Smokey has Cancer!

We need $300 more by the 31st of January for Smokey’s operation! Please, donate. Smokey needs his leg amputated. He has cancer. With his leg gone he can recover and live. Please, donate and share. Thank you! BTW, 300 is only to the half way point of the price of the surgery but it is what the vet wants down to get him help.
Smokey is a beautiful black cat. He lives with Alice Mashburn in North Carolina. Alice took Smokey to the vet because he had an issue with his paw. The vet took his toe and a biopsy showed cancer in the leg. Please, donate whatever you can afford to this beautiful cat.
Smokey has Cancer and Needs his leg amputated (Alice Mashburn)
Thank you!

UP Steam and Gas Show

The UP Steam and Gas Show is having their 40th anniversary this weekend. The show started on Friday, September 4th with everyone setting up quickly for the show to open at Noon. We had helicopter rides this year on Saturday. It was $45 per person to take a short ride in the air. The Flea Market is going strong with plenty of antiques for sale plus some new items. Food vendors are out there looking for you to eat. The horse show is going on and the kids have pony rides at the Beef Barn.

I have a few pictures here. I will get more tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of the Steam and Gas Show. Tickets are $5 for the day or $10 for a weekend wrist band. There is so much to do and see there. I got plenty of pictures of our ham radio building with the antique ham radios and telegraphs inside.

Hope to see you all tomorrow at the Show!

A Rant About the Press This Button

I used word press’s press this button the other day to see how it worked. I copied in an article and set what I could for it. When I got back to my page, I found out I couldn’t change where I wanted it sent to under the sharing column. That was totally gray and wouldn’t let me touch that. I wasn’t able to tag using the press this. And when I tried to revert the article to draft, it kept coming back as a blog post. It was just a test to see.

Now I am going to delete the press this button. It doesn’t work well. I can’t edit like I would want to and it has too many bugs for my liking.

Rant over.

The day the music died!

When I was 15 years old something grand happened in my town of Escanaba, Steve and Sue Seymour opened a record store they named the Record Rack! This was the best thing EVER in da 1980’s. I know every generation thinks theirs is the best but ours was the first to really get the newer ideas like the Record Rack. The alternative was Woolworths and Shopko. Where you could get some awesome deals by the way, but it didn’t have the same atmosphere as the Record Rack had. There was just something about walking in the door, hearing music play, and looking through the album selections while wearing your fedora hat and your shoulder pads. Our hair was ratted with Aqua Net and no one cared if you smoked cigarettes in the store. This was our time. The best time in history and it was made even greater by the introduction of the Record Rack! This shaped my whole teenage years. This made my life worth living. This gave me something I couldn’t have at a time when it wasn’t readily available. Come on! This is a time before the internet was popular, only the rich had cell phones, and a time when the best thing you could own was a walkman!

My friends and I hustled to get a look and were amazed by all the vinyl they had! What an amazing concept. We so needed this in my generation. It was hard to find certain bands at Shopko. Here we could get Duran Duran, WHAM!, Dire Straits, A-Ha, Motley Crue, and so much more like Jazz records, man.

The Record Rack became a teenager’s hangout where the music flowed and you were able to find anything your heart desired on cassette tape or vinyl record. There is nothing like the sound of 33 1/3 rpm record playing in its scratchy sound. That was what our albums were 33 1/3. Our 45’s, as we called them, were for a single song! We even had 12” singles that were the longer versions of a single song.

They were the best people ever! They could order us those rare albums from Canada and the UK. I had found out that Duran Duran had an album that only was made for England, the Seymour’s ordered it for me and within 2 weeks, I got the call. There was that special album that was only released in the UK. Oh my joy! The excitement of hearing a different version of an album! That is what makes your day as a teenager.

My friend Amy had heard of a band from Canada called Platinum Blonde. You betcha, the Seymours obtained three of their albums for Amy. We went back to her house and listened like mad men to their songs! The three albums were, Standing in the Dark, Alien Shores, and Contact. She even bought Edie Brickell & New Bohemians album from there. Now you want to talk about a sound. That is one great band!

My friend Dave, who has always wanted to be my boyfriend, bought me an album there and brought it over to my cousin Bobbi’s house. Bobbi even said it was my favorite band and I would love it.

I loved it. I couldn’t wait to get money. Everything I earned would go to a new album and I bought it at the Record Rack. On July 25, 2015, the Record Rack will be closing its doors forever. This is going to be a very sad day for all in Escanaba. This is a part of everyone’s fondest memories. We all wish Sue & Steve a wonderful retirement! I will forever be grateful to having the Record Rack and giving me the gift of music.