Paranormal, Miss Nose (osa kahdeksan)

Miss Nose is sitting at her desk reminiscing about her meeting with Kendrick, Patrick, and Caroline. Caroline was concerned about her son getting messages as well. Her son, Brian, is getting packages saying they are from his father. Caroline told Miss Nose that Brian’s father is still alive. She just told everyone he was dead because he is a married man.

Miss Nose looked out her window. She loved where she sits at the office. It overlooks Lake Michigan and since she is up higher, she can see around Escanaba more. As she is sitting at her desk, thinking about how to write this article and how to investigate it, she saw the Northern Lights beaming across the lake in a hue of green with blue and yellow stripes going through it. It is rare for the Northern Lights to be this far South, but such a treat when they are. They give everyone a feeling of peace.

Miss Nose gets up from her desk and walks to the coffee pot. She needs fuel for this. She has all the information but needs the words to come the right way. How to write an article in which dead relatives are leaving presents for their loved ones.

Miss Nose gets back to her desk and starts typing another version of the story.

I was summoned to a meeting by Kendrick the Great. We have all been to his shop on Main Street, Ludington. The smell was quite familiar as I walked into the door for a secret to be revealed to me. I was greeted by his business partner Patrick. The eerily tale to unfold in front of me included Kendrick, Patrick, and Caroline along with Caroline’s son. The spooky tale goes as such. 

Early in the morning before they wake for their day, a package is delivered and place on their door step. The package is written in a handwriting they recognize and contains materials in which they collect, love, or would want. 

Miss Nose stops. She reads what she has written once more. She sighs. “Oh, this is not right at all!” she says out loud to no one. “Sure it is!” Miss Nose jumps and falls out of her chair. She regains her balance some to stay on her feet and starts looking around. She sees no one in the office. No one at all. All the hair on the back of her neck stands up straight. Where did this voice come from? Who is in the office with her? She is feeling very ill. She needs to find that voice. She needs to know she isn’t hearing things that aren’t there, but who is talking to her.

A little Shamrock Coffee on a Nothing Friday!

Have you tried the new shamrock mocha at McDonald’s? I do recommend them! Oh so yummy! McDonald’s has been stealing coffee ideas from me again. They even put sprinkles on top of the whipped cream.

As you know, I have been trying my had at crochet. I took home ec in school. Yes, I am that old. LOL. We learned crochet and knitting as well as setting the table correctly for any occasion. So much to learn in a home ec class. We did a ton of different daily activities like budgeting for a party, cooking, cleaning, creating different items from flower arrangements to crocheting rabbits. I remember making these long rabbits in the same amigurumi style. We called them stringbean bunnies. They were made like giant dolls with ears. I will have to go through the archives of photos from the day and see if I can find one with our bunnies. Several parents bought them for their children for Easter. They were the coolest bunnies. If I can remember how to make them, I will get them up and show you all, but mainly, they are done just like any doll.

I have been on you tube learning from people as well. As you all recall my scary chicken from just looking at various pictures. As I watch these videos, I keep remembering my bunny and the bunnies I made. I keep searching my mind for that pattern. So many of these patterns are similar. Like I noticed, if you can crochet a mushroom, you can make a cupcake, an octopus, and several other items just out of a mushroom. Me, I like to just keep on crocheting in a round circle. No stopping. Just keep on going. I don’t even count half the time. I have been watching these other crocheters because I always have issues in increasing. I don’t keep it even, but thanks to all of them, I think I figured it out. Decreasing to me was always skipping a stitch, but there are some who do it like a half double crochet between the two stitches.

Anyway, I did stop on a you tube site and tried her bunnies. I don’t think my bunny turned out that great. LOL. And then I decided I would try her egg and chick. Yeah, my egg looks like a clam shell and not an egg. She has a blog as well with the pattern on it. She is known as Happy Berry Crochet and the you tube site. Anyway, here is the rabbit and chicken I tried from her site:


The finished bunny



She doesn’t stuff her ears but I stuffed mine



What my bunny looks like from behind



The other ear.



A better view of the front of my bunny



I think my deformed chicken is trying to kill my bunny



I had to make the chicken twice. The first one didn’t turn out correctly.



The first one I made, I sewed the wings completely down and he looks like Princess Leia’s head.



Help! I’m stuck in a clam!



I so need to hatch from this clam!



Am I out yet?



Here I am! Man, is that snow?



I think with that weather you are having, I will stay in my clam.


