Blogging 101

*It has come to my attention that some people don’t know where to sign up for these classes. Here is the link. *

Day 1 Introduction Post.

Hello I am Nancy. I set up a page especially for the assignments on Blogging 101. The page is called Blogging 101.  I am here taking a few courses. I want to write better articles for my massage business. I have a degree in massage therapy and one in criminal justice. I am using my blog here to write my articles and get the perfected before I place them on my website. I am creating a brand new one for my clients. It is my own domain instead of on someone else’s site. I really would appreciate feedback even on my short stories since I like to compete in the Marquette Monthly Short Stories Contests.  Some of my stories and articles are private and not shared. Originally, my site was totally private but I changed that when I went through Blogging 201. I have a tumblr blog called Cornell News that is all about my farming and raising chickens. I hope to become a better writer. My friends and I used to dream about becoming famous writers or rock stars. I hope to reach as many as I can with my massage and Reiki articles. I hope to give new farmers a glimpse into the life of farming. It is hard work. I have a macaw (Joe) and a cockatoo (Baby Baby). I write about them as well. Don’t get a parrot unless you want to clean messes and have a ton of screaming in your house. I have 2 cockatiels, 2 dogs, 3 cats, a ton of feral cats whose kittens I am trying to rescue, and I forget how many chickens. I have fresh eggs daily. I love coffee and Earl Grey tea. I like other teas too but Earl Grey is my fave.  In the next year, I hope to have enough massage articles together and perfect to post on my website at least once a week. I hope to have enough information to get a newsletter out to my clients. I hope to have plenty of Reiki articles as well. It would be nice to have a book out. I am working on one. I call it Ackerman Lake Murder but I also call it Alger County Murder. I have another book I am working on called Diary of a Female Serial Killer. You never know what can happen in just one year.

Day 2 Your Title and Tagline

I am trying out a few titles and a few taglines now. I need to find a great title. I have a few I am going to try. The original title is Yooper Musings. I notice plenty use musings in their title.

1. Finnlander Yooper

2. Pure Finnlander Pure Yooper

3. The Goddess Finn of Yooperland

4. The Snow Belt

5. Lost in da Snow

6. Farming Yooper Style

7. Yooper Pub

8. Unleashing your inner Yooper

I have a ton more. Some of these can be used as taglines as well.

Possible tagline

1. Where Heikki Lunta hates us

2. Where the mosquitoes are the size of birds

3. Where the seasons are snow,  more snow, and rain

4. Keeping your pasties hot and your beer frozen

5. Where you really need a sense of humor

6. Where the spell check is set to American English but you learned how to spell from Canuckian teachers. P.S. Canucks are Canadians

7. Where outhouse races are more popular than football or hockey

8. Lake Superior Rules!

I have more of these as well. I may have to try a ton of dem out. Yes, I put dem instead of them, It is a Yooper ding or dang as some kids today say it. Until tomorrows story, as Paul Harvey would say, “And now for the rest of the story.” Dis completes our regularly scheduled assignment for blogging 101, eh!

Day 3 Hello Neighbors

Today the assignment is to find five bloggers and read their material, comment on it, follow them. That sort of thing. I have been doing this since blogging 201. I try to get everyone in my classes but sadly I know I am missing many. I know this is a wonderful idea since our 201 class is still talking. We decided to get our own forum going so we could keep on getting help from each other. Nice little niche in the sand when you have questions or need help with an assignment. It is good to know what others are writing about. It will help you set yourself apart. If everyone is writing sci fi and no one is writing mysteries than you can bet your house, you have cornered a spot. Hope this is all going to be helpful to myself later on. This is why I have separated each one. So I can look back and remember exactly what I need to know.

Day 4 Find your audience.

This is difficult for me. This blog was originally private. I was using it to write my book and articles for massage and Reiki. I am going to try and write a massage article, a Reiki article, and a story for this post. That is going to take me a while to do but I am going to try and get those done with our day 4 suggestions. I am going to find my audience with each idea in mind. Bear with me. This is going to take longer than a day

Day 5 Themes, Themes, Themes.

I tried several themes in 201 and now with 101. I did find something out this time that I didn’t find last time. You go to WP Admin then to Appearance then to Customize. Now when you get to the customize page go to colors and background. You have the feature colors but if you click on the color above it you can change your color and choose your color right there for you background . I can’t find anything to change the font colors. That must be on the upgrade. But I thought everyone would love to know you can change your background color or you can put an image as your background in that same spot! Totally cool accidental find!

