Mystery Peeps Flavor #1

mystery 1 (1)

An interesting flavor worth the try!

Flavor number one of the mystery peeps is hard to determine. It smells like lime or coconut and tastes like it might be lime or coconut. It may be both or it may be just coconut.

When you first open them, you find white peeps with an interesting smell. The five of them are smushed together and are shaped like most peeps. The eyes in the middle a short beak. There is a slight dimple in their beak area.

mystery 1 a

The package wants you to ask if it is fruity or sour. I am thinking this package is part of the sour peeps line. The package is green on top and blue at the bottom. I checked both boxes and ate a peep from each to see if the flavor was different. It was not.

If you love peeps, this one is a very interesting flavor and worthy of controversy. I am sure it will taste different to everyone out there. Let me know what flavor you think this is!


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