She makes heart bracelets. I was looking at those and started digging through pictures. We made those in home ec as well. We made a ton of heart stuff in February. We made heart scarves, heart necklaces, heart cookies, heart cakes, heart hats, heart mittens, heart bears, and anything else our teacher could think of. We even had a special Valentine’s Day party we had to set the table for. Seeing some of these items just brings back a flood of memories from my childhood. From the Aqua Net to the music. It brings back something to make me smile. I wish my kids could experience school like I had. Today we have too much common core and not enough learning about life. Home ec taught us plenty that we can use today. I am so grateful I got that experience!

Well, back to facing the snow. I can’t wait for better weather. I love the U.P., but I do hate the snow. Did you hear we are going to have another ice age? I so want a tropical age! When do I get my tropical age! Do let me know what you think of my creations! As scary as they are. Keep warm my friends. And please, drive safely out there.


Watch out! I’m coming to get you!


A little Nothing about Sunday!


Good MORNING to you all! Sorry I haven’t been getting those words onto the blog in a while. I know you are all waiting for the next Miss Nose story and I have been busy with other activities. Being involved means I can’t express myself or learn new and exciting words adding to my vocabulary.  But I did learn a new one recently!

I love to write or crochet in my down time. It all depends upon my hands and if they are hurting after working on everyone. Massage is not an easy career path. If you don’t take care of yourself, kiss your career good bye. Carpal tunnel is the major reason most end their massage career as is back issues and tenosynovitis. This is because massage schools only give you 500 hours of training and don’t teach proper body mechanics. They don’t teach students the proper exercises to strengthen their body nor do they teach students to use heat and ice after their day. I am very lucky. I went through a program that took 2 years of my life but I learned massage therapy the correct way. They taught us proper body mechanics, how to treat injuries, and how to limit ourselves so we could have a very long career. I am forever grateful to them and the City of Colorado Springs for demanding such a course. I digress. Time to the real reason I am typing this blog post.  I learned something new recently.

As you all know, my friend Alice’s cat Smokey needed surgery for cancer. She still needs funds to help pay for the vet costs, Smokey’s meds, and other items like changing the bandages. He is learning to walk on 3 legs. He is sore. Poor kitty is fighting for his life. I have been crocheting in my off hours to try and raise money to send to Alice for Smokey. In the U.P., it appears everyone crochets or knits and no one wants to buy what you have created. Washcloths, blankets, hats, mittens, slippers, and scarfs. I created a ton of each and no one wanted them. I ended up giving them away to relatives. But this just made me more determined to look into something that no one is creating here and I realized what it was, it isn’t baby items either, it is amigurumi! That is right. My new word now placed in my vocabulary is amigurumi!

What is amigurumi? I actually stumbled upon it when I was looking for slipper patterns. The slippers I make are in an amigurumi style.



Amigurumi’s definition is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed animals, creatures, or dolls! It got this reference from several dictionaries and books I read in the library. One book I read, and I forgot the name of it, said they are dolls with oversized heads. After reading the books, I headed to the internet and saw several pieces of others work. Amazing. My first chicken didn’t come out right. I am still trying to figure it out. But by looking at them, I realized they were balls. I have accidentally made balls when trying to make hats! Then there is the idea of trying to clone what others have done for beaks, feet, ears, eyes, and such. Not easy. I saw one person’s blog on a rabbit, her suggestion safety eyes. Safety eyes are for dolls which makes sense.

I tried to crochet eyes on him and they didn’t turn out right at all.

My first attempt at creating a chicken didn’t turn out like I had hoped. I think I need to get to some you tube videos and see if they can help me make the small parts. If I find one that is really good at making these small parts, I will share that person in a future blog! I didn’t have doll eyes so I tried my hand at crocheting the eyes on. My chicken is a bit funky and slightly scary. A bit deformed too. I think I used too large of a hook since he came out the size of my coffee cup.

The chicken ended up bigger than I thought.

Since this is the one type of item I am not seeing people create here in the U.P., I decided I may have a great chance of now getting some money to help Smokey. I have another friend as well, she runs a rescue and sure could use help in feeding those cats. I am still trapping ferals in Cornell so they can get spade and neutered. Nothing worse than having babies to worry about when you are homeless.

the backside of my chicken. Maybe this should have been the front.

Let me know what you think! I think I found something I really enjoy. I will bring you more amigurumi blogs as I create them!

Hi, I am here for morning coffee!


Will you be my friend? BOO!


See I told you he is scary!