Day 6 About Page

I was reading the link they share to give you tips on how to get a great About Page. I am adding the link on that last word there so everyone can read it. Well, I am now working on it in my evernotes. You should see that evernote page. Oh. Wait! Watch the magic of cut and paste:

*Three things you want your audience to feel, think or do when they read your blog

1. Laugh
3.hear a good story
List things that describe you, your blog, and important events in your life
Musician, Writer, Massage, Reiki, Farmer, Cats, Dogs, Chickens, Children, Mother, Wife, Love, Divorce, Pancreatitis, Gallbladder, Gallstone, Food, Finnish, UP, Yooper, Joe, Baby Baby, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Coffee, Cleaning, Blogging, Poems, Songs, Stories, Paranormal, Nutty Family
Opening lines for my about page
Here in the NOT so sunny UP lives a woman with a bunch of chickens on a farm of one whole acre.
Come and listen to a story about a chicken farm. The poor woman there wanted a life of a rockstar. Then one day after her divorce, she ran into an old boyfriend. He decided to move them to the place they used to live. So they loaded up her kids and moved back to Cornell, from Esky. To a house that needs a ton of fixing.
Dad calls my house ‘Nancy’s Pumpkin House on a Green Acre’
When you are looking for the best massage in town, look no further.
Forget facebook! Off with your head! Come read my murder stories instead!
This “blog” was private at first. I was going to keep it just as my go to site so I can write my massage articles, Reiki articles, and use it for a creative outlet.
Capturing my blog in an elevator pitch
Come read a story about murder, Mr. Nose knows, massage and Reiki on your toes.
Yooper Stews Yooper Stews
A Yooper has a story to be read about murder, massage, and Reiki on your head.
Jude pray for us
Yoopers where fun is always more important than the story
Test your pitch for your blog
My blog is about whatever comes to my mind. It is about my business, my life, and the experiences I find along the way. I am creative in my story telling. I think writing massage articles is boring. I write my massage and Reiki articles while reading the articles about murder. I have a humorous spin on everything. Winter is long and summer is short so laughter is a must when you are faced with being shut into the house by snow.
My computer crashed leaving me to keep trying to hack into it. I need to retrieve my files. I had stories and articles that needed rescuing. I thankfully got them back but decided I need an online forum to keep them safe in case I ever lost them again!
That would be so sad.
That is when I decided to give word press a try! I needed that spot. I needed a backup. I needed to have a safe environment for my writings. Kind of like putting your money in the bank for safe keeping until you need it. That is what my blog started as. My bank of stories (and articles). This way, I will never have to worry about losing them and not being able to get them back again. *

Yeah. It isn’t even close to done yet. As you can see, I have no idea what to write. I was just following the clues and now I will see where they lead. I don’t even know if I need an about page. I think my writing speaks for itself.

I have the about page finished. It is called Who Are You? Much better title than About.

Day 7 More Personalizing on Themes

Today we are asked to do more personalizing on our blog. Add a new widget if need be. Change the color of your background. Play with your header. I have done plenty of this lately. It is getting old. I think I have it exactly as I like it now.

Day 8 Being Neighborly

This is one of the challenges we had as well in 201. Blogging 101 wants you to leave 4 comments on blogs you have never read before. They want you to list them as well. I am in the middle of doing this assignment. I am still healing so it will take me time. When I am done, I will list here the 4 blogs I made comments on.

Day 9 Being Inspired By Your Neighbor

Today we are asked to select a comment we made on day 8 and write a post around it. Easy enough. When I finally get around to writing the 4 comments and then I will get to this assignment. Look for it in the future. Right now, I am still not feeling well and I need rest but I am trying to keep up. I still have to find 4 blogs to read and comment on.

Day 10 Blogroll

Thanks to Blogging 201 I already have this widget on my site. I keep changing themes because I am looking for that stand out theme that screams NANCY! I shall find that theme. That will be the Yooper Story of da day! So you never know if it will be at the bottom or side of the page. Look for it. It is always there. Although I am trying to figure out how to make it shake up the blogroll so I can see different blogs all the time. Hmmm.

Day 11 Writing Prompts.

