Miss Nose Reviews a Rug

“I was amazed to have made this rug. I thought I didn’t have enough yarn. I wanted a blanket but when you are using left overs from other projects, you get what you get.”


My mom is amazing. She makes so many cool items. She made this one and didn’t have a clue what to do with it. I found many ways to use it.

I can do yoga on it,

Yoga is rough
Next Yoga move is

chant on it,

Om Gum

take it outside and watch the many different local functions with it, I can use it when I am cleaning the house to save on my knees, and I am finding many more ways to use this “RUG”.

Homemade items are great gifts for loved ones too. I know many don’t know that or think, “great you made me something.” But really they took time out of their life to make you a gift. They bought all the material, put it together, and made you something special. This, to me, is more precious than any gift from a store.

I am very grateful for my new “rug”. The best gift anyone could have ever given me. I can even sleep on it.

So many uses for left over yarn and rugs. 

I just love this “RUG”.  This is the best gift any MOM could make you. Happy Mother’s Day!






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