Pepper’s 4th and quote on FBI clearing Clinton

We had a wonderful time out there meeting and greeting all our voting public. With all the news about Clinton and Trump. Clinton was cleared by the FBI for her emails having sent them through her private servers (and I do mean more than one server) of very sensitive material that we wouldn’t want ISIS getting a hold of. We have all been discussing how ISIS went from being an Egyptian goddess to a terrorist. Pepper does have concerns on what Clinton did and does have a statement he wants the American public to hear it is:

I would never allow a member of my staff to use their own personal servers or email when dealing with national security. I think this is very irresponsible of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. I think she should be held accountable for the possibility that she could be trading insider secrets to another country. We impeached Richard Nixon for less than what Hillary Clinton has done. She should be held accountable by a court and be held accountable for possible treason. I am not saying she is a bad person but everyone should be held responsible for their actions. It saddens me that only days after President Clinton met with Lynch that the FBI has this position. It only creates a bigger doubt in the minds of Americans. I don’t believe Mrs. Clinton should be using air force one for transportation nor should she be allowing secret meetings between her husband and anyone in this administration. It shows favoritism that should never be allowed when one is running for President.

I will always tell the truth. I will never allow this to happen. If it were to happen during my time, that person will be held to the full extent of the law. The Constitution and the Amendment of the United States shall and will be upheld during my term.

We also have a quote on breaking news about the Egyptian airlines.

I know several government officials say it was about terror but with them piecing together the black box finally. I for one am saddened that so many people lost their lives as the staff was trying to put out a fire. Thank you to the Egyptians working so hard to find the truth!

I have more wonderful things to share with everyone. Pepper asked that we put this out first so his constituents will know where he stands on this issue. We are working on his campaign plan and I am working on that article for you all. I have some pictures from our time out last night and my friends took video of fireworks for everyone that I so want to share. We had a wonderful time eating hotdogs and talking to the people about their concerns with this great country of ours.

I hope you all had an excellent Independence Day!