Today we are asked to got to The Daily Post look for a little orange box and personalize a prompt for our  blogs. Wonderful idea for when you are out of ideas but right now, I am so full of stories to write I am not doing this one yet. Not going to say I won’t try it but I won’t be doing it right now with my putting up farm news, writing massage articles, and writing my short stories while working on my book. I may use it as a break to inspire me to write something while I think about what my characters are doing in another story. I do that sometimes. It allows you a break from the main writing you are doing this way you come back fresh with ideas flowing through your head like sugarplums. I take that back. I did one. It had a photo challenge for creepy.  Here is my creepy post!

Day 12 More Comments

Today we are asked to comment on two of our fellow bloggers prompt postings from yesterday. I commented on two posts. Now let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Day 13 Community Events

Today we are asked to write about something in the community events. It leads to great ideas. I participated in an event for 201. It was fun and zany. I like doing fun and zany ideas but right now I am swamped writing for my own blog. I want to write better. I am taking the writer’s 101 course coming up. I hope it will help me write like a pro.  If you are blocked and don’t know what to write, definitely do one of the events.

Day 14 Branding

Today we are asked to really look at our brand. Create a custom image or create a fan page on facebook. I am not a big fan of facebook & I listed reasons on the blogging 201 page. Anyway, I really would like to figure out my brand. I should have one for the massage and Reiki business and another for my stories. We are educated about using a custom site icon. This icon is like an avatar for you blog. It is something someone will recognize like Garfield being an orange and black striped cat.  They call them BLAVATARS. I will have to really think about this. I will have to figure out what one character I can use for everything. There has to be something that I can use to show as a brand for both.

Day 15 The Feature

I already have two of these going on. There is Fantasy Friday, Suspenseful Saturday, and I am thinking about Mystery Monday. I am writing stories like mad and I want to try and get them out each week. I am writing massage articles, Reiki articles, and looking at my life as a farmer for my tumblr blog Cornell News. We need to keep up with those chickens. Maybe we need a chicken day or a coffee mug day. I am thinking. Right now, I just want to write.

8 Replies to “Blogging 101”

  1. The ferals are easy. They take care of themselves. We have a no kill shelter here. I trap the babies and bring them to the shelter or to one of our local rescues. It is a ton of work taking care of animals. I do A LOT of cleaning. I am gladly taking my time on my website and articles. I think once a week will be great and since I am writing them here & taking my time. I will have an abundance to share.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. About 3 month ago we had a feral cat give us 6 adorable kittens, I am attempting to tame them to find a good home for them. I only succeeded with one thus far. They come to eat onto our porch more than once daily. They LOVE chicken broth which I have handy due to the fact the we took in an aging (15) Maltese. She was abused prior to running away from her home to come to us. But, only eats pureed chicken w/carrots. Cant really chew much cause she just got over a bad case of periodontal disease which I healed with ALL holistic remedies. Just wanted to let you know that we have parallel lives. We have chickens, also fresh eggs daily, yum. 14 white doves, in cages. If we leave them out they red tailed hawk will eat them. not to forget our YoYo, dog, also a foundling. And our housecats, Frankie 15 and Wilma 8?.
      We live in the Boonies with NO no kill shelter near by.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha. That is very cool. I live out in the country but my road is horrible. The people drive 70 down the road. I see so many dead animals. I take what kittens I can to the shelter so they don’t become speed bumps in the road. Mr. Nose is a feral that I tamed. I got him neutered and his ear tipped. I am keeping him but he is a free creature. Free to roam if he pleases. With a tipped ear, I figure if someone traps him they will know he is fixed then. I was thinking about writing an article on Joe. We got him from a rescue. We don’t know much of his background except he was taken from the original owners because of abuse and neglect. He or she has been in several rescues before the last one where we got him/her at. I think Joe is a female since she is always taking blankets and making a nest out of them. But then it could be a boy, we don’t know until we DNA the bird.


  2. You already know a lot more about how to set up a blog than I will ever learn. Yours is awesome. I love the separate menus for 101 and 201. I have a hard time setting up menus. Not sure why.

    The purple looks great. I t is such a peaceful shade.
    I said in the Commons I was feeling better and I am. I still am really messed up from the flare.
    My body is worn out. My mind is FOGGY yet won’t slow down. HUGS

    Liked by 1 person

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