Paranormal, Miss Nose (osa kahdeksan)

Miss Nose is sitting at her desk reminiscing about her meeting with Kendrick, Patrick, and Caroline. Caroline was concerned about her son getting messages as well. Her son, Brian, is getting packages saying they are from his father. Caroline told Miss Nose that Brian’s father is still alive. She just told everyone he was dead because he is a married man.

Miss Nose looked out her window. She loved where she sits at the office. It overlooks Lake Michigan and since she is up higher, she can see around Escanaba more. As she is sitting at her desk, thinking about how to write this article and how to investigate it, she saw the Northern Lights beaming across the lake in a hue of green with blue and yellow stripes going through it. It is rare for the Northern Lights to be this far South, but such a treat when they are. They give everyone a feeling of peace.

Miss Nose gets up from her desk and walks to the coffee pot. She needs fuel for this. She has all the information but needs the words to come the right way. How to write an article in which dead relatives are leaving presents for their loved ones.

Miss Nose gets back to her desk and starts typing another version of the story.

I was summoned to a meeting by Kendrick the Great. We have all been to his shop on Main Street, Ludington. The smell was quite familiar as I walked into the door for a secret to be revealed to me. I was greeted by his business partner Patrick. The eerily tale to unfold in front of me included Kendrick, Patrick, and Caroline along with Caroline’s son. The spooky tale goes as such. 

Early in the morning before they wake for their day, a package is delivered and place on their door step. The package is written in a handwriting they recognize and contains materials in which they collect, love, or would want. 

Miss Nose stops. She reads what she has written once more. She sighs. “Oh, this is not right at all!” she says out loud to no one. “Sure it is!” Miss Nose jumps and falls out of her chair. She regains her balance some to stay on her feet and starts looking around. She sees no one in the office. No one at all. All the hair on the back of her neck stands up straight. Where did this voice come from? Who is in the office with her? She is feeling very ill. She needs to find that voice. She needs to know she isn’t hearing things that aren’t there, but who is talking to her.