Miss Nose’s Crowning Achievement

Wow. It has already been two years since I decided to put my book up on this blog.  The book is the Ackerman Lake Murders. I have been working on that for a while and now I have scrapped much of it for a rewrite. I am actually going to work on some back story and post that here on my blog. Of course, there will be more adventures with one Miss Nose. I am working on more of her stories.

But wow, two years of stories and actual writings from my own life. I need to start remembering to take photos and talk about the various places I have been going. Just yesterday, I was at the Carney Roundup Rodeo. They have another showing today. I suggest everyone go out there and watch. Tickets for adults are $18 and children are $8. I hope they receive more visitors so we can have more of an expansion of food and vendors.

Miss Nose is yawning about having this here. She should be happy with her achievement making her the best kitty journalist in all the world. Oops, the cat is out of the bag on one of the future stories. It has been a wonderful two years and I pray we have many more.


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