Antagonist- Who Are You?

Here I am at a crossroads with my novel! We all know that the protagonist is the hero of the story! That person takes down the bad guy and wipes the floor with him. That bad guy has it coming, or does he?

I see an antagonist as your evil twin. No inhibition, does what he wants, goes where he pleases, and could care less what others think. This being the case, I am trying to make a realistic antagonist, but I am also trying to write a great mystery. A who dun it like never before. This being the case, I need people who are real. I need people who just make a bad choice and I need that one in a million bad guy!

I have some of him worked out. I know he is male. I know he loves to kill people just because he can. I decided that his day job should be plumbing and heating because that makes him a common, average Joe that fits without being too noticed. It allows him to plant bugs in peoples houses because who would think of looking in their heating ducts for a camera? Or even check the plumbing.

Now, I am trapped by his type of victim. Does he only kill women or will he also kill men? Will he kill to escape being caught? Did he come from an abusive home or a happy, healthy family? Did he start on animals first? Was he abusive to his lovers? Does he like men or women in his bed? Did he play a sport that caused a head injury? Do we need a reason of why he kills?

We ask ourselves questions about our hero’s life all the time. Who is the protagonist? What employment is he/she in? All kinds of questions and we build that character to really great heights, but what about our bad guy? I can’t remember ever reading a book that really focuses on that bad guy. Oh we get whiffs of him or her but do we ever really get to know that person? People say all the time about serial murders that they never expected that guy or that neighbor to be like that. They can’t wrap their head around the idea that this charming neighbor who would give you the shirt off their back could kill or harm someone! Why? What makes you think you aren’t able to kill, let alone your neighbor?

This is where I am at folks. I hope you are reading the chapters I have released and please leave feedback on them! Meanwhile, I am becoming my antagonist and working on him. I hope to make him seem like your next door neighbor. Here is to working a realistic bad guy!

A Final Stab at Writing for Class Now Onto the Future

This next month I will be finishing up all the Writing 101 emails I missed writing. I have a few I am still working on. I hope to get them done soon. I will put them with the Writing 101 tag so you can still read them.

This next month I will be adding some short stories I have been working on. I hope to get all my stories done by the end of October. I am not signed up for a new class yet but I hope to get one in this month as well. Maybe I will retake Writing 101.

This next month I will be looking for a new office for my business, bringing the baby ferals down to the shelter, selling more eggs, and finishing my fall cleaning schedule. I have my cleaning broken down for less stress but a clean house.

This next month I will be renewing my massage license and insurance. There is so much to do in this next month. I even have Halloween to plan.

This next month I hope to see everyone again. I hope your blogs stay strong and your writing stays fresh. I will miss you all and I thank you all for the feedback and love.

My Boring Day

The reason I was at my LiveJournal blog is day 14’s assignment. It reminded me of my English class I took while I was going through the hard times in 2009. My husband left me for an 18 year old, and not any 18 year old, but his friend’s daughter. We met her when she was 12 and just 6 years later she destroyed my marriage. I took to college because I was a mess. The emotional turmoil is something I won’t be able to give you right now. It was bad and I needed something to help me stay focused so college it was. I called it My Boring Day since I couldn’t come up with an excellent title. Our job was to write about a day in our life and to take it for the whole 24 hours; then we had to cut it down with help from our classmates. This piece made them all cry and they had a hard time helping me cut it down to the right size.  Without further adieu, here is my English piece that goes perfectly with our Writing 101 assignment!


The alarm rings it is 6 a.m.

I press down on the off button and arise. I look to where you usually are and the memories flood back. I start the coffee and take a shower. I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee.  As I get out of the shower, I call to you. I say out loud, ‘Will you make me a cup?’ Then I remember your gone.

I proceed to wake the girls from their slumber.  As they ready for school, I clean and cook breakfast.  As we ready to leave for the bus, I look at the bed one more time. Normally you would be there. Lying there and smiling pretending to be asleep.

Its 7:15, time to walk down to the bus.  I walk out the door into a morning of orange and pink sky and start walking down the dirt road to the mailboxes where the bus comes. I see them off.  I tell myself with every step back to the house that this is a start to a new day and yesterday doesn’t matter anymore.

It is 7:30. I start cleaning up after the breakfast. At least it’s nothing sticky this time. The girls sure do enjoy maple syrup way too much. I am thinking we need to buy them a farm and I go to say something to you and remember you’re not here.

