks. “Who is calling me?”

She decides to answer.


“Hello beautiful,” whispers the stranger on the other end. “I see you are finally at the Miller’s. I like that movie as well. I love the way your breasts protrude out of your red t-shirt.”

Katie turns white as a ghost. She hurriedly hangs up the phone.

The Miller’s phone next rings. Katie is hesitant to pick it up. She walks slowly over to it and looks down. He says, “PATRICK WAGNER”. She knows this is Mr. Miller’s boss so she picks up the phone.


“Hi. Is Ben or Judy there?”

“No. They just left about 10 minutes ago.”

“Oh, good. They should be here shortly then. I was getting worried. He has to make a presentation tonight. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Katie hangs up the phone. She tries to put out the crazy call from before out of her mind. She walks to the kitchen and looks inside the fridge. Nothing really appeals to her. Then she looks on the counter. There is a pizza still sitting there. She takes a couple of pieces and puts them in the microwave. She goes back to the fridge and grabs a Wild Cherry Pepsi.

She sits down at the couch again. She pulls out her tablet and clicks the keyboard on. She looks at her rough draft for her English essay and then at her textbook. She starts to make the changes on it. Her tab is open for her browser and she hears a ding. She looks at her SocialCard page. It is her friend Danielle. She is grateful for the distraction.

“I am working on my essay.” Katie writes.

“Oh. Me too.” Types Dani.

Then the phone buzzes. Katie picks it up. It says, “UNKNOWN” on it.

Katie answers the phone.


“I see you like the pizza I sent over to the Miller’s tonight. Their children thought it was amazing too. I even sent the case of Wild Cherry because I know how much you like it. “

Katie hangs up quickly and starts typing to Dani.

“I have a second weird call tonight. A guy whispers about stuff like he can see what I am doing. He knows I am eating pizza and drinking WCP.”

“How can he?” Dani types back. “It isn’t like he can see you. Unless he is parked outside the house”

Katie starts to wonder if Dani is correct. She looks at the windows. Mrs. Miller has them closed in the living room.  She looks in the kitchen. Mrs. Miller has thin curtains in there which have space between them to see into the kitchen. Katie walks to the front door, turns on the porch light, and opens it. She walks outside and looks up and down the street. The Millers have a small hedge of bushes at the front of their walk with a gate between them.  The street lights show the street well enough. She doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. She shakes her head and goes back into the house. She locks the front door.

The Valentine’s Day Myth.

The woman staring back at me was not who I expected to see.  I was out on a dinner date when I got called back to the shop. There was a dame there needing someone to take a report. I had to leave my date and rush back to an office that could have easily taken care of business itself without me. Such luck I had, but then I guess that is why I am the leader of our major crimes unit.  My date was not very pleased at all.

“You are always called away on a call.” She said.

“You never spend any time with me.” She yelled.

“It is Valentine’s Day and you can’t even sit through an entire meal.” She screamed to the whole place with those crocodile tears coming down.

Sure make me look like a bad guy and make me feel like a heel. What can I say about dames? They never get the job. They expect roses and you home but forget that money comes from hard work.

The story she was telling me sound like an idiot put it out in some sci-fi magazine. Who would believe this? What was this all about anyway?

“Look.” She says. “I am telling you the truth. It really happened this way.”

“Sure. I believe you.” I said to her.

She looked at me with her wide eyes and then shook her head.

“You don’t believe me. The creature is there. It does exist!”

“Ma’am,” I said still wondering how true this is, “you are talking about a mythical creature that may or may not have really existed. How did you know to look there?”

“I didn’t. I was just looking at my old school and there it was!”

Well who could believe someone with this tale on Valentine’s Day when they could be out having a great meal with a wonderful dame?

Her tale was fanciful. “Now come on” you have to think to yourself without saying it out loud.

The dame left. I walked over to Johnson.

“Come on Johnson. We have to investigate.” I told him and rolled my eyes at the same time.

