Blogging 201

*It has come to my attention that some people don’t know where to sign up for these classes. Here is the link. *

Day 1: Your Goals:

Day one of Blogging 201 asks you to determine your goals. You need at least three goals for your website/blog. I have a couple of websites/blogs. One is my KWP Money Reiki site where I have my articles about Money Reiki, Reiki, numerology, astrology, and I create my own abundance checks, money angels, plus other fun items for Reiki.

The goals I want for the KWP Money Reiki site are:

1. Create a Mr. Nose Knows for Reiki questions people have.

2. Write more Reiki articles about energy and how it moves.

For my massage business site, my goals are:

1. Write articles on muscles, massage modalities, and maybe even review some of my competition.

I have a tumblr site for my chicken business. My goals for that are:

1. Take more pictures of my chickens

2. Write more posts on what it is like to have a chicken farm.

I enjoy writing short stories which I try to find time to write. I need to start creating deadlines for myself as well. I am hoping to create two short stories a month for my enjoyment. I really need to learn more about creating an exciting website that will draw in people.

Day 2 Creating a brand:

What can I use as a brand for my websites? I have my cat that I no longer have since he disappeared one day in Colorado for my KWP Money Reiki site. His name was Kenny Wenny Penny hence KWP. I have his picture up all over the site along with my turtle Cutie. I also have my black cat Blackie in on the fun over there.

For my massage business I have pictures of my office up, pictures of Munising, and some pictures I created with sayings like, “gone massaging” instead of fishing. I like to take the local scenery and create sayings on them about massage.

For my tumblr site, I have the chickens.

I put my cockatoo up on this one for a label. Not sure if that is a good brand or not, but for now he works.

Day 3 Looking at your website:

Today’s goal is to take a critical look at your website. Making sure it mobile friendly, checking out new themes, adding something, taking something away, and just seeing it like it is someone else’s site. Does it catch your eye? Is it easy to read in mobile view? Are the colors going to work for someone who isn’t as colorful as you are? Does the content flow? It is all about those questions one has when judging if the website needs more work. Don’t forget to ask yourself if it works on tablets and mobile phones? Can you navigate on a tablet and mobile? I checked my websites out on the computer, tablet, and phone plus I used the tool given to me on wordpress to see how it looked. I am in love with three different themes. The three themes I love work well on all three devices.

They are:

1. Baskerville

2. Libre

3. Libretto

If you are looking for themes that are friendly to all three devices, these three are the best.

Day 4 Creating editorials for your followers:

Today we are asked to look at our stat pages and really take a look at what days people are reading our sites, what times they are there looking, what posts have comments, the views for each post, and deciding which posts are the most favorite of your followers. Once you have this information, you can then create an editorial calendar to give your followers what they really want to read. It is all about looking at what is getting you the most out of your blog or website. My blogger site gives me stats for the day, week, month, year, since I started the blog, and for the day itself. I can see my top posts.  I can see the countries, browsers, operating systems, pageviews, referring urls, referring sites, comments, pages, and what days I have the most people on the site. The one thing it doesn’t tell me is what time people come to the site like at 1 pm or 1 am. This would be very helpful to me so I could know what time of day to post something instead of making sure I do it by midnight that day. My wordpress doesn’t have any stats since no one follows me on here. My Tumblr only shows activity when someone likes or reblogs my post. But it does give me days and times.

Day 5 Archives:

Today we were asked to look at widgets to help us organize our past articles. It will help those new to your website find related articles or past articles they will enjoy reading. It has taken me a while to find the ones that were mentioned for us. I got the related posts up by finding that under settings – reader. I enabled that for any posts that could be included. I need to remember to use the link idea in the posts for new articles especially for massage and Reiki. They always build upon each other so it will be good to include any links to muscle in with my massage articles. I have plenty to write about with muscles that is for sure. We have 600 + but now they are saying it is closer to 700 muscles in the human body. Why? Because they (medical society) like to take a small part of one muscle and name it something new.

I activated an archived and category widget. Of course with my theme, they are at the bottom of the page. This theme doesn’t have the sidebars on the side but at the bottom. It took me a while to read each page for finding these widgets so they could be placed on my website. For those of you new to wordpress and aren’t taking the blogging 201 course, here are the links to the step by step instructions to add them to your site. It is a wonderful idea especially if you are getting new followers.

Top Posts & Pages Widget

Archives Widget

Categories Widget

Introducing Related Posts

Day 6 Using Social Media To Build A Blogging Community.

I came late in the game tonight for this assignment. I already added a couple of social sites to my blog but I was very upset when I found that the 2 I had were listed on everything I was posting even my private postings that aren’t even ready yet. I have them published but only to get feedback from a couple of trusted people. I need them private so no one steals them. I don’t mind sharing one kind of post to one thing but I don’t want it posted to everything. I had to edit my past posts to make sure it was done right.

I am sure some people want others to read their blog, but this blog I don’t want anyone to read. I am using this one to hone in on my skills to make my other sites pop. This way it is polished and looks marvelous to the readers. This is my feedback site to perfection. I already have my other sites on social media.

To let you all in on a secret, I hate facebook. I really do. They market to everyone and change so much plus they read everything so there isn’t one ounce of privacy. I am a private person. I don’t want other people reading my chats that no one else can see so they can market to me something stupid I will never purchase. Who would?