It is time to do some more cleaning, for it is such a great distraction, and I prepare my first cup of coffee for the day.  I put on some music I like mixture of Duran Duran and several others to clean the house by. I make sure it is upbeat because lately the slow stuff makes me cry.

Kitchen is always the first place to clean for I am already in it. The smell of bleach is always in this house but I swear it is the only way to combat these cats. Who knew 3 female cats could smell so much? They really need to stop going to the bathroom because it smells like something died.  I catch myself several times starting to say something to you, but then I realize you are gone.

I take my cup of coffee and look out the door window. I swear at times I still see you sitting there. You’re not there and I walk to the table to put down my coffee.

I pull the laundry out of the dryer into the basket and walk it back to the bedroom to fold. I leave it at the foot of the bed and go back to pull the laundry from the washer and place it into the dryer.  I go back into the bedroom half expecting most of the clothes folded. They aren’t. They are still at the foot of the bed. There are those feeling again. I fold the clothes and walk back to the table for my coffee. It’s cold now but I drink it anyway.  I finish the whole house by 10 a.m.  Now what?

The phone rings. It’s Laura calling to tell me he has made more threats. “He says he is going to ‘check up’ on the place. We are trying to convince him this is a bad idea.”  She goes on about him and how if he keeps this up we will have to go to a safe house again. I hate those safe houses.  Then she says,’ We are trying to find him a permanent therapist who can make the decision about hospitalizing him or putting him on meds.’ My thoughts are,’ why haven’t you done this yet?’ But I hold my tongue. I should be grateful for just this phone call because she isn’t allowed to tell me anything.  So far all I know is he has a mental illness and that he wants us dead.  Wonderful, I wish I were wealthy.

It’s 10 a.m. I start to read. I am finally on the last book of Harry Potter.  It is such a great distraction, getting into the fantasy of another life. Taking my mind off of what is happening here and now.  I get up to have another cup of coffee.

I do some exercise as if cleaning the house for two and a half hours isn’t enough.  I have to look good now.  Although, I really wish to get fat, because that is what you seem to like.  I keep thinking it would be great to be the little, old, fat woman with all the cats so the children in town can call me crazy. I do research on how to achieve this and find it is caused by loneliness.

Time for more coffee so I prepare another cup. Damn, another fly dies in it. I swear these flies are trying to make my coffee drinking life impossible. I talk to dead flies asking them why they choose to die in my coffee.

I am on the internet anyway, might as well speak to old friends and see what they are doing. Maybe I can get one that lives here in town to go with me for coffee.  No such luck they all have lives.  People are always too busy when someone really needs a distraction from reality.

I look at the television. What the hell? Watching someone else’s problems is a good distraction.  I decide to watch the television.  They are talking about couples breaking up.  I start having thoughts and tears run down my cheeks.

My sister calls. I swear that woman is psychic. She always calls at just the right time. We spend hours talking about her life. How Chris has ballooned to 325 lbs and she won’t have sex with him anymore. How they are fighting. Their marriage is on the rocks and she isn’t sure she wants to stay with him. She thinks she should for the kids’ sake. Withholding her own happiness for them to be with their Father who isn’t only obese but emotionally has checked out on everyone.

I go to take a drink of coffee and discover more dead flies. I tell my sister that the flies hate me and are trying to take away the one enjoyment I have left in life, coffee drinking.  She, of course, laughs and says that it is the CIA bugging my coffee.  I really wonder if it is. Maybe they want to know my conversations with my sister as boring as they are.

It’s 4 p.m. time to walk down to the bus to get the girls. As I step out on the porch I see a pink and purple sky and I look down at the lawn chair you always sit on. I think to myself I should throw it away. It is a very bad reminder of what used to be.

The stray that lives in the shed walks up to me. I am shocked he actually is walking up the steps toward me. He is so beautiful. I wish he would let me pet him but he is feral and doesn’t like people much. He meows at me and I say to him,’ I am walking down to get the girls. Do you want to come?’ He meows and as I take a step forward, he runs. Guess not today.

I walk down that same dirt road. Soon I will know every rock by name. I look to the East and there is the moon in all her glory. She is going to be excellent tonight for she is full. I wish you were still here. It was wonderful having someone to sit on the porch with and look at all the stars in the bright sky.

I check the mail. Nothing. I wonder why I never get any mail. I guess that is better than all the bills I have. I keep paying them though. They are a great distraction. I think about enrolling into school so I can make more money. I really don’t make enough to pay all these bills alone.  Paying bills is so much easier when there are two people instead of one.

