Happy New Year’s Everyone!

Today is 12/31/2017 and in just a few hours from now we will be in a new year of 2018.

I often wonder why we celebrate this new year holiday. Everyone just picks up where they left off last year. The first month is filled with goals that never become reality. Intentions no one really has the intention of doing.

This year, I am working on my goals. I am writing more and really taking my time to make sure the writing is great. Quality over quantity.  I know they say when you have a blog you need to write daily like it is some sort of journal where everyone peeks into your most private times reading them with excitement. But I can’t do that.

You see, my life is boring. I go to work, I come home, I go to bed, I eat, I take a shower, blah, blah, and more blah. Who really wants to hear this? I could tell you everyday about my driving adventure from Rock to Munising. Which is usually nothing more than the traffic jams brought on by the deer, turkey, eagles, and whatever else decides to cross the road that day!

I ended up crashing this computer and now have to pay for a software to find all the stories I was working on. Sad but true. I need to get some gravy money. Massage has been slow in Munising. It always is when the town leaves to warmer climate. That is what the residents do anyway. Munising is hopping in the summer though with all the tourist which is why summer for me is not a good time to blog.

Winter is the best time for me to work on stories and I have 5 I am working on right now. Yes, I keep telling myself to finish one, get it on the blog, and then start another, but we all know what our minds are like.

Right now I am working on a ghost story, a science fiction story,  a mystery,  trying to find a new Miss Nose story in my head since those are the ones I lost, and I came up with a new idea, books with crocheted dolls. Yep, working on that right now. I am writing the story and then I will crochet a character for the book. I am going to self publish the book which means the story won’t be posted on my blog. Well, it may be but possibly a link to a website where you can purchase the item.

Which brings me back to this New Year’s Eve celebration of ending last year and ringing in a year that is just another day marked on the calendar. What is it you really want to celebrate? Is it family? Is it friends? Is it what you accomplished this last year?

If it is what you accomplished, will you make a best of 2017 together? Like pictures, awards, stories, and the like? I don’t think anyone does that. I think this is a great idea to celebrate the end of the year with a highlight of what you accomplished. That would be a better celebration. As my Grandma always told me she wanted me prepared for her funeral. As I get older, I see that more and more. I get my Grandma more and more each day.

Another reason I sort of blog the big stuff in our life with pictures and places we went. Just a bit of a documentary for my kids and grandkids. This way they will be able to go to my blog and see some great stuff I did. Maybe they won’t have to rely on my memory and story making processes like I had to with my Grandparents. Although, their stories were great. Especially the war stories my Grandpa had.

Anyway, there is an update. Stay tuned for more great stories! 2018 will have them. My goal is to get them out to you as they are finished properly. Might take me a few months to do that, but I want you to have a better reading enjoyment than just some words thrown together quickly in a rough draft. My main reason for having this blog to begin with was to put my stories in print.

May you all have a safe new year’s eve and a glorious new year filled with accomplishments! May you have a highlights version of the year next year. I think I will work on that myself! LLAP