We walked out and grabbed the nearest squad car. We headed South on Pennsylvania Boulevard.  First witness given to us by the dame was Drake of Drake’s Taxi Cab Service. The dame was in his cab when they both discovered it. Drake has been nothing but trouble since the day he came into this world. He is considered my oldest enemy on this planet.  We have been in many scuffles since we were kids.  He spent more time in the principal’s office than anyone I ever knew. He was thrown in the cage when we were teens for knifing one of our classmates.  He spent fifteen years in the cage. When he got out he opened a taxi service.

Johnson and I pulled up to Drake’s. It looks like a shack since he never repairs the place. Made out of wood with a metal roof, it looks like something our ancestors would have huddled in during a major storm. I cocked my head a bit to get a better look at all the cars parked inside.

Then I saw Drake.  He looked more ragged than when we were young. He has one eye now that looks permanently shut with a huge scar running right down the middle of it.

“What the feather are you doing here?” he screamed as he came flying down the path from the office.

“I am the Detective in charge.” I sourly told him. “Some dame came to the office tonight with some fanciful story. None of which I believe. She even gave me your name. She says you witnessed it as well.”

Drake’s eye got very wide.

“I did.” He said softly. “But don’t say a word. Other will think I have gone kookoo.  I don’t need anyone thinking I need therapy or anything like that. I would much rather not report this. I don’t know why she feels like she has to but I think it is something better left unsaid.”

He looked ashamed of what he saw. He looked frightened as if he didn’t really see it or he was on drugs when he saw it. I didn’t know which.  I didn’t even know if I should believe him.

Johnson looked at him with scrutiny. He was cocking his head left and right like no one’s business.

“Where did you see it?” Johnson asked Drake quizzically.

“By our old high school near the bleachers, you know in the football field!”

“Why were you there?”

“The dame wanted me to take her by there. She said she used to live in this city and went to school at that very high school.  She wanted to take a walk down memory lane.”

Drake looked disgusted at this statement he made. I could fully understand since I know his past. I know why that place haunts him. He was shaking his head all over the place. We could see it in his face. He didn’t like this image at all and since the image is in a place where he already has horrible memories, well, you can imagine what he is feeling.

Johnson and I took off to the high school.  We needed to know if what these two saw was true.  Drake’s office is only five miles from the high school. It took us less than five minutes to get there.  Since the high school sits on what is the equivalent of two city blocks, we decided to take the spot light out for a test run and check out the whole area. Behind the high school is the football field with the bleachers Drake said he saw the creature at.

Johnson and I parked the squad in section F of the high school. This lot is between the high school and the field. We took out our flashlights and headed to the field to search the bleachers.  Johnson and I have two people telling us they have seen this creature.

“You know, “Johnson started pondering, “They could be making this up and in cahoots with one another to send us on wild goose chase.”

“It has crossed my mind. Let’s keep looking.”

After thirty minutes of looking everywhere, we looked under the Southern bleachers. That is when we found it and radioed in for back up to take the mobile cage with them. The creature looked frightened and surprised.

We couldn’t believe it. As far as we knew, they were a myth. A creature of fairy tales used to scare children. No one had ever seen one or knew it really existed until now. Johnson and I were stunned. There standing before us was a human. Something we had only heard of in fairy tales.  As it stood there shaking the creature said with aghast.


Johnson and I just stood there waiting for back up, examining the human and taking photos of it with our phones. Once backup arrived we loaded the human into the mobile cage.

“No one is ever going to believe this one.” Carlson threw out there.

“I have forensic photos of it for the report.” Johnson told Carlson.

The Chicken Patrol came from Washington to gather the human for study.  They are interrogating the creature to see if others exist. They took copies of our reports and told us not to discuss this with anyone. It looks like a major cover up on Washington’s part. We still have proof with my report. Which I will conclude this way:

I guess humans exist after all.

Lt. Harold Crow

Badge number 125847


Our story starts out like any other. We were having a great day walking along the beach in the warm summer weather. We were having such a great time laughing and running on the sand. We took breaks to swim in the slightly cold water of Lake Michigan.  We even chased down the ice cream truck for a snack. We stopped and talked to some boys in our class. We played some beach ball with them for a while. The day is such an enjoyable day. Filled with sunshine and love of life, nothing like what happens next. What happens next ruins the whole memory of that day!

