A New Home

We had to move! After living in Cornell for almost 2 years, my heart sank when I found on the door a notice that I have 24 hours to move. The people we had a land contract with pulled out of the contract and forced us out. Even with us in the middle of a mortgage process. We were expecting the inspector on Tuesday, March 8. They gave us the boot on Monday, March 7. They have done this before to at least 3 other people. Right as you have the mortgage, they force you out of the home. They really don’t want to sell the place. I think they just want renters but know it won’t pass and no one would put in money to fix a place they weren’t going to own.

Sad but true, I am now in Rock at a relatives second home. She hasn’t lived here in 2 years so she allowed us to move in. The best part about Rock, they don’t have internet here. We had to search for a satellite provider and we found PastyNet! Even our internet here in the UP loves pasties. We are in a spot where nothing wants to be except the wild animals. But since technology is wonderful today, we can get anything via