Mystery Peeps Flavor #3

mystery 3

After trying the last two, I needed to try the third.What ever could this flavor be? The package is red and purple. I was hoping for a fruity flavor like strawberry or raspberry. When you open it, you get a slight smell. As you put your nose closer you know what it is and I couldn’t wait to put one in my mouth.

mystery 3a

As you can see they are white peeps again. The eyes are in the back. The beak is longer than the other two. They are smooth looking with a slight dimple in the beak.


Anyone wanting to try this flavor really, really should. The flavor is cherry. It smells like cherry 7up. Like a jar of maraschino cherries.  When you put one in your both and let it melt, it is so amazing. You can really suck out that cherry flavor.

Those were the three bags of peeps I got for mystery flavors this year. What is your favorite?


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