Paranormal, Miss Nose (osa kolme)

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Emmy and Topaz Nose went about their shopping. The Delta Plaza Mall was so alive since the Evil Mastermind bought it. For years it was going so dead with only five businesses left in it. The Evil Mastermind had it humming. The mall now had a Kohl’s, a Target, a Macy’s, a Starbucks, Joe’s Coffee Café, Barnes & Nobles, Whole Foods, and several mom & pop specialty stores. The Mall was even getting a second story with several new stores coming in that would be culture specific such as a Chinese herbal shop, a Mexican food store, an Indian shop with several different items in it.

Topaz is looking at some new jeans in Maurices. Miss Nose turns around and sees Kendrick again. She searches her brain and starts remembering how many times she has seen him today. She starts thinking he is following them.

Topaz walks up to Emmy with her new jeans. “Ems, let’s go upstairs. I just heard they put in a TGIF Friday’s in there. I so want to try that place!” Topaz’s face looked like a little kid at Christmas when she saw her new toy! The excitement was buzzing all around her. “Ok.”

Miss Nose and Topaz walk up the steps to the brand new second story of the Delta Plaza Mall. Several stores weren’t open yet in the new edition. They could see people in them stocking shelves and getting everything ready.

As they were walking around and looking at when some of the stores would open, Miss Nose noticed Kendrick not far behind them. She decided she needed to confront him. Miss Nose looked at Topaz and put her bags down. Topaz looked at her quizzically. “Watch these.” she said and walked toward Kendrick. She walked right up to him and said, “Why are you following me?”

“I saw you in the cards.”

“What do you mean, you saw me in the cards?”

“It wasn’t really you! I pulled the High Priestess card. A woman of mystery, a writer, wisdom, communication, and secrets. Then your coffee flew right at me. It is you the cards were telling me of. It is you who I need. You will help me solve my problem and Caroline’s problem.”

“Problem? What problem?”

“I can’t tell you right now. Here is my card. Meet me at my shop. I will explain then.” Kendrick turned on his heel and walked away from Miss Nose. Miss Nose stood there for a moment in shock until she heard Topaz. “Hello! Ems! Can we get over to Friday’s. I am hungry.” Miss Nose turned around slowly and looked at her sister. Then said, “Yeah. let’s go eat.” She walked over to her sister, picked up her bags, and walked with Topaz to Friday’s. She was determined from this moment on to have a great day with her sister and enjoy a place she has never ate at.