My New Series On My First Blog

The first blog I had was on blogger and it is called KWP Money Reiki. When it was on blogger, I had 2 others that helped me with it. The one quit on me when facebook made him very angry and he decided no more internet for him. He is focusing on face to face Reiki right now. The other person died of lung cancer and was very near and dear to my heart. I miss her tons and wish she were still here helping me with articles for our site. I miss talking to her and chatting. I miss sending emails back and forth.

Anyway, I moved it over to wordpress when the guy left. I deleted the common blogger and changed the password. Now it is all mine. Mine alone. I would love if it were the three of us again but that isn’t going to happen. I hope to maybe find some guest writers for it. If you are interested, drop me a line. KWP stands for Kenny Wenny Penny and he was my cat. Funny since the guy who found me was named Kenny too and he loved my cat until KWP couldn’t be found anymore. I think someone stole him or maybe he was hit by a car. Me and the ferals you know.

Anywho, I made a new series for KWP Money Reiki. It is called Let’s Talk Energy and I hope to spread the word on Reiki and healing energy. When you have some time, head over there and take a peek. I am certain you will love the Reiki site. KWP Money Reiki Let’s Talk Energy


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