As Wanda and I got out of the water we saw him. Oh how gorgeous of a man he is. What a handsome man. We were both drooling over him. Now thinking back, I should have seen it there in his eyes. I should have known how evil this man was with that smile that at the time I thought was the sweetest.  He looked like a movie star standing there on the sand looking out into the water.

We walked out of the water talking to each other.

“Joyce. Look at his blonde hair.”

“Oh I know. Look at those blue eyes.”

At that time, I shivered. I thought it was from anticipation of seeing a living god in front of me, now I wonder if it was because I really knew by looking at those eyes.

“Hello ladies.” He shot us a brilliant smile. “How are you today?”

We melted. Then he asks, “Would you like to join me for a bite to eat?”

Wanda of course jumped right in with, “Oh hell yes.”

It was like a spell was placed on us the moment we laid eyes on him. It was fate. It was something you just couldn’t change even if you wanted to. It was meant to be and meant to happen.  I couldn’t stop it. It is like a dream where you keep on falling but you never reach the bottom.  He stayed with us on the beach for about an hour or so until we all decided to leave out of hunger. The endless talking we did but then as I recall, he didn’t talk much. Wanda and I did the talking as I think back about it. We went for dinner at a local spot Wanda and I loved.  I had a split second thought when I went to the bathroom about running out of there, but I couldn’t leave Wanda. I just chalked it up to nerves. I mean, how often are you going to get a chance to eat dinner with some fabulous looking man? I kicked that nagging thought to the side and walked back out to the table.

After we had dinner, we went riding in his car. That is when the horror began. He stopped at a store. We thought just to purchase something, but it turns out he decided to rob the place. He took several items. He gave me a brilliant ruby and diamond ring and Wanda got an emerald and diamond ring. We were ecstatic.  We were giggling like school girls thinking how lucky we were to have this guy buy us such expensive rings. I loved the way my ring looked in the street lights as we were driving down the road.  I even kissed it. It was the first item I ever got from someone who wasn’t a relative. My thought was that he must really like me or love me even.  I started to daydream even about a wedding between the two of us.

Little did we know the shop owner lost his life and the rings we are wearing is blood money.  We had no idea he even robbed the place nor that our lives were next on the line. But something kept nudging me. Something down deep inside knew. I had thought for a moment to leave the car while he was in the shop. I thought about asking Wanda if she just wanted to walk away but I could tell she didn’t. She was enjoying herself and smiling like I have never seen her smile in all our years together.

He took us out to his cabin. What an amazingly beautiful cabin it is. The moment I stepped out of the car it felt like home. It was so peaceful. I looked up at the night sky seeing all the stars blinking down at me. The fireplace was the best feature but now even that seems like a faint nightmare one is trying to make into a dream. He gave Wanda and I a drink. Little did either of us know he laced it with something. It made me sick. I couldn’t keep my head up. I was so dizzy and my head was spinning all around. I heard Wanda scream but it seems so faint and distant now. It was like I was in a dream state dancing in a circle. I should have never left with that man, ever.

I passed out without knowing what he did to Wanda.  When I finally woke up, I was in the cellar of his cabin. Not a great place to be when spiders are you worst enemy. It was filled with webs and all these eyes looking back at me. I thought I could even see them drool in their excitement for fresh food. I screamed til I was hoarse, but no one came to rescue me. I thought I was going to be spider food since they were closing in on me building their webs right around my body until a hand reached down and pulled me by my hair up to the surface. I started screaming. He took out a knife and cut out my tongue. That is when my nightmare really began. He took me to his bedroom, tied me to the bed, cut off my clothes, and then started his torture on me. He first used a belt to make open wounds. I thought he was done when he left the bedroom but he came back with something in a glass jar. It was lemon juice and salt. I screamed as much as I could but it is harder when you don’t have a tongue. The more I screamed the more he smiled. He just loves watching me in pain. I finally passed out. When I woke up again, I saw him sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette.

