A Day To Take The Coffee Out

I realize I haven’t blogged in a while. I know it is important to do. One should keep up with the followers and keep them entertained.


I am working on a very, very, very long story. I can’t believe how many words I have written so far. It is turning into a novel or even a novelette at this point.

I work, a lot, and many of my hours are just sitting, waiting. I have been using that time to write, read, crochet, and study to retake my esthetician written test.  I am certain the practical won’t be all that hard. Maybe.

Muscles and skin will be my business for a while which makes me pray that I can give up my other endeavors for the green stuff.

I do several things like home health care, pet sitting, house sitting,  cooking, and cleaning for people. But when you have to pay bills, every dollar counts no matter what you are doing.

I even had a spark to make some podcasts. I have been writing little radio shows. I am thinking about purchasing a podcast all in one microphone. Then I will need to assemble a cast to make each show, but I bet you will all love them.

When you are doing overnights and at the moment no coffee, you really need something to keep your mind alert and you awake.

I hope you have enjoyed our little update. Back to work I go. As I get my stories together, I will get them up for you all to read and enjoy. I will try to remember to keep you all updated on the progress as well.

Good night Upper Peninsula!