Paranormal, Miss Nose (osa viisi)

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Miss Nose drove the few blocks that separated the Delta Plaza Mall from Kendrick The Great’s All Healing Shoppe! The Shoppe, as most residents called the place, was located in an old house converted into a commercial building. Much of the old house still showed but you really could see the renovations the old owners put in.

Miss Nose drove past three times before she found a parking spot right in front on the main drag itself. She got out and walked up to the door. She paused a moment not knowing if she should knock or walk in. She decided to open the door. When she did a bell system went off with a jingling of bells. She looked up and smiled. It is very reminiscent of the old-time shops that once made Ludington Street great!

Ludington or the main drag as all the locals called it, is a dying street. Many business have moved toward the highway and what was once a mecca of activity, turned into a ghost town of just die-hard mom and pop’s trying to keep the main artery to town alive.

Escanaba has been through a bunch of changes from new government buildings to the new improved mall. But when you hit this middle section, you remember what it was like from the beginning. Miss Nose took a deep breath in as the door closed. She couldn’t put her finger on what that smell was. It was a familiar smell though. The walls were painted a charcoal gray color giving the room a darken appearance. Curtains were dragged behind a counter. They were a blood-red color and they really stood out against the charcoal gray. They had updated the front to have store front windows and the sunlight filtering in showed particles of dust floating in the air along with the smoke that smelled so familiar.

“Ah Miss Nose!” The voice startled Emerald back into consciousness. She jumped a bit and turned to the voice.