“Finally,” he said to me, “thought you were never going to wake back up.”

This time he had a whip. That really stung.  The blood came rolling off my thigh.  He severed my left breast right in two with that whip. I screamed as much as I could. The pain. The lashes. What was I going to do? Then I passed out.

I have no clue how I managed to get here. I am still waiting for someone to tell me where Wanda is, but no one seems to listen. Maybe it is because I don’t have a tongue? Maybe they can’t make out what I am saying. I wish I could find Wanda. I need my best friend right now. I need her to tell me everything is going to be okay.

I walked up to several of the police people but they just act like I don’t exist.  I just wish someone would look at me and hear my story. I wish they would tell me what happened to Wanda. I haven’t seen her since we were both drinking that seemingly innocent drink.  I wish I could see her and know everything is going to be alright. She is my rock. She is my best friend. She is all I have in this world.


A small pause then I screamed one more time with everything I have.


No answer. No one even turns around to look at me. What the hell is going on here? Why won’t these people acknowledge me? Why won’t one of them answer the most simplest question? Where is Wanda? Why isn’t she here next to me? I just don’t understand these fools. What the hell is wrong with them that they won’t answer me?

Standing here all you see is red and blue lights creating a purple hue. People are talking to one another. They are writing down stuff. They are drawing pictures and taking pictures with cameras.  They have quite an area around the house taped off with yellow plastic tape. The place seems so chaotic where at one time it seemed so peaceful.  I just want to find Wanda. I just need to find her. I know she is here somewhere. I just don’t know why they won’t tell me where she is at when I ask them. I just stand here watching them take out body bag after body bag and they just keep ignoring me.

Da Weekend Before Yule

Twas da weekend before Yule

And all through da house

Not a pastie was turnin

Not even a beer was bein drinkin

Da weekend was quiet

and it was filled with cheer

We decorated da tree

We sang our songs to Joe

We ate pasties all night long

while watchin it snow

We played Euchre by da fire

and told Yooper jokes

We laughed and we giggled

while we made scones.

We added whiskey to our coffee

and our egg nog as well.

We all talked about that

Finnish elf dat would appear.

We sure did enjoy ourselves way to much

Let’s hope that someone stays sober enough.

We gathered our neighbors by singing songs

As we walked down da Truax road in our long johns.

We even had some funny deer appear in da middle of da road.

We took dere pictures but dey came out all blurry.

We weren’t too sure if it was because we were drunk or the blizzard dat night

Den that strange man came out of da woods

He gave us a beer from out of his pouch.

And came with us singin from house to house.

But den in da morning we heard with delight

Joe talking to da stranger dat partied with us last night.

He was laughin and talkin to that jolly fat man

Dey were fightin over his blanket and toast with jam.

When dat old fat man saw us, he blew dust in our eyes

Den he winked at Joe and with total surprise

He disappeared from our sight!

Now as we all sit here playin Euchre during our Yule season

while drinkin da beer he left behind.

We keep on gabbin bout dat fat man and his deer

And all we hear from Joe is laughin with delight as doud dere was a joke bout dat fat man, his beer, and deer dat partied with us last night.

The Tin Box and Lois

I set out on my morning journey looking for antiques at various estate sales. Once a person dies you find the greatest of treasures when the family finally decides to sell off what they no longer want. While looking at one estate sale, I found a little tin box with a bird on it. I have never seen one like it before. Nothing was stamped on it like other tin boxes that say container made in Holland or made in China. It was made out of a metal I don’t recognize and looks handmade. It has what appears to be a silver lining all around the box and the detail of the artful top with the bird and tree branch made it seem so inviting. I couldn’t believe it. I was drawn to it. It was almost as if it was calling me. Like it was saying my name over and over. I put it down several times, but I kept going back to it. They only wanted fifty cents for the box so I took it. I brought it back to my shop. My shop is in the country off of Church Street here in beautiful Perkins Michigan. I bought it at an estate sale as well. 300 hundred acres of land with an old farmhouse that the people here say belonged to the local witch. I paid fifty thousand dollars for it because it was considered haunted. I live here with my cockatoo, Charlie. Not sure if it is a he or a she so I named the bird Charlie which is interchangeable. It came with a couple of cats. One is pure black and the other is a snowshoe siamese. They live in the barn. I gave them names but sometimes they just ignore me when I call.

