Miss Nose World News Report For January 9 2016

On tonight’s New Moon, we open with the world’s biggest jackpot for Powerball.  I hope you have all wrote out those abundance checks! With the jackpot being at 900 million, all the staff cats are running around singing, “I want to be a Billionaire so freaking bad!” That song hasn’t stopped playing. My ears are starting to hate said song and it is annoying me.

It is snowing like crazy here in the U.P. No idea how we will get to Lansing when we win the major jackpot. One of us is bound to win since the whole staff has gotten powerball fever!

I talked with a chanting group on Facebook. They picked numbers and all the members bought tickets with those numbers. They have meditating and chanting to Lakshmi and chanting Dr. Pillar’s Shreem Brzee for 1 mala a day. A mala is 108 times.

Well, I hope we win! Good luck to you all! I hope whomever wins helps us animals! May the Universe bless you all!


Miss Em!

Happy Halloween from Emerald Nose!


This one doesn’t look as scary as the original. I do wish I could find a program that would let me really create great pictures for holidays. Everything has gone to apps including windows 10 and I can’t find anything to make great pics with. Anyway, here is the original and if (that is a big IF) I can get Mr. Nose to sit still for 5 seconds I might be able to get a photo of him for you as well.


Pretty scary kitten huh?

Oh have you heard about the asteroid that will pass Earth today that is really a dead comet? If not then click here. Interesting story and a video. It looks like a skull in sky.

How is that for the latest Nose News?

From the Newsdesk of Emerald Nose


Breaking News:

My crazy brother has now made flyers for his new “business”! Do you see me rolling my eyes at him? My mom, Ruby, and my dad, Topaz, are both behind him opening up his detective agency. Can you imagine? At least I will have more news for you like when he breaks his legs or when he gets beat up by some idiot he is investigating.

I promised my mom that I would put out the news. If you have a small case for him, you can contact him anytime.

And since I promised my parents I would promote his newest endeavor, here is his ridiculous flyer.


That is the latest, breaking news.