Stress Balls

I have a few ideas for my own crochet designs of stress balls. As a massage therapist, I have way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, and many more way, too many clients who are just plain stressed out! I do offer meditation classes as well to help ease the day out of stress. Teaching meditation classes wasn’t really my forte and I have to plan each session carefully.  From the music to what I say, each class is focused.  I even throw in aromatherapy into meditation since certain smells will trigger a relaxation sensation.

That being said, I go on you tube all the time to check out what others have created so I don’t make their product. Which is really hard since everything has pretty much been made.  I am thinking about making some stress balls to sell. One of the places I have a booth for most years is our local steam and gas show.  I want to make some cute little animals like cats, dogs, squirrels, chickens, birds, frogs, and the like. I love to do crafts. Crafts keep me sane. I drink coffee and work on crafts outside of my employment that is. Writing is another passion of mine. I love it. Especially when I can kill something which is forbidden in real life.

So anyway, I was watching this video on stress balls and learned of the Craft Yarn Council.  Never knew this existed! I went on facebook and liked their page! I found a couple of articles there you will all love. One deals with what I have said before about amigurumi. You need to know math and what better skill than crocheting and knitting to make math really stick.  I have three links for you.

CYC – Craft Yarn Council

Girls Knit Their Way to a Math Career

Adidas takes the sweat out of sweater shopping with in-store machine

The other reason I have for this post is, I want to make a stress ball that is mine. I need a great idea like should it be a carrot or a mouse. Something that hasn’t been over done or hasn’t been done at all. What are your ideas? I can make them in funny faces, as animals, as flowers, as trees, as elements, but they have all been done. Someone even made the planets. I need a great idea that is my brand. So, please, put your thinking caps on and help me!

Ahhh Good Morning!

I figured before I have to run and start my day, I would put a very quick post up. I created that page I wanted but, I did it in the proper blog. I realized last night as I was dreaming that my KWP Money Reiki blog was the best place for it. You see, I am a Reiki Master and Teacher. Therefore, I believe anything that will open your mind and stretch your soul is great for you to learn and grow. I figured out as well how to make it so not everyone will get offended. I password protected it. Now, I need to figure out how to keep stuff off the reader that I don’t want everyone reading.

I realized that this soul searching darkness is great for students who wish to learn and grow since most people who get offended easy are not awaken yet. They are stuck in a world that is just dull. They can’t deal with the light let alone how to wrestle with your dark side so you can become the best lightworker on the planet.

I placed it in the best spot and now, I can learn and grow as well as anyone else who wishes to open their minds without being offended. Ahh. What a glorious way to start a day!

Insert some coffee good morning picture here:


Al Roker is in da house!

More facebook ditties ( I originally put diddies but autocorrect says NO) for you all.  That is right. Our local news has reported Al Roker came in today at KI Sawyer International Airport to tour NMU campus. Our little spot in the world is getting too well known. People are finding us. I believe it is time to hide.

Al Roker tours Northern Michigan University campus

Al Roker lands in Marquette, ready to break another World record

I have another post I did for today but it is still in drafts. I am creating a page for my controversial blog posts. Read at your own peril. Especially since they are my opinions and thanks to my Grandma plus tons of psychology, I am very vocal. I really don’t give two sheets what anyone thinks either. Blame it on my Yooperisms.  I just tell it as it is. Some people are ok with that and others want to shoot me. But that is ok. I believe in your rights as much as I believe in my own. I just loved taking those law courses. My procedural and substantive criminal law classes were taught by a high school classmate of our Ex-President Obama.  He told us all about Barry and his wild side. Always remember, people know you and the stories they can tell about you. Which is why I just don’t care. If you knew half the stories my classmates could tell about me, you would think Donald Trump is a saint.  I, like Barry, can not escape my past nor do I want to. It is what shaped me into the vocal witch I am today. I have deep opinions about everything. Which is why I am going to open that controversial page and allow you all to see that side of me. It isn’t a pretty side either. But it is my opinion on today’s problems. I use all my skills and education when I make these humble opinions. You may not like them, but I respect your opinions and I would appreciate you respecting mine in return. We don’t have to like one another opinions to be respectful to one another and to love one another unconditionally.

And now for the facebook glory moments I found for you all. Oh these are gems. I know they will spark something when you go to work tomorrow. Some are funny, some are serious, some are criminal, some are political, but mostly, it is informational.

Mark Zuckerberg is David Rockefeller’s Grandson I Thought Everyone Knew. Did You?


Trudeau Will Finally Be Removed From Office In…

HAHAHA! I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At a Music Video! These People Are Hilariously Amazing!

Accidental Shooting in Bates Township

Muslim prayers in schools get provincial endorsement following intense meeting

Mother films ‘horrifying’ pat-down of her disabled teenage son by ‘power tripping TSA agent who left him traumatized for several hours