A place for comments.

I am going to test this. It may stay or not. Let’s see how this works.


20 Replies to “A place for comments.”

      1. have you had anybody proofing your stuff; always a good idea, guess have gotten in the mode from doing it for another author – you don’t realize your expressions are regional till somebody from outside reads it – interesting, never heard anybody talk about “sitting” in the shower unless they actually were, you know, like using a shower chair or built-in seats or something – because, think about it, you’re not really, are you?


      2. Yes. But they all live here. We don’t think about it. It is how we talk here. This blog was private until blogging 201. That is when I opened it to others giving me feedback. Otherwise feedback was from people I know.

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      3. so you regretting it now? actually you probably wouldn’t have to open up your whole blog – you could probably put your stories up separately – though I did somewhat see your post about your garden


  1. I like learning about other people’s regional wording. Of course, I did think you meant you were ‘sitting’ in the shower. lol
    You could always do a ( explanation in here) when in doubt, but I still like authentic touches like that.

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