I watch for the bus with the sun in my eyes.  The sun sure does like to go down in abundant glory. Big orange ball making sure you know he is there and you won’t see him again for 12 hours. Shining with non verbal words saying, “You see me now. Look at my beauty. You will miss me when I leave. You know you want to look at me. I am blinding with fiery beauty.’ Crazy sun, sure is arrogant.

The bus finally arrives. I like having the girls home. They are a great distraction. We walk back to the house and once we are inside, I take off my shoes and coat to start dinner. After dinner, I clean up the kitchen.  I help them with their homework.  When it is finished, it is time for them to bathe then bed.

Its 7 p. m. so I turn on the telly again to find something to watch and all that is on is stuff you would enjoy. You were more of the telly person. You sure did enjoy your shows.  Now I am just trying to find something for noise. Got to be something.  The girls scream at me to stop. They want to watch whatever this is.

So I go to the computer for the last hour they are awake.  Facebook is great for a distraction and several old friends are on there. An hour of conversation would be nice.

I go to the stove and start the water for tea. I go again to ask you if you would like some and realize you’re not here. As the water is bowling in the black tea pot, I go back to the computer to talk to a friend.

Bobbie and I are having a conversation about 7th grade. She knows me. She knows the distraction of old boyfriends and stupid tricks on teachers will make me laugh. The tea pot sings her spectacular song of being done. I grab my blue tea mug and a bag of Earl Gray. I place the Earl Gray in the mug and wrap the string around the handle. I add honey and water then stir and walk back to Bobbie. She starts to tell me about her business class and what she has to finish for it.

I look at the time and tell the girls they need to go to bed. Wow. Already 8p.m. funny how time flies. Bobbie and I talk more. The sound of the television in the back ground is somewhat annoying but in a way calming. I feel like there are other adults in the house and I am safe.

Bobbie wants to know if I have decided on enrolling in school like she has. I tell her I may. She tells me about Bain having another run over the Tundra. She likes Alaska but she hates the governor. She says Sara Palin sucks and isn’t worth salt. I look up her track record and I have to agree with Bobbie. She doesn’t even like the wolves. Bobbie reminds me of the wolf hybrid her one boyfriend had. That was like the best dog ever. I think only Yoopers like half wolf dogs.

I type to Bobbie,’BRB’ and go retrieve another cup of Earl Gray. I remember Grandma and how she loved to drink this tea too.  You use to drink it with me also. I think to myself, ‘maybe I should change my choice of tea.’ I go back to Bobbie and our conversation. She is getting an A in her business class and has no idea how she is achieving such a grade. ‘Remember when we were in high school,’ she types,’ I couldn’t get anything past a C.’ I laugh and type ‘LOL. No you were too busy with the boys to care.’

Laughing seems so weird but I want to do it. I need to do it. I wonder to myself if I will ever be able to laugh right again. Bobbie types that she has to go to bed. I type,’ Good night.’ And look at the clock.

Finally its 9 p.m., I find Next Gen. I am so excited. Best thing on television. What do you know; it’s one of the episodes where Picard has a cup of ‘Earl Gray, Hot’. I love this show. This is all first season episodes so far nice to see the old crew.

I get up during a commercial and add a new tea bag to the mug. Tea bags never last long about 2 cups and then they are too weak. I walk back to the couch. Usually you would be there and I can cuddle under your arm to watch the show. I let out a long sigh. I sit down and watch the rest of the episode.

It is over now. I yawn and realize I am tired which I am most days. I get up from the couch and walk to the bedroom. I deposit my tea mug in the sink on the way.  As I walk into the bedroom, I look at the bed. It looks inviting but seems to be missing something. I get in and try to get warm under the covers but it is hard because you aren’t there projecting your heat. I finally drift off with the telly on.  It’s the only way I can sleep now.

The alarm rings its 6 a.m.

An Open Letter to Prince Charming.

I wrote this during a very bad time. D-I-V-O-R-C-E time! So now I have an open letter to Prince Charming. Enjoy.  I added the link and title to where I original published it. I was thinking about writing a new open letter which I am still working on but this one is a very good one as well.

Where is the handsome Prince of my dreams?

