Miss Nose’s Adventure to _______

The gloomy ______ was scary to Miss Nose and she vowed to never enter. But the news of the day was behind _____________ and she had to get it. It was proof that the Evil Mastermind was preparing ____________. This led her to a very dark place near Pictured Rocks where she found ___________. When she found the mysterious __________ in the gloomy ___________, she went through several _________ before finally reaching ______________. There she found the next clue glued to __________. She had to call for help but who would come to her aide? She knew she had to get ________ off of __________ to get to the next clue. This investigation was going no where fast and Miss Nose needed ______________ to make it work. She then found a secret ______________ under a ___________. This led her to a ____________ who told her a very horrible plan. She was then captured by ____________________ and force fed ______________ until she screamed. This was the most horrible place she had ever been to in her life. She wanted to go home but ____________ wasn’t letting her go. When she was finally alone she found __________ to get out and she climbed out of __________ to safety. She ran up a ___________ to the nearest ____________ where she was able to call for help. The storm kept on coming down as she approached __________ where a very evil __________ lived. The path was long and ___________. The trees were __________ and looked like they would ____________. Miss Nose finally found a castle where _____________ lived. This was not on the map of the path. She decided to snoop around the castle. When she push on a _________ she went through it and landed on _____________. It was a dark place with no light and Miss Nose felt around finding _____________. She went through it to a __________________. Quickly, Miss Nose __________ and found a _________. She took it and found her way out. She went back to her office and ___________ about her adventure.


*Not the best story. I am working on a better one for everyone to fill in the blanks for an adventure*

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  1. Haha you have to give us the clues to fill in the blanks before we see the story (e.g. “place” “object”) and make it a Mad Libs story! I love it!


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