I need $18,000 dollars now!



Have you seen the site called Millionaires Giving Money? I have been reading their blog. I have been trying since the beginning of the month to get a loan to buy the house I am currently living in.

The house is owned by one of my male companions relatives. She went to jail on a dispensary bust back in December and got out in the beginning of April. She never told us there was a balloon on her mortgage or even the amount owed. She just said pay it off and the house is yours. Now I have to move.

I am looking hard at other options to pay her off and get the house. The house only has a acre but it is a house and land can be purchased later.

The site has some interesting suggestions such as making a video and naming millionaires or billionaires asking for donations.  It names one fella who was donated a million dollars just for asking. He never said what he wanted it just that he wanted it.

So here I am thinking, “what if I ask Bill Gates for $18,000 US dollar bills”? I wonder if he would send it to me no strings attached. Maybe Oprah would? Who could be name drop asking for donations? I do rescue feral cats, spay/neuter them with my own cash. I rescue birds as well. I don’t take in many. The birds I rescued need a forever home and I am giving them just that. They don’t need to be flipped for money or abused any more. The cats are TNR. I release them with vaccinations and fixed. I tipped their ear too so anyone else catching them will see they are already done. I figure it is the least I can do. Since humans are suppose to be caretakers of the whole planet and not think they are rulers or gods of it.

Maybe I could ask some prominent people for $1,000,000 like the other guy.  You know what I would do if I had that much or won the lottery. Say hello to a medical spa and a resort spa for the rich and famous in the Upper Peninsula! I know some chiropractors and physical therapists who would join me in that medical spa. I doubt they would sell me the House of Ludington to make into a resort spa though. That is what I would do with that hotel instead of turning it into low income apartments. Escanaba needs to get some tourists in and get some money flowing.

Anyway, maybe I will make a you tube video. Maybe I will just say, “Hey, Donald Trump, can you give me one million dollars?” Why not? Let’s see where it can go.

P.S. I published this on my other blog so I am sharing it here as well.


A Little Easter Message thanks to the West Wing

I have been watching West Wing again since it is on Netflix. I haven’t seen it in eons. It strikes me how much this show really shows the American politics as it is today. I was watching “Take This Sabbath Day” and it hit me what the Priest was telling Mr. President. We pray for things to come and G-d sends them. It may not be G-d or the G-dess in form but it is them sending us an answer.

The Priest gives him the old story about a man and the flood. Then he tells him G-d sent you a Priest, a Quaker, and a Rabbi. All of them said the same thing and the President didn’t get the message. He did nothing to stop the execution.  You need to listen for the answer when you pray. But the story the Priest tells him has many different versions. Let me show you some.

“God sent a truck, a boat and a helicopter”

God Will Save Me

The Drowning Man

The Parable of the Flood

I Sent You a Rowboat

God Will Save Me My God will save me

There are a few.

Happy Easter everyone! May you have carrot cake and coffee after you are stuffed with eggs! Have a great day!

Tuesday in March

Good Morning Everyone! I know, I haven’t written in a while. Figured since it is quite right now at work to just update you all.

I am still working on stories. I did have a computer malfunction in which I lost several pictures and stories. Now I have to figure out if I can rewrite them or not.

I am sure you all miss Miss Nose and I promise as soon as I can get this UPPCO bill down to like $80 a month, I will be back at it. I doubt that will ever happen but one can dream.

I hope to win the lottery and stay home doing nothing but writing. I did win $4 on MegaMillions last Friday so I am excited about that.

I am hoping you all have a great Easter. I did make some baskets which I will post after I sew them together. All the parts are crocheted, I just need to put it together, then pictures for you all to see.

Hope your day is great and drink a ton of coffee for me! Happy Hoppy Tuesday! Meow!



A Day To Take The Coffee Out

I realize I haven’t blogged in a while. I know it is important to do. One should keep up with the followers and keep them entertained.


I am working on a very, very, very long story. I can’t believe how many words I have written so far. It is turning into a novel or even a novelette at this point.

I work, a lot, and many of my hours are just sitting, waiting. I have been using that time to write, read, crochet, and study to retake my esthetician written test.  I am certain the practical won’t be all that hard. Maybe.

Muscles and skin will be my business for a while which makes me pray that I can give up my other endeavors for the green stuff.

I do several things like home health care, pet sitting, house sitting,  cooking, and cleaning for people. But when you have to pay bills, every dollar counts no matter what you are doing.

I even had a spark to make some podcasts. I have been writing little radio shows. I am thinking about purchasing a podcast all in one microphone. Then I will need to assemble a cast to make each show, but I bet you will all love them.

When you are doing overnights and at the moment no coffee, you really need something to keep your mind alert and you awake.

I hope you have enjoyed our little update. Back to work I go. As I get my stories together, I will get them up for you all to read and enjoy. I will try to remember to keep you all updated on the progress as well.

Good night Upper Peninsula!


Happy New Year’s Everyone!

