Pepper Prays for Peace

I, Miss Nose, have been chosen to be that reporter! I get to go where ever Pepper goes and report on exactly what is going on. This is sometimes the most amazing job! I was writing up part of the interview I had with Pepper from two days ago. I asked him, WHAT DO YOU THINK THE UNITED STATES NEEDS IN A NEW PRESIDENT? He answered me in true Pepper style.

As you all know, 2016 is an election year. We are looking for someone to really run this country. That person should have the mind of a business man, the ability to lead a military into war or peace, and leadership skills that exceed everyone else. This person should understand everyone’s culture but still stand firm for their own country’s culture. You need someone who can speak all languages and can negotiate for this country. You need someone who can create new laws, repeal laws we no longer need, and can work with Congress and the Supreme Court on issues concerning our country. You need someone with a road plan to financial freedom. Time for us to not be in the red but back to the black. Time for us to have over a trillion dollars in surplus not in debt. We need a living wage for all people. We need retirement plans and we need to renegotiate this ACA (Affordable Care Act). I have ideas on everything including illegal immigrants, crime, ISIS, terrorist, and spreading the love!


But I can’t complete the other questions right now in this article. Today, Pepper and his press agent asked me to release a press report on the attacks in  Bangladesh. Pepper is sadden by this. He wants world peace. The press report has a statement by him on it. It says:

Today I mourn with everyone else on the planet for those innocent lives taken in a senseless attack while people were eating. Eating is time for rest and digest not fight or flight. We are so sorry for the loss of life. This needs to stop. At this time, we are all praying for the lives taken today. We are still praying for the other lives that were taken from us in other senseless acts of violence. Please pray for peace with us as we all cry!

I agree with Pepper. We have had way too much violence in recent years. We have a history of way too much violence on this planet. I think it is time for us all to put aside our differences and really focus on what is needed this election year, PEACE!





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