Jeffrey’s Animals

Ever had a dream that stuck with you for a while? I have one from today. I woke up at 7:30 this morning fresh from the dream and now after doing a bunch of chores plus a shower, it is starting to fade some so I want to get as much as I can down for you all.

I am in a very dark area. I see people arguing. They are arguing about what is going to happen to the zoo and its animals. There is an old witch in the room as well. Long gray and black hair wearing the weirdest outfit. It looks like gray gunny sacks. The people are arguing with a piece of paper in their hand. The paper is about a closure of the zoo. They don’t want anything to happen to the animals. The old witch steps up and tells them she has a solution. She can make them all into miniature toys. The people look at each other and then at her. They agree for some oddball reason to this witch’s idea.

The next thing I see is green and yellow lights running around the room and the witch chanting. Then I see all the animals in their cages turn into toys. She tells them they can package them in a 14 animal box and call them Jeffrey’s Animals. She also gives them the chant to turn them back into real animals as well but they stay as toys but alive when she shows them how to say the chant.

I woke up with the Jeffrey’s Animals stuck in my head the 14 boxed up animals. I can’t give you more details since, I can’t remember it all. But I do still see the 14 animals boxed up as toys called Jeffery’s Animals. It was all really weird but if I can get the details down, I bet it would make an excellent story.


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