Smokey has Cancer!

We need $300 more by the 31st of January for Smokey’s operation! Please, donate. Smokey needs his leg amputated. He has cancer. With his leg gone he can recover and live. Please, donate and share. Thank you! BTW, 300 is only to the half way point of the price of the surgery but it is what the vet wants down to get him help.
Smokey is a beautiful black cat. He lives with Alice Mashburn in North Carolina. Alice took Smokey to the vet because he had an issue with his paw. The vet took his toe and a biopsy showed cancer in the leg. Please, donate whatever you can afford to this beautiful cat.
Smokey has Cancer and Needs his leg amputated (Alice Mashburn)
Thank you!

A Rant About the Press This Button

I used word press’s press this button the other day to see how it worked. I copied in an article and set what I could for it. When I got back to my page, I found out I couldn’t change where I wanted it sent to under the sharing column. That was totally gray and wouldn’t let me touch that. I wasn’t able to tag using the press this. And when I tried to revert the article to draft, it kept coming back as a blog post. It was just a test to see.

Now I am going to delete the press this button. It doesn’t work well. I can’t edit like I would want to and it has too many bugs for my liking.

Rant over.