Dear Prince Charming
I was told you would come.
We would live in a mansion full of love.
Happily ever after is what I was told.
I feel so lied to.
It just isn’t so.
Where is the handsome Prince of my dreams?
The one I see smiling at me.
Where are you my Prince?
Why aren’t you here?
I see you so clearly,
When dreams are near.
Dear Prince Charming,
I was told you would kiss me.
Wake me from a sleep that seems never ending.
You would battle the witch for my hand.
Keep me safe in your arms while ruling our land.
Where is the handsome Prince of my dreams?
The one I see smiling at me.
Where are you my Prince?
Why aren’t you here?
I see you so clearly,
When dreams are near.

by me

Coffee Time

I am so happy as I drive up to the café. The excitement is killing me. I can’t wait to see you again. It has been such a long time. I love walking into this java café. The aroma fills my nostrals. There you are at a a table for two. I see you already asked for the flavored creamer. I order my special cup of coffee and this is such a great café they even ask you if you want whipped cream and sprinkles in your joe.

I grab my coffee in both hands and inhale the aroma slowly. Ahh. Nothing like that smell. I go over to where you are sitting. Nice to even have a window seat so we can watch the cars driving by and people passing. I so enjoy the sunshine through the window. You know how much I love the heat.

While having our coffee in this special spot ….. I want you to know how special you are. I have come to the understanding that no one is in my life forever and I have been trying to see everyone before something happens to them. I don’t want to have regrets. Lately, it appears I came home just in time to attend funerals. I long for a great wedding, anniversary, or some other reason to celebrate. I have been at the nursing homes so much lately watching friends and family die that I really need something great going on.

While having our coffee in this special spot…. I finished some of my CEUs. This time around I took CranioSacral Therapy. I am certain this will add to my Reiki section for work. I am still trying to find an affordable office in Escanaba. I really don’t want to keep traveling over an hour a day to work. It would be nicer to be closer to home. I have been looking in Rock, Gladstone, Rapid River, and Perkins as well. I know Bark River isn’t that far but there really isn’t anything but farm land going out there. I could try a few other towns that way as well. I hope to find something soon even if it is an old RV I can park in my yard.

While having our coffee in this special spot …… I am working on getting new equipment for my business. I have obtained the hot stones now I just need a few other things. I want to get a heated blanket for winter, body wrap supplies and equipment, some ayurvedic equipment and the essential oils. I am hoping to add retail to my business as well and sell essential oils, lotions, biofreeze, and maybe even t-shirts.

While having our coffee in this special spot …… I am writing as much as I can. I really want to get that novel done. I am hoping to get as much as I can done to see if I can get it published with an actual publishing company. I have been taking some online writing classes. I hope it can make my blogging better. People say that blogging is dead, but I wonder about that statement. Is it really dead if you and I are discussing it or reading it?

While having our coffee in this special spot …… I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. It took most of my memory since the laptop I have is old and only has 200 gb on the hard drive but it sure is worth it. What an amazing upgrade and this computer is running better than before. That is a big HMMMM. Can’t figure that one out. But now that I have a secondary computer up and running it means more time for me to write. Sharing a computer is what really sucks. But I took an old one and threw in some new parts and voilá, another laptop for us to use. Never underestimate the power of having left over computer parts. You can create new computers out of those parts.

Well it is time for us to part. I am sad at leaving you. There is so much more we can talk about. I hope you make another coffee date with me. We can meet again at our special spot near the window with our coffee in hand.

To Write or Not To Write

HA! Today’s assignment for Writing 101 is about taking a break and getting refreshed so you can come back and write brilliantly. NOT! Do you have any idea what my day is really like? I laugh because I never get a chance to seriously sit down for even 5 minutes to write.  I barely have time to make a pot of coffee or take a shower let alone write! I need to find the time to write.
I have a house to clean from top to bottom. I actually have divided that out so every day I clean a different room, but there are chores that have to be done daily especially when you live on a farm. I have chickens that are up before the sun and demanding food. They know right where my bedroom window is and let me tell cha those roosters know how to fly up to the window and crow loudly. Best alarm clock in the world! Can’t beat a hungry rooster I tell you! Then I have to clean the hen house, clean up the yard when I can, do the dishes, cook the meals, take care of the feral kittens, take care of the macaw, cockatoo, and cockatiels, take care of the dogs, selling eggs which means gathering them, washing them, and taking them to places to be sold, and taking care of my kids.

Best alarm clock in the world is a hungry rooster!