Today is 12/31/2017 and in just a few hours from now we will be in a new year of 2018.

I often wonder why we celebrate this new year holiday. Everyone just picks up where they left off last year. The first month is filled with goals that never become reality. Intentions no one really has the intention of doing.

This year, I am working on my goals. I am writing more and really taking my time to make sure the writing is great. Quality over quantity.  I know they say when you have a blog you need to write daily like it is some sort of journal where everyone peeks into your most private times reading them with excitement. But I can’t do that.

You see, my life is boring. I go to work, I come home, I go to bed, I eat, I take a shower, blah, blah, and more blah. Who really wants to hear this? I could tell you everyday about my driving adventure from Rock to Munising. Which is usually nothing more than the traffic jams brought on by the deer, turkey, eagles, and whatever else decides to cross the road that day!

I ended up crashing this computer and now have to pay for a software to find all the stories I was working on. Sad but true. I need to get some gravy money. Massage has been slow in Munising. It always is when the town leaves to warmer climate. That is what the residents do anyway. Munising is hopping in the summer though with all the tourist which is why summer for me is not a good time to blog.

Winter is the best time for me to work on stories and I have 5 I am working on right now. Yes, I keep telling myself to finish one, get it on the blog, and then start another, but we all know what our minds are like.

Right now I am working on a ghost story, a science fiction story,  a mystery,  trying to find a new Miss Nose story in my head since those are the ones I lost, and I came up with a new idea, books with crocheted dolls. Yep, working on that right now. I am writing the story and then I will crochet a character for the book. I am going to self publish the book which means the story won’t be posted on my blog. Well, it may be but possibly a link to a website where you can purchase the item.

Which brings me back to this New Year’s Eve celebration of ending last year and ringing in a year that is just another day marked on the calendar. What is it you really want to celebrate? Is it family? Is it friends? Is it what you accomplished this last year?

If it is what you accomplished, will you make a best of 2017 together? Like pictures, awards, stories, and the like? I don’t think anyone does that. I think this is a great idea to celebrate the end of the year with a highlight of what you accomplished. That would be a better celebration. As my Grandma always told me she wanted me prepared for her funeral. As I get older, I see that more and more. I get my Grandma more and more each day.

Another reason I sort of blog the big stuff in our life with pictures and places we went. Just a bit of a documentary for my kids and grandkids. This way they will be able to go to my blog and see some great stuff I did. Maybe they won’t have to rely on my memory and story making processes like I had to with my Grandparents. Although, their stories were great. Especially the war stories my Grandpa had.

Anyway, there is an update. Stay tuned for more great stories! 2018 will have them. My goal is to get them out to you as they are finished properly. Might take me a few months to do that, but I want you to have a better reading enjoyment than just some words thrown together quickly in a rough draft. My main reason for having this blog to begin with was to put my stories in print.

May you all have a safe new year’s eve and a glorious new year filled with accomplishments! May you have a highlights version of the year next year. I think I will work on that myself! LLAP

I realize I haven’t written in a while

SSSSOOOO, grab your coffee cup, grab a seat, sit on down, and let me tell you what I am up to.

I decided to start working on my Miss Nose stories and instead of bouncing from one to another, focus on just one. I did this with Murder of a Journalist. I am working hard on it, rereading it, editing it , and making sure it sounds spectacular. Only 1 problem!


Now for most that isn’t a problem but when you are blogging and away, people lose interest in your blog. I am hoping to make better quality work for everyone to enjoy. It isn’t just about writing to get a story out but to really write a story well. To keep you all on the edge of your seat. To keep you all wanting to stand in line for the next ride.

I am nearing the end of Murder of a Journalist. I just have to figure out how to get that villain to confess. Once that is finished, then you can preview the story. And oh what a story it is.

The last few days I went from 11 thousand words, to 10 thousand, then just under 9 thousand. Now I am back up toward 10 thousand words. I have taken details out to shorten it so you can read it. I even put up a poll to see how many words was a good read for you all. But really, I have no idea at this point how many words it will be or how much I will re-add to the story.

But I hope you all stay tuned for the next installment. It will be a doozy.

How Long Should A Story Be?

My Miss Nose story I am currently working on is at 5000 words. It is getting longer by the day and still not at the completed phase.

I am embedding a poll to see what size stories everyone reads. I want to know what holds your attention.  This way, I can maybe put it into parts if needed or just post the whole story.

Please take the poll.  Thank you!


Little People from the 1970s

Do you remember playing with the little people? I had the school, the airport, the house, the farm, and I think everything Fisher Price made for little people.

I have been crocheting and working. I have been mainly working. That is what I have been doing. Working and working more on my farm. The chickens and goat need me you know. We have been remodeling the coop and barn. The flooring and walls are bad in both so they need attention. We had to fix the roof on the barn as well. Can’t be having water leaking in and ruining feed. It is a long, hard process.

