I have some articles up on the other blog if you want to read them. I am working on getting more up for ‘Paranormal, Miss Nose’ and I have been working on a non Miss Nose story. I have another Miss Nose story to work on but it doesn’t have Miss Nose in it.

I just recently purchased a new home. I have been in 2 land contracts that haven’t worked in my favor. I would say to anyone out there, don’t ever get in a land contract unless your name is on the deed immediately. I got a loan from the bank with my name on the deed. So now it is time to focus on writing.

I went from owning my own business to working part time while owning my business to having a full time job while owning my own business. I know that is a lot. This is awesome though. It means I get to keep more money except I haven’t been doing much with my own business. LOL.

In case you are wondering, I am a massage therapist which has allowed me freedom to work as I need to. This is my own business, but at times you need more. The full time job is still being a massage therapist but I work for someone else. I work their hours and their clients. I have zero say in anything. I just do my job. I just haven’t had time with the move and the full time employment to set myself up at home or go to anyone’s house. I will get back to that eventually, but for now, this is my focus and it will allow me to write.

So stay tuned. More to come and hopefully really soon.