Paranormal, Miss Nose (osa kaksi)

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Miss Nose felt as though Kendrick was hitting her with daggers. His stare was just so unbelievable. Miss Nose started to really get nervous and then she heard her phone ringing. She grabbed her purse from the ear of the chair and dug for it. She found it. Aha, thought Miss Nose. She pushed the send button and heard Topaz, “Emmy! I need pants and I need some burn cream. Could you, please, run over to Shopko and get those items for me? I think I need to go to the hospital. This isn’t good. Oh it hurts so bad. I want mom.”

Emmy felt horrible for her sister. “Sure. I will be there shortly. Just hold on Tope.” Emmy grabbed her and Topaz’s stuff and started walking to Shopko through the mall’s hallways. She decided to purchase a pair of sweat pants for her sister. They were loose and with burns would be better than denim. Emmy always prefers cotton to denim. These had some polyester and spandex in them. Good enough. She got them a size too big so her sister’s legs wouldn’t be hurting.

She was thinking about her sister when her phone rang. The caller ID said MOM! “Great!” thought Emmy as she answered her phone. “Hello Mom!” “I tried your sister. I can’t get her to answer. I know something is wrong!”

“Everything is fine mom. We are shopping. Can I let you go for a moment? I have to pay for my stuff and then we will call you right back.”

“Ok. But I know something is wrong. Let me talk to Topaz.”

“I can’t mom. She went to the bathroom quick and I am paying for our purchases. I will have her call in a moment. Ok.”

Emmy didn’t even wait. She hung up on her mom.

Miss Nose got through the line and practically ran to the bathroom. “Topaz.” She called as she enter. Emmy saw a hand come out from under a door, “I am here Ems. Please, have something.”

“I have burn cream and I got you sweats a size bigger for your legs. And mom called. She knows something is wrong.”

“Geesh. That woman. We could never get hurt as kids without her saying, “I knew you were injured”. She drives me nuts with her premonitions.”

“I know. I didn’t want to tell her she was right. I hate it when she is right.”

“Me too. She called me last month all worried about my cattle. Sure enough, I go out there and one has its head stuck. I nearly lost that one. I got it unstuck and called the vet. She always said it would come to me when I became a mother. Not once has it ever came to me. I have four kids and zero premonitions.”

“I have zero kids and zero premonitions.” Miss Nose sighs.

Topaz came out of the stall with the sweats and smelling like burn cream. “Do you want to go to the walk in?”

“I think I am ok. Looks like first degree. It isn’t hurting as much now. I washed it off right away. The redness is now down to a pink. If it gets worse, I may.”

“We gonna finish shopping?”

“You betcha!” Topaz giggled. “There are sales here. I say we go look. Something has got to be great to buy.”