But I digress, back to the box. I brought it home to my Witches Estate. I named it that and got one of the neighbors to make one of those old fence type names to go above the wrought iron gates I bought at another estate sale. Might as well go along with the urban legend we have here. Makes an excellent business name as well for antiquity sales. As I came down the winding road, I stopped at the mail box by my iron gates. Yes, it is a fish box. I thought it was interesting and bought it at yet another estate sale. I pulled out my package with my letters. The letters are mainly bills but the package was my business cards. I had to order more. When you are in the business of antiques, you need to have cards to give to anyone who may be thinking about selling something or buying something. I opened them before opening my gates to double check the spelling. Lois Sprague it says. Witches Estate. Church Street. Perkins, Michigan. Antiques Dealer. All seems kosher including my phone number of 906-786-7423. I set them on the passenger seat and get out of the car. I open my iron gates, get back into the car and drive the acre down driveway to the old witch’s farmhouse. A beautiful Victorian house with two pillars. The rounded pillars go all the way to the attic and there they have beautiful stain glass windows. I made the attic my office because the stain glass makes such beautiful color patterns on the floor during the day. Even when the moon shines it makes those same patterns. When I turned off the car, I got out and went to the trunk. I needed to get the bigger items out of there and into the barn. The barn was the shop. The two cats live in the barn, but no one who visits the shop seems to mind the cats being there. The barn makes an excellent store and I can sit up in the loft area watching everything from above. I made the loft my office for the store. I bring people up there for appraisals and consignments as well as to pay for their purchases. The loft actually wraps around the whole barn and when I come out to it, it is usually where I find the cats.

“Hey.” Said Veronica she is my assistant who takes care of Witches Estate while I am busy. “A man came in today and left an old roller desk. Said it was his great granddad’s and asked if you could appraise it for insurance.”

“Of course I can. Did he leave his information?”

“Yes, I got it all. His name is Leonard Baum. He lives in Rock. I got his address and phone number. He is single and in his forties.”

“Ronnie!” I screamed.

“What?! He is gorgeous!”

“UGH!” I grunted and ran out as Ronnie said, “You need someone since you divorced Michael!” I walked briskly to my car to grab the old tin container.

I took the old tin container up to my attic office. It was the only piece coming into the house with me today. I felt so compelled to take it into the house. I took off my coat and placed it on the old coat rack I bought from an estate sale of an old physician. I walked over to Charlie’s cage and grabbed him out.

“How you doing, Charlie?” I asked him.

“Charlie fine. How are you?” he repeated several times to which I had to answer, “I am fine, Charlie. How are you?”

I took him up to the attic and placed him on his perch. He stays there for a little while til he wants attention which is usually when I am working.

“How about chili tonight, Charlie?” I asked him.

“Charlie yum chili.” he said over and over again.

“Ok. Then I guess we are going downstairs to make some.”

I grabbed Charlie and took him downstairs to the kitchen and started to make my grandmom’s famous chili. It has noodles in it. It is really good on the crispy fall days like today where it has been raining on and off. I took some up to the attic when it was done with a bowl for Charlie including his crackers. I love to watch him eat it. He throws the crackers into the bowl and then sticks his beak in it.

I started in with an online search concerning the roll top desk. I went and retrieved some of my books on antiques to help get an accurate appraisal for Mr. Baum. I wanted to be prepared before I called him on it. I had Ronnie take photos of the desk as well so I could see every characteristic the desk had. I opened the my messenger on my computer as well as my social sites. The lights dimmed. I was used to this. The old house has its quirks. Then I heard the ding of my messenger go off. I had a message. I opened the chat box to read it. It was from someone calling himself or herself “Trapped in the Box”. Very unusual handle but, ok.