But I digress. What I really wanted to show you is my little person. I figured him out just like Foxy from FNAF. So without further ado, here he is:

What do you think? I know. Work more on the face! But I think I did a really great job on him.

When I get the time, I have several stories that need polishing and then publishing right here for you all. I am sorry for no writing. Here in the UP our summer is short and I am trying to get a ton done in this short amount of time I have. I even have my garden growing in the house for now until I can get the fence up for my garden. I don’t want the deer eating what I am growing. I have a yearling buck and 3 does that come in my yard for food. Nice thing about my job, I can crochet while I wait on clients. It is just hard to write while waiting for them since it is usually about a 10 minute wait time.

More to come. I have adventures to go on this summer as well. Then I will get you some great pictures and tell you all about my adventure somewhere here in the UP.

A wee bit of government intrusion today

The U.S. Forest Service like the DNR are jokes. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe we need to stop illegal hunting, we need more land for the animals since people think they own the whole planet, and we need some services they do offer. BUT…..

The government seems to be under the belief they own everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING! They tax us to death in property taxes and when you can’t pay, they take your land. If a corporation wants your land to put a tower on for anything, the government takes it. If the city wants a new highway, the government takes it. Do you see where I am going here? We the citizens really don’t own a damn thing thanks to our useless government.

All this leads me to this article recently published.  Good-bye to cabin life: U.S. government tells owners in U.P. to leave! That is right the good ole U.S. Forest Service is again taking away land from people and telling everyone they can’t use it. Well, if it is public land then we should be able to use it however we see fit. This is like the time when Obama closed our parks including Pictured Rocks. Do you remember the government shutdown in 2013? Our Governor, Rick Snyder, decided it was ok to follow what the feds said and closed the parks. Wrong thing to tell a Yooper! Taxpayers Revolt Against Park Closures 

The other social nasty I really want to get rid of in our government is the inflation/deficit we face. Inflation keeps rising. When I entered the workforce many, many moons ago, I made $3.35 an hour. This was good. Milk was only 50 cents a gallon. Bread was about the same price. Gas went between 75 cents to around a dollar. In the 70s we had a gas shortage which made us top around $1.75 or so depending upon where you lived. But groceries were cheaper. A can of Spaghettios was 75 cents a can. Back when we could make a homemade pizza for under a buck. Today it is under $5. I really hate that our economy has gotten like this. By all rights minimum wage should be around $18 an hour just to keep up with rising milk costs. Since that is 6 times what I made back in the 80s, our factory workers and professionals should be charging 6 times as much for their wages as well. Most attorneys charge $200 an hour today which is cheap with the realization of inflation vs wages. By all accounts an attorney should charge $1200 an hour.

This little rant is brought to you today by this article I discovered on my browser home page. Escaping poverty requires almost 20 years with nearly nothing going wrong

The biggest problem we face is money. I always loved Star Trek because they didn’t use money. Everyone had their spot on the planet and no one ever mentioned money. Except of course the Ferengi with gold press latinum.

Found this online. Not sure who made it but I love it.  It is on 45 or more sites.

That is all I got for today. Back to writing and crocheting. I have been working a ton of hours lately. Maybe if I get time, I will post some pics of what I have been making.


Peeps Delights Blueberry


The package before I opened it. As you can see the Peeps look really good. I like the blue flecks.

I was at Wal-Mart during the after Easter sale. I purchased these Peeps for $.99. They were 50% off.  The package pre-Easter sale time must have been close to $2 or more. I was very fortunate to get these for $.99!


I tried to get the nutritional information off the back.
The ingredients and calorie information on the back. I got as close as I could and tried to make it readable.


The rest of the ingredients up close and personal.


The first thing I smelled when opening the package was chocolate. I unfortunately got the dark chocolate. I am not a fan of dark chocolate. I love milk chocolate more. The aroma was overwhelming and tempted my taste buds so I hurriedly ate one. The dark chocolate overwhelmed the blueberry Peep. I took another one and ate the top of the Peep to taste the blueberry. I must say blueberry Peeps without chocolate would be an all time fave.


The 3 little Peeps awaiting their fate in my tummy and looking all sad that they must be eaten. They are so cute. The chocolate smell is the first to hit your nose.


I ate the top so I could taste the blueberry Peep without the dark chocolate. Dark chocolate always over takes the taste of anything else it is combined with.


The dark chocolate underside.

The most unfortunate part of this whole Peeps with chocolate package is, there are only 3 Peeps in the entire package equaling 150 calories. WHY????!!!!! I want more! My hope would be that Peeps would make a milk chocolate, 50 or more piece of the blueberry/chocolate Peeps. 3 just isn’t enough.

Since I was late getting to the Easter sales, I have no idea if there were any other flavors or other types of Peeps this year. I am hoping next year will be much better and I will be delighted in Peeps.

These Peeps I would definitely tell you to buy. Don’t buy the yucky Oreo cookie Peeps but do buy these. They will fill your taste buds and leave you wanting more.