Paranormal, Miss Nose (Osa yski)

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Miss Emerald Nose, journalist for the Escanaba Morning Express, is sitting with her sister, Topaz. They are having coffee at their favorite coffee shop in the Delta Plaza Mall, Joe’s Coffee Café. Miss Nose noticed one of Ruby’s friends, Kendrick the Great, sitting at a table with another woman. He was reading tarot cards to her. At least that is what it appears to be. She was watching Kendrick when Topaz tried to get her attention!

Ahmm. Topaz cleared her throat and waved her hand in front of her sister’s face. “Hello” she said to her and snapped her fingers. “You haven’t been listening to me at all. HELLO!” Miss Nose snapped out of her daze and blinked at her sister. The thought occurred to her that Topaz was correct. She didn’t even hear a word her sister said.

“Here I am going on and on about the remodeling being done at the mall since The Evil Mastermind bought the place and you are just staring out into space!” Topaz flailed her arm around in the air while her other hand-held what she is crocheting. Emmy was always amazed that her sister could knit and crochet better than she could. They often get together to drink coffee and knit something together. Her sister was won awards at the UP State Fair for her work. Topaz has even won blue ribbons on her garden, canning, and pies. Most citizens don’t believe the two of them are sisters. They are like night and day. Topaz lives in Cornell with 80 acres of land. She has horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, and 5 acres dedicated to farming. Her husband does most of the farm work with their farm hands, but don’t let that fool you, Topaz can hold her own. She has thrown enough hay bales around the farm to build up her arms. Emmy has always viewed her sisters arms as those similar to the arms of body builders. They are firm and the muscles stick right out. Her sister could take anyone in a fight. Emmy lives in Esky and works for the Escanaba Morning Express. The only work out she gets is at the gym. Emmy loves her yoga classes and her muscles show it. They are lean and very feminine. She wears make up, Topaz doesn’t. She loves high heels and nice clothes, Topaz wears cowboy boots, jeans, and t-shirts. No one ever believes they had the same parents.

Miss Nose put her coffee down and grabbed her slippers she was crocheting. She started again with her pattern. “You know, you should try some harder patterns. I have some. I can give them to you. You could be creating something more than slippers. I made a purse for my best friend and shorts for her husband.” “There are some items I draw the line on making.” said Emmy, ” and shorts are one of them. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. And I did knit mom a sweater for Christmas.” “Yes. And one arm was longer than the other. You need to keep better count. Why mom wears that god awful thing, I will never know. She must really love you. I made her and dad matching sweaters. It took me months to find the right buttons. Yet, she wears your pull over gaudy one.”

Right then Netty Carlsen walked over to Emmy and Topaz. She was all excited about something and was rushing over with a fresh cup of coffee in her hands. All of a sudden she tripped over Matthew Johnsson’s coat and fell right on Topaz’s lap where she was knitting. Coffee flew all over the table, floor, and of course, Topaz. Miss Nose jumped as far as she could away from the violent spilling of coffee. Topaz stood up so fast she knocked Netty sideways. Netty was in a turn as she hit Miss Nose’s table. Netty’s back caught the edge of the table and started to flip. As it did, Miss Nose’s coffee cup and saucer took flight. Netty blinked twice as the table came flipping up from under her and landed on her face. Miss Nose watched as her cup flew over the Johnsson’s table, over the table where the City Manager and 4 City Council members were sitting, over a table of young high school students studying, drops of coffee landing on each table as it passed by, and then it landed right in the center of Kendrick’s tarot cards.

Miss Nose stood there a moment with her slippers in her hand as her sister was jumping around trying to get the hot coffee off her legs. She watched as her sister ran to the bathroom. Netty was groaning on the floor as Kendrick looked up from his cards with a very shocked expression. Miss Nose finally came to her senses as Michael, a barista, came rushing over to help Netty. Miss Nose didn’t know what to do. She just had to stand there a moment to let it all sink in. Then, Kendrick rose up like a vampire from his cards. He looked a bit peeved. He walked over to the napkins, asked another barista for a towel, and then back to his table where he proceeded to clean the mess from his cards. The woman sitting with him, looked over at Miss Nose, and gasped. She said something to Kendrick who turned on his heel and stared at Miss Nose.