“Help.” It read. “An old witch trapped me in a box.”

“Right!” I replied with sinisism.

The message never got returned so I just forgot about it as I did my research.

“Come on Charlie.” I said, “Time for us to hit the hay.”

I picked Charlie up and carried him down to my bedroom. I liked the company since Michael left me. It is very hard learning to sleep alone again after being with someone for sixteen years. I had to admit when bedtime comes that is when I miss him the most. The rest of the day I am busy and can keep the feelings at bay, but alone in bed, that is the hardest.

I turned on the telly and found an old episode of “Murder She Wrote”. Jessica Fletcher can keep me company ’til I fall asleep with Charlie.

The alarm went off as usual. I need to call Mr. Baum today. I had the weirdest dream last night. Sometimes they were hard to shake. I went into the bathroom to take my morning shower. Every once in a while it seems like a shadow moves across the mirror and I feel like someone is watching me. I turned on the water and the old pipes began their singing. I have replaced many of them but there are way too many to fully replumb the house correctly and then there is the expence that would break me financially.

I go make the morning coffee when I am done. Charlie likes to have his cup of Joe as well with a slice of peanut butter toast. Most parrot people call me abusive because he eats like I do. I have never given him bird food. I got him at an estate sale as well. That was nineteen years ago when I first started my business. I worked for a while at a major auction house to build my reputation. He was in a litter of babies that an old lady had. She was a breeder her whole life and when she died, her children sold off all her birds. I never had Charlie DNA tested, but I figure the birds a boy. That is my thought anyway. He has some volcabulary. Enough that I can pretend to have a conversation with him.

“Is your toast good, Charlie?”

“Lovely toast. Lovely toast.” he repeats.

“Want more coffee?”

“Want more coffee.” he repeats.

“Looks like you have plenty.” I tell him.

“Want more coffee.” he says again. “Lovely toast”

I went and got my phone to call Mr. Baum..”

“Good morning.” I heard a very sweet voice on the other end.

“Good morning, Mr. Baum. This is Lois Sprague from Witches estate. You left your roll top desk with me to appraise”

“Why, yes I did.” Came the same sing songy voice.

“I would like to make an appointment with you to discuss my findings and appraisal. I have available time on Saturday at Noon. Does that work for you?”

“Weeelllll Noooooo” The sing songy voice started to sound more pouty. “I was hoping for sooner.”

“I am sorry. I am booked up until then with other appraisals and appointments.”

“Weeellll.” Again with the sing song gloomy voice. “How about dinner?” He snapped hurriedly into the receiver like someone ripping off a band aid. “It will be my treat. As you know, the Mountain Cabin has reopened with new owners. I hear the steak is delis.” He said with the nauseating sing song voice that sounds like a villain in a Disney cartoon.

I sighed contemplating quickly what to do. I resided to the fact he may not give up. Reluctantly, I said, “Ok. When where you thinking?”

“How about tonight?”

I almost threw my phone. Instead I got ahold of myself and said as sweetly as I could. “Alright. Would seven do?” With everything I have to do today that was the only time left.

“Sure it would!” said the sing song voice. “Do you want to meet or shall I pick you up?”

Hurriedly I replied, “We will meet there.” Since I know I already couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

After a day of estate sales, auctions, appraisals, meetings, and weird messages from trapped in a box asking me to help him because a witch trapped him, I went to Mountain Cabin to meet Mr. Baum. I walked into the door, stood by the host desk, and that is when I heard, “Heelllloooo.” There’s that nauseating sing song voice. I turned around and there was all five foot something of him with flaming red hair and blue eyes. How Ronnie thought this was gorgeous I will never know.

“How can I serve you?” he asked.

“I am Lois Sprague.” I said through my teeth.

“Oh.” His eyes lit up. “Lois. May I call you that?”

“I prefer not.”

“Oh.” he said taken aback. “well let me show you to your seat.”

“Alright.” I said very puzzled.

As I went into the dinning area following him, I happened to notice a very attractive man sitting at the bar alone.

