Tuesday in March

Good Morning Everyone! I know, I haven’t written in a while. Figured since it is quite right now at work to just update you all.

I am still working on stories. I did have a computer malfunction in which I lost several pictures and stories. Now I have to figure out if I can rewrite them or not.

I am sure you all miss Miss Nose and I promise as soon as I can get this UPPCO bill down to like $80 a month, I will be back at it. I doubt that will ever happen but one can dream.

I hope to win the lottery and stay home doing nothing but writing. I did win $4 on MegaMillions last Friday so I am excited about that.

I am hoping you all have a great Easter. I did make some baskets which I will post after I sew them together. All the parts are crocheted, I just need to put it together, then pictures for you all to see.

Hope your day is great and drink a ton of coffee for me! Happy Hoppy Tuesday! Meow!