They have now made changes to the business pages with likes and shares. It is really hard to get anything to your clients through them without paying for an advertisement spot.  This is why so many people are moving away from facebook. I see people who have awesome pages like for coffee  and they are seeing less of their posts going to people on facebook. Why? Because facebook has a ton of new changes that no one knows how to use. Your newsfeed is not like it used to be. It is tailored by facebook and you only see what they want you to see. I want to see everything from my friends and groups but that is impossible unless I go through and click on each individual page. That takes me all day. I have been using their see first button and changing it up since facebook only allows you so many people to see first. So each week I change my people.

I use massagebook for my massage business as well. Massagebook is a site that you can plug into your website. It will book your clients, put up reviews, has a dashboard, allows you to find employment in your area, and even if you’re looking for someone to help you, it has job seekers on there as well. It is a nice program. It will list your website on sites like google, yahoo, bing, and others. I think the best way to get anyone to your blog or website is by the old fashioned business card. List it on the card and hand it out to people. Sit in a coffee shop for a day working on your website and talk to people, I have done that. It gets people to your site and builds your community giving you access to future clients.

I think of all the social media sites. I like twitter the best. Yes you have only 140 characters before you have to post but you can link a tumblr to it and post longer there.  I don’t spend as much time putting post on my tumblr as I should. I am trying to get them all perfect. That is just me, my OCD, and my anxiety kicking in. I have a tumblr called Cornell News. It is all about my coming home and having a chicken farm. I never cared much about chickens growing up. They were just a nuisance that needed to be fed and eggs gathered. Farming as a child isn’t what you really want to do. It is your parents idea not yours.  Today, I have my own massage business, I rescue as many cats as I can especially from my road, and I raise chickens. I sell eggs and baby chicks. Eventually I want an orchard. A huge ass garden and employees to help during harvest and planting, but I digress.

This one blog I want to remain as my personal blog to get things right. I want to be able to get a post to my tumblr for updates on the chickens and farming. I figure I could copy and paste or use a link to this site for the massage and Reiki sites. I do have a blogger for my Reiki business. I noticed for that I will need to copy and paste the article into my blogger. Not a biggy. I need feedback here so I know it will be greatly enjoyed there.

As far as a goal for social media, it is just to get the posts in and people to that particular blog. Which is why I have a twitter account, I just link all the blogs to there. Twitter has more people on there than any site I have seen. More celebrities use twitter than any other social site. I think it is because they don’t judge. They do market but not a whole lot. I haven’t gotten ads up on my twitter because of my browser searches like I do on facebook. That so pisses me off. I keep clearing their cookies.

The one thing I worry about is someone stealing my book. I would be devastated. Which is why I am trying not to let the world know this one exists, I would rather they go to my tumblr or my massage website even my blogger than to come here. This is my feedback, tell me how to fix the story, site. I could liken this as my journal. Although I would like some other people besides my pals giving me feedback on my writing thus giving me the ability to know others will love what I have written.

Day 7 Creating a Blogging Event:

I am still working on this. I have an idea to include photos. I list a word like chickens and everyone takes a picture of chickens. That kind of thing. I thought maybe I could have people post a comment with their chicken. You know something funny the chicken may say or do. Anyway, I can’t figure out wordpress nor how to get this page set up right. I was trying to figure out, before I started this blogging 201, how to bring our Tweetles site here from NING. I think wordpress is just a plug in though and I will have to make a website somewhere else. I was also thinking about moving my KWP Money Reiki site here from blogger. People say it can be done and that wordpress will even bring over all the content of that blog here, but I can’t figure that one out either. It would be nice to get everything under one roof and close out the rest. Then I could just link it to twitter if I want. I am still working on this assignment. I am reading the help pages and looking for what is needed. Day 7’s assignment will eventually get done but for now, it is on draft. I do like put up my coffee cups when the urge hits me. I wonder if this could be like an event where people can leave me a comment with their mugs or whatever. I don’t know how to customize these pages. I wish I could make this page have individual posts like my other page does. If anyone knows how to set up a page like that, please let me know. I have to keep editing this page and then hit update to put in our days for blogging 201.

Day 8 Making a Social Media Page

Today’s assignment asks us to make a page where we can put links to all our other social media pages. It could be other blogs or websites maybe even your twitter or facebook page  I created one but only put my business pages and groups from facebook in. I don’t go on facebook much since I can’t stand their cookies. But I had to today to get the links. That means cleaning out cookies again so I can stay private. I do it anyway as I go once a day to share rescue animals. That is the most I do on facebook. I listed my other blogs on my page. Now I will have to go into my dashboard and add it to the menu. Not liking this, but I can take the page down later.

Day 9 Finding a blogging buddy

This assignment is my favorite. I love having buddies I can bounce things off of. We all need support. Please, remember me when you need someone to help you with your blog. I don’t much about the technical side but I can let you know if you spelled a word wrong or could change the sentence in some way.

Day 10 Poll or survey

Our last assignment asks us to put a poll or survey on our blog for ideas. It is a way to get your readers involved and see what they like the most. I did put a poll and a separate page for it. I decided to try it and used massage articles to design it. I am still trying to figure out how I will get the information from the poll though. It is sad that this is the last assignment. It is great though that we have this to improve our blogs.

One Reply to “Blogging 201”

  1. You describe Facebook well. I still feel comfortable there. It just makes me mad that they only allow so many people access to what you post. There is something wrong with having thousands of Followers/Friends for Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures and only a few ever see them.
    I gave up on the changes they make long ago. I just wish I would have started the blog years ago.
    I am rambling. Love your posts. Goodnight.

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