“Here is your seat! Mr. Baum will be with you shortly.” said Mr. Sing Song.

I looked at him surprised. I must have blinked. “What did that mean?” I was thinking. I thought his voice was Mr. Baum. Then I looked toward the bar and saw walking up to me the most gorgeous man I have ever seen.

“Thank you, Timothy.” he said.

“Your welcome, Mr. Baum.” said Mr. Sing Song Voice.

“Oh my god! This can’t be.” I was thinking.

“May I call you Lois?” he asked.

I looked at him and stammered, “Ah. Sure.” Then I realized he has a Texas accent. “Are you from Texas?” I asked him.

“Yes Ma’am, I am! But I came here as a child. My Mother is a Yooper.”

“Really?” I couldn’t believe it. What luck! No wonder why Ronnie wanted me to meet him.

“Yes Ma’am. You would know her family as the Andarsson’s. Not to be mistaken with the Anderson family.”

“Oh my.” I thought. They owned the land I bought. “Why, yes I do know them all very well.”

“Timothy is my second cousin.”

“Really?” gasp.

“He and I purchased the Mountain Cabin together. His Dad is Irish. Married my Mother’s cousin, Viola. Although, my Mom says they are sisters since the unfortunate accident meant Viola had to be put with Mom’s family. So really he is my third cousin.” Leonard winked at me and smiled.

I got home late and took Charlie to be with me. I told him about my wonderful night.

I didn’t go to my computer last night,but when I woke up I had a text message from Trapped in a Box that read, “Help! An old witch trapped me in a box.” I had more weird dreams. Ever since I moved to this house, I have had them. They never make any sense. They are like I lived another lifetime, but once I am awake, I can only remember pieces like a fire or a house. Something crazy and sometimes nagging about them.

I spent the day with online auctions. I know something special will pop up in one of them. I am sitting in my beautiful attic bidding and watching the auctions from various spots around the world. I didn’t even realize I had the box in my hands and was trying to pry it open with my fingers until I cut one. The box is so fascinating to me. I feel so drawn to it. Trapped in the Box has messaged me three times already. I keep ignoring him. I am so tired of the crazy message. “Help. An old witch has trapped me in a box.” Come on. Get a life.

I was at the Mountain Cabin with Leonard. We were sitting at the bar having coffee, laughing, and talking. I so enjoy being with him when a little old lady came up to me.

“Hello. Are you Lois Sprague?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I was told by Bertha to talk to you. I am Marie Johnson from Lathop. I was in my barn when I found a loose floor board. I found this under it. Do you think you could appraise it for me?”

“I sure can try.” She handed me the knife. “Wow. This is a very beautiful knife. It looks hand carved. The handle looks like ivory.”

“My home used to belong to a local witch. I think it may be an atheme. I sure hope you can help me.”

“I think I can. Here. Can you write down your address and phone number for me? I will call you as soon as I know something.”

“Ok. I can do that. I sure hope it worth something.”

Today my excitement looms for the mail. I have a purchase coming in from Japan. I am sure I can find a buyer for this piece. I went on my first online auction to Japan for this estate sale. I sure can’t wait to finally see the piece up close.

As I was doing some research on another clients rifle, I got another message from Trapped in a Box. “Man.” I thought. “This is getting so old.” It had the same stupid message on it. “Help. An old witch trapped me in a box.” “This guy has got to be crazy.” I thought to myself. I am starting to feel harassed by Trapped in a Box.

Finally at Noon, my piece came via U.P.S. Ronnie and I unwrapped it like it was Christmas. Both of us were excited to see it. There it stood. Three feet tall and made of one hundred percent pure Jade. I have a beautiful Jade Dragon! There’s a piece you don’t find often.

I had a meeting with a man in California today about the Jade Dragon. He really wants it for his chain of Chinese restaurants. As I was talking to him. Trapped in a Box messaged me again. I ignored it until I was finished talking to Mr. Ching. I knew what it said anyway. That box keeps nagging at me. I found a key today in a desk draw and decided to see if it fit. It is too small for the box to open it. Damn. I was so hoping. I just want a peek inside to see what it is made of.