Oh, yes, my kids lets talk about them for a moment shall we! Well, they have orchestra and band activities, plays, French club, homecoming, posters to be drawn, and what ever else they can find to include themselves into after school like having lessons for their instruments or teaching their instrument to another. I am the taxi for now at least until they get their licenses to drive. Maybe I might get some time then to write! Then there are the doctors appointments for the children. I rarely go to the doctor since I really don’t have the time. Homework and more homework. And I really shouldn’t forget all the running to the school about this or that. I swear the staff at our local school can not function without me.
cant you function without me
The kids and weekends are totally fun. We have to go fishing when we can. We have to go bike riding because winter will be here soon and then we will have to sled everywhere. And then the endless amount of begging for a horse. Sigh. A HORSE! Just what I need. Are there any planets where the day lasts longer than 24 hours? I need one that is about 72 hours long! 
Then I have my sister who lives in New Jersey. I do a ton of cleaning, selling eggs, and other things all while talking to her for 4 plus hours a day on the phone. Those phone calls are usually about our youngest sibling and the fact she is a ding bat. Of course she always makes me run and check on our mother who is totally glued to the ding bat! That is always a waste of time if you ask me. I keep thinking, “I could be home right now on my computer writing.” Instead, I am at my mother’s house bitching because her house smells from not cleaning her cat boxes.
I could be writing
And I really can’t forget all the relatives I have right now in nursing homes dying. I go and visit them as well. I much rather be seeing them alive than going to a funeral. I figure my time is better spent visiting them and having memories than just going to their funeral and crying about not seeing them more.
My dad is constantly coming over as well. He usually hangs out in the garage with Dave fixing the endless amount of cars. Dave works from our house so he really doesn’t have to worry about leaving. I on the other hand do. I don’t have a home office. I wish I did. It would be great! I keep telling him I need a little hut made in our yard. One big enough for my massage equipment. That would be so much better than driving those 2 hours every day. It would also be great if I could live somewhere like Hawaii. Then I could have my business on the beach in really hot weather. I hate the snow.
Lastly I have my poor massage business. Where I find time for clients I will never know. I drive an hour to my office, work 4 hours there, and then drive an hour home. That takes 6 hours of my day alone.
I really do try to work out when I can. I usually do it while sneaking in an hour of watching television or while on the phone with my sister. I am totally grateful for speaker phones. I don’t see much of my telly show doing some workouts but at least I try and get two things done at once. Makes sense to me and it makes for less stress by working out and watching telly at the same time. Also leads to less guilt.
Then I help Dave with his business. I call and order parts. I call clients back and set up appointments. I call clients when their vehicle is done.
AH. Sigh. Someday. Some time in the near future. I will find the time to work on my novel. I may even find the time to watch more than 20 minutes on the telly. I can’t wait to just relax and do nothing.
doing nothing

Where Do I Write

I lost my first 2 paragraphs of this post when my browser page froze on me. I had it going great and then boom. I now have to start all over and I can’t remember exactly how I put everything. I hate it when I lose material and have to start all over again from scratch. Here is the newest version of this post.

I am writing aboard my yacht in 1000 degree weather.

NOT! But since I am unable to complete this dream, I write instead from my kitchen table or from my living room sitting in my recliner. Since I live in a house filled with other people it is hard to find a spot that is quiet enough to think let alone write. As I write this, I have two of my family members both talking. One is complaining about dying in his game and the other is endlessly talking about nothing really. I would love to have a yacht and go out on the water away from everyone else. No one is allowed on my yacht. It is just me and my computer on my yacht. It is peaceful on my yacht. I have NO distractions on my yacht. All I have is the rocking motion of the waves as they hit the sides of my yacht. I may go to sleep with all that rocking. Where ever I go, distractions, but I have learned to kind of tune out those distractions except when it comes to the fact that I am a MOM. Yep. Those type of distractions get my attention faster than a bull seeing a red blanket. I charge in like a raging bull to do what every mother in the universe does, protect those youngins. But I digress.

