Miss Nose Reviews a Rug

“I was amazed to have made this rug. I thought I didn’t have enough yarn. I wanted a blanket but when you are using left overs from other projects, you get what you get.”


My mom is amazing. She makes so many cool items. She made this one and didn’t have a clue what to do with it. I found many ways to use it.

I can do yoga on it,

Yoga is rough
Next Yoga move is

chant on it,

Om Gum

take it outside and watch the many different local functions with it, I can use it when I am cleaning the house to save on my knees, and I am finding many more ways to use this “RUG”.

Homemade items are great gifts for loved ones too. I know many don’t know that or think, “great you made me something.” But really they took time out of their life to make you a gift. They bought all the material, put it together, and made you something special. This, to me, is more precious than any gift from a store.

I am very grateful for my new “rug”. The best gift anyone could have ever given me. I can even sleep on it.

So many uses for left over yarn and rugs. 

I just love this “RUG”.  This is the best gift any MOM could make you. Happy Mother’s Day!





Miss Nose World News

On March 25, 2016, the world exploded with the news that Boston Police arrested the Easter Bunny. He/She apparently needed a permit to give out eggs. She only had 3 eggs to bail herself out of jail. At the time she was fingerprinted, she claimed she didn’t steal any carrots. Someone came and posted bail. Her bail was 24 carrots. You can read more at Police ‘arrest’ Easter Bunny for lack of permit.

Here are the Tweets from Twitter that inspired the article. They are from Captain John Greland!


And that is the story the world is waking up to.



Miss Nose News



I am asking everyone to choose. What topic would you really see me covering? What is your favorite topic for Miss Nose News? What about an advice column? Would you submit your questions to Miss Nose for advice? I am looking forward to your answers!



Miss Nose News

Monday, February 22, 2016

Oh how these humans love to tease me! They took in all the chickens to bath them after cleaning the coop. Here I am with chickens in the house and I am told not to chase them! PLEASE!

UGH! These silly humans are  making my life hell. DSCF1168

They take in Penguin and put her on the table for a picture but I am not allowed on the table. I am not even allowed to chase the chicken. What is a cat to do?

Then they have lasagna for dinner and tell me I can not lick the dish! WHATEVER!

After a day like this, I am glad I have my coffee, computer, and the news to report! Now it is time for me to sleep! News gets up early and one must sleep when one can!




Miss Nose News

Sunday, February 21, 2016

We cleaned the cockatiel cage today. The birds had the bottom off of their cage. The humans put them on the floor with the top part of the cage over them to protect them from us. I would love to chase them around the house.

They are pecking at the floor. I have no idea why they would even like to do this. I sit and watch the intently until the humans have the bottom cleaned. Now they are back in their whole cage and put up high where those silly humans think I can not reach.





Miss Nose News

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The mice are no where to be seen. They appear to not be coming out in this white stuff. Yesterday, we had rain which made everything slippery today. I doubt any mouse will be out in this. I can’t wait until spring when I can chance mice again.




Miss Nose News

Friday, February 19, 2016

It is snowing, then raining, then snowing, and then raining. This crazy weather has no idea what it wants to do. Well at least I have hot coffee, my computer, and the news to keep me going.




Behind Miss Nose

I am so behind. I have some posts for Miss Nose News and I haven’t had an opportunity to get them on here. I will try and get them up but some are not currant. But I will post them anyway.

Miss Nose and the New Jersey Fire


Miss Nose sitting around waiting for news. The latest is an old military base in New Jersey went up in flames. 5 Boroughs came to put out the fire. 11 acres with several of the warehouses sublet to various businesses. The police academy and fire fighters both use this area. School buses are located there. Explosions were heard and felt by near by homes. Several were evacuated. The fire is now contained but the conspiracy theorists are going wild!


Miss Nose World News Report for January 10, 2016

We are all excited that no one won and now the jackpot is up to 1.3 billion dollars. Do you know how much cat nip we can buy with that? We can run our own cat nip business.

After a night of singing, ‘ I want to be a billionaire’ and catching mice, it was time for us all to sleep. We all passed right out.

As you can see the entire staff needed cat naps after finding out we didn’t win but will try again on Wednesday. The staff has already continued their singing of ‘I want to be a billionaire’. Let the party begin.


Miss Em