Miss Nose’s Adventure to _______

The gloomy ______ was scary to Miss Nose and she vowed to never enter. But the news of the day was behind _____________ and she had to get it. It was proof that the Evil Mastermind was preparing ____________. This led her to a very dark place near Pictured Rocks where she found ___________. When she found the mysterious __________ in the gloomy ___________, she went through several _________ before finally reaching ______________. There she found the next clue glued to __________. She had to call for help but who would come to her aide? She knew she had to get ________ off of __________ to get to the next clue. This investigation was going no where fast and Miss Nose needed ______________ to make it work. She then found a secret ______________ under a ___________. This led her to a ____________ who told her a very horrible plan. She was then captured by ____________________ and force fed ______________ until she screamed. This was the most horrible place she had ever been to in her life. She wanted to go home but ____________ wasn’t letting her go. When she was finally alone she found __________ to get out and she climbed out of __________ to safety. She ran up a ___________ to the nearest ____________ where she was able to call for help. The storm kept on coming down as she approached __________ where a very evil __________ lived. The path was long and ___________. The trees were __________ and looked like they would ____________. Miss Nose finally found a castle where _____________ lived. This was not on the map of the path. She decided to snoop around the castle. When she push on a _________ she went through it and landed on _____________. It was a dark place with no light and Miss Nose felt around finding _____________. She went through it to a __________________. Quickly, Miss Nose __________ and found a _________. She took it and found her way out. She went back to her office and ___________ about her adventure.


*Not the best story. I am working on a better one for everyone to fill in the blanks for an adventure*

Pepper Cries

Everyone here at Camp Pepper for President are grieving. We have several reasons why.

  1. Police fatally shoot a man in Baton Rouge
  2. 5 dead from Dallas police force
  3. A woman is shot in a DV instance in Arizona
  4. A man is fatally shot in Minnesota

These are just a part of the violence happening this past week in America. Pepper is talking to his staff and they are trying to put a campaign plan together which will help us all deal with violence. Pepper doesn’t know the real answer but we have to keep in the front of our mind the Second Amendment as well as what can be done with the use of guns to kill.

Pepper is wondering if we take away weapons from police, where would that leave us. If we unarm citizens, that makes them vulnerable to attacks. We need to have a balance and the balance needs to be a law of when and where you can use your weapon. We need more education and more people obeying the law to keep the peace. We need better education for our police as well. They need to know how to handle people without violence first. When arresting someone, they need to so in a human way and not on the ground with their legs in the persons back with that person in pain. Pain will bring someone to fight. Maybe we can use tranquilizing guns like they use for animals. That will put the person to sleep and make everything easier. Maybe we need to go through all the laws we have as a nation and get rid of those that don’t serve us well anymore and place in laws that will be of more benefit to the American public.

What is the correct way? All we can do is look for ways to bring peace and love to our country. Until we can come up with a plan and get it right the first time, we have this. We need to put this to bed and start something new. We need all our citizens to write their congress people. We need all our citizens to get involved. We need all our citizens to start locally and work their way up. We can do this. We can make a more peaceful world one baby step at a time. We need our citizens to speak up and we a data base of what is peaking the most from each citizen.

We are waiting to see what other Presidential candidates are saying or thinking about doing at this time. Until then, Pepper is crying for the waste of life happening to everyone. Pepper feels it is unnecessary to kill anyone.