Miss Nose’s Mad Lib

Miss Nose and ___________(Person) decided they would get out of the house and have some fun. They compromised on flipping a coin on where they were going to eat, shop, and what movie they would watch. Shopping was first for the day, Miss Nose and __________(Person) were heading to ___________(Name Store) to look around and find something wonderful to wear to the movies. Here they purchased __________(retail item) and ___________(retail item) with several of ____________ (retail items). After leaving, Miss Nose and ______________(Person) ran into ________(Person) who was ____________(verb) around _______________(adjective). They asked ___________(Person) if he/she would like to join them for the movie. “__________”(exclamation) said excitedly. As they were walking towards the exit, they saw the Chocolate Shoppe and decided to purchase ______________ (food item) and ______________(food item). Miss Nose was ____________(verb) her ______________ (food item). As they stood in line for ___________________(Name Movie) starring _________________(Male Celebrity) and _____________(Female Celebrity), they discussed where to go after the movie to eat. During the movie, Miss Nose __________(past tense verb), ___________ (Person) ____________ (past tense verb) while drinking, and _____________ (Person) __________________ (past tense verb). When the movie ended, the three friends went to ____________ (food establishment) and had _________________ (food item) with _______________ (food item) and ________________ (beverage) to drink. They really loved the _____________ (dessert item) that was made especially for Miss Nose. The Chef cam up and ________________(verb) to everyone in the restaurant. This gave Miss Nose and her friends a great _________________ (verb). The _________________(adjective) ______________(noun) ______________(verb) _______________ (adverb) with Miss Nose wishing it would never end.

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