Paranormal, Miss Nose (Osa Yhdeksan)






Miss Nose kept looking around her office. Looking for something to explain the voice and then she saw it. She rubbed her eyes, but it was still there. She slapped her face, but it was still there. There, on Tillie’s desk, was an orange and yellow bunny dancing and talking to Miss Nose!

“I must be hallucinating” Miss Nose stated aloud!

“You are not hallucinating, Miss Nose.”

“I’m not?”

“No, you are not! I am the gate-keeper to the Rainbow Bridge. Someone has escaped from here and is now causing problems. We need your help, Miss Nose!”

“Why does everyone always need MY help?” Miss Nose stated in frustration.

“Because you are willing to help anyone.” The bunny told Miss Nose. “You have a heart that feels for others. You can see their pain. You are special.”

Miss Nose blinked at the bunny in disbelief. Then said, “This is not helping me figure out who is sending mystery gifts to people and one isn’t even dead!”

“I can help some.” The bunny continued dancing on Tillie’s desk. Miss Nose keeps watching him dance wondering why he just doesn’t sit down.

“Can you tell me who escaped?”

“That is what I am here to do. He is one of our best and finest. But he recently had a very traumatic event happen. He was supposed to pick up a body but that body figured out how to cheat death and placed someone who wasn’t suppose to die in his place. This is hard when it is not their time but the one who has cheated. Our agent went a bit off the edge and couldn’t handle it anymore. He jumped and landed here in Escanaba. Now we have to locate him. He doesn’t know how lost he is. We have agents ready to lead him home, but we need you to locate him.”

“How? Do you have a picture? Can you describe him? What am I looking for?”

“I will give you 3 clues to who you are looking for. Are you ready?”

“Hold on!” Miss Nose ran to her desk and retrieved her notepad and pencil. She ran back to the rabbit and said, “Ready!”

“When the crow flies 3 times past your nose. When you hear the chime of a bell no longer working. When you see the waves that aren’t waves. You will then find the person responsible.”

Miss Nose blinked at the bunny and said, “Where are the clues?”

“I just gave them to you.” The bunny said matter of factly while still dancing upon Tillie’s desk.

“You mean that was the clues? Can’t you give me a description or something?”

And then the bunny disappeared. Miss Nose looked around the office and screamed, “COME BACK! THIS CAN’T BE THE CLUES! COME BACK, BUNNY!”