I had several English teachers with my time here on earth and each one said pretty much the same thing, “YOU CAN’T BE A WRITER UNLESS YOU WRITE EVERYDAY.” or “YOU NEED TO WRITE EVERYDAY TO BE CONSIDERED A WRITER.” Something to that degree is said by every English teacher in the United States. I think they need a new quote but it is a worthy one. I keep paper and a pen in my purse in case an idea hits me in the head like shoe thrown at George Bush. Never know when a rock will fall on you and AAAAAHHHH inspiration for some great story pops in your head. You never know when that urge will come. Sometimes it comes in the middle of some shing ding you were invited to. What can you do? Well if you are me, you grab whatever you can to write with including crayons and you use napkins or toilet paper or whatever else you have in front of you to write on. I was in a restaurant once when a poem hit me so hard. I grabbed the paper mat that was there for my food and I asked some kid that was coloring for a crayon then BANG poem wrote. That is how it goes sometimes when you learn that everyone is a writer. Sometimes some people aren’t the best writers but that is because they don’t write everyday.

One day I want that perfect office or yacht where I can go and sit quietly day dreaming along to that perfect story. That will be the ideal way to write. In a nice quiet spot filled with the right aroma and the right atmosphere, but as much as I complain about my distractions, I really do need them. You see, distractions are muses. They give us new ideas. They give us a new story. I just would like it if everyone would let me finish one story first before giving me new ones.


Writing is hard when you have to do it at home. It is really hard when you have a family and no office to go to. I would love a nice quiet office with no distractions. I would love to be the only person to use the computer. No one else’s little hands touch it. I need an office and a computer of my own. I hate being interrupted by everyone in the house. When I am not doing something they don’t need me, but the second I am, then they demand so much. The second I sit down to write or I am on the phone, BOOM, that is when they all need me. Zero privacy. Give me your attention NOW because you are busy doing something at the moment. Every time I sit down to write, I get someone talking to me, someone wanting something to eat, someone wanting some clothes, someone wanting to talk to me on the phone, someone, someone, someone!

I believe, if all authors say this, it is because they too are distracted. They are distracted by everything in their house. They are distracted by phone calls,by pets, and by people. I feel like Jessica Fletcher sometimes. I am at the table banging out a story on the typewriter and RING, RING, RING goes the damn phone. Then you have someone who needs your help with something like a MURDER!. When do you ever have time to finish your novel if you are out helping the Sheriff solve a homicide?

I wish I had all day where it was quiet and peaceful enough for my creative juices to flow like a fountain of chocolate. My house is never quiet between the others who live here, the birds, the dogs, the cats, the phone, and the chickens. People are always stopping by to buy eggs. They are always stopping in to yiky yak about nothing. Someone always comes around needing help getting out of the ditch. Well, if you wouldn’t drive 155 mph down my road, you wouldn’t lose control of your vehicle. HELLO!

This is why I wish I had a bubble. One where I can have even an hour without someone talking to me. I keep losing what I am thinking about and I end up losing that creative idea. The noise is just too much for my mind to keep on tract. I hate being rude to people but I know sometimes I am. I go to public places with WiFi so I can have that bubble and what happens, everyone who sits next to me starts talking to me. They want to know what I am doing, what I am writing, what about this, what about that, what about the weather. Give me a break! Good grief! I just want a moment of peace!

This statement is possible true to all writers at some point in their lives since distraction hit us all from the very mundane to the most important. We are forever looking for that quiet moment in time where we can just get the writing done. We just want that one moment where our creativity is flowing and we can’t keep up typing out what we are thinking only to have someone break that flow with their sword of need.


When you see someone writing and typing fast, let them be. Let them get that creative moment out. Don’t bug them. That creative juice is lost forever when you get distracted. Then try as you might, you have lost that thought that was so great. You try hard to find that voice again but a new voice is what you actually receive. It will never be that same creative flow once the original flow is broken. Once the original flow is gone so is that once in a lifetime story.

Diamond and Emerald Nose Make a List


Emerald Nose here. I am a roving reporter and on the hunt for more than just mice. My dear brother wants to be a great detective and mouse hunter. I myself enjoy a good mouse once in a while but I really love a great news story. One day, I want to be THE TOP ANCHOR  on our local TV station.

I really tried waking him up for today’s top news ideas.


I have a list and I hope you can all help me decide which one to do.

  • An educational piece on why cats eat the head first of mice
  • What every cat loves
  • Top Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/whatever else you call that gift giving season in human terms gift ideas for cats.

I have lists to go with those lists. Give me an idea. I guess Diamond is too wore out from his energy questions and tarot questions to join us in making our lists. Just so you know, I want a new computer of my very own that I don’t have to share with anyone for the gift giving season. Now if I can just get Mr. Nose up!


Until the next news update this is Miss Emerald Nose letting the mice fall quietly as the news comes softly. Over and out, Em!