Leonard called me this morning wanting to go to the movies later tonight. I so can’t wait. I really love being with him. He is like a god send from up above. I asked him if he would like to come over for eggs and coffee this morning. I like that he enjoys playing with Charlie. They so seem to enjoy each other.

I called a local moving company for some guys. I knew the owner. I sold several items for him and I needed help to move the Jade Dragon to the attic. The guys were so sweet as they brought it up. I took Charlie up to see it and he loves it. He sat on it. It appears to be his favorite perch now.

I love my attic. I love the stone fireplace the most. I have wood in it but the propane keeps the house warm enough that I don’t need a fire. I have been thinking about taking Leonard up here. The fireplace runs all the way down. I have one in my bedroom and the living room. All three are connected to the one chimney. It goes right down the wall. Such unique charm in this house. I keep wanting to open the box. I wish I could see inside of it to know what the inside is made of. Today, I picked it up and shook it violently to see if anything rattled inside. Nothing. Drat!

I have another dinner date with Leonard tonight. We have been seeing each other for two months now and I love every minute of it. Charlie likes him as well. Ronnie is bugging me to have him spend the night, but I like our slow dates.

I have an appraisal for an antique knife. The little old lady found it in her barn under a floor board. She thinks it is an atheme used by the town witches. The box keeps nagging at me. I have tried to open it, but it appears to be locked. Tonight as I was looking at the atheme, I decided to try it in the box. To my surprise it opened it. A puff of blue light and a smell came out of the box. The fireplace came alive with flames and a shadow moved out of the fire. The blue light turned into a man. Charlie started screaming.

“Thank you for releasing me. I thought you never would. That Leonard kept you so busy. I could’ve been out sooner if it wasn’t for him.”

He pointed a finger at me and then I saw her! He then saw her too.

“Claudia.” he said. “Why are you here?”

“I have kept myself here on purpose so I can always stop you!” she said. “I also sent my grandson to distract Lois so you couldn’t get out, but then you just had to get your niece to find that atheme we hid. How convenient!”

“She did an awesome job. I couldn’t believe it! She actually bought that old farm. I guess you all should have made a better pact with the future generations to never sell the property.”

There was a burst of light and I saw him struggle. She was really struggling with him.

“I will never go back in that box!” he screamed.

“Yes you will.”

“You don’t have enough witches to place me back in.”

“I don’t need to. I have the Jade Dragon to help me!”


“That is right. The Dragon will help me.”

Just then the Dragon came to life! The man screamed and blue light went all over the room. It bounced around with the Dragon chasing it. I saw the box shut and the Dragon went back to a statue. Claudia turned to me.

“I am always here. I will keep you safe. Don’t open that box again. I want you to bury it by the creek in the back. Put the knife with it. Cement it if you have to, but we can not let him out.”

“What did he do that you put him in a box?” I asked her.

“He murdered several women after raping them.” she told me. “He is evil to the core.”

She went back into the fire.

I woke up screaming! Just then I heard the clicky clack of Charlie’s feet coming into the bedroom. I couldn’t believe it. He was splattered with blood from his beak all the way down his chest.

“Good morning Lois! How was your sleep?”


Chickens In My House

I left the door open.

My biggest mistake!

The chickens decided to come into my place!

I was in the bathroom with my meal on the table.

I came out and noticed the chickens ate my steak!

They are on my cupboard spilling my milk!

Tipping over the coffee pot and eating the tomatoes!

They are sitting on my chair watching television while pecking at my remote!

They look at me with their beady eyes like I am next on their plate!

I think I need help!

Since they won’t let me sleep!

I just know they are after me!

I put up a sign, but they ignore it.

I can’t keep the chickens out of my house!

They stole my car and drove it into a tree!

They climbed out of it and ran across the street!

The neighbors called the cops, but they blamed me!

Since chickens aren’t allowed to have a driver’s license.

Yet, they still come into my house!

Someone tell the chickens to get out of my house!