Day 2, The Trouble With Mother (CONT)

“Look. You get ready for work. Don’t worry about anything. Call up those amazing friends of yours and go dancing. Mama will fix everything else for you. I have already discussed it with Ben and Judy. They are coming to my house for a few days for some grandma time. They need a vacation from you and Jeff.” Mom wags her finger in my face at that line. Gee thanks mom for making me feel even less like a person since I can’t mother my babies at the moment. As I peer back at this moment, mom really is a blessing. She doesn’t have to take Ben and Judy, but is so willing to.

Mom is right about one thing, go to work. It sure didn’t help my esteem any. I ended up accidentally spilling coffee all over Mrs. Perkins. Her husband, Tommy, laughed quite loud. They are considered very wealthy people in my area. What does that mean? Well they make 6 figures while the rest of us make minimum wage.

I couldn’t wait for my 5 hour shift to just end already. Too much going through my mind and wiping tables wasn’t helping my mental health. When 1 o’clock came, I threw my apron in the basket and clocked out of there. I am sure I ran out of there.

Thankfully,  my really great friend, Michael, works at the salon right at the end of the block. If you look at our work spots, I am on one corner and he is on the other. Same block. Don’t even have to cross the street, just walk a few stores down.

I super had to talk to him. So I waltzed right through the door. Skinny little Megan was there. God she is such a charm.

“Well hellloooo.” There goes that fake sing-song voice of hers. “Are you here to talk to Michael again or actually get some work done? You would be a lot prettier if you did your hair.” Well dig me a grave won’t cha. I hate that she gets those digs in. She tries to act so nice and sweet but if you listen to her, you know it is a facade.

“I just need to TALK to him for a BRIEF moment.” Must have been something in my tone or the look on my face, but Megan went pale. She turned, walked over to Michael, said something to him, pointed at me, then she walked over to her station and stayed there. Michael finished with his client as I waited silently.

Finally Michael walks up to me and says,”Hey you. What’s going on?”

“I can’t tell you right now, but will you call the others. I want to tell you all at the same time. I will be at our favorite spot.”

“Ok. I will make those calls. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. For now. Just get everyone together and I will talk to you all then.”

“Ok love. Will do.” Michael gave me one of his bear hugs. Which I really didn’t know I need and I felt like I was gonna cry again so I hurriedly pushed him away and as I turned to leave I said, “I know it won’t be til around 5 or 6 when you all get there, but I will be sitting in our spot waiting.” and I walked away. I never looked back to see if anyone was watching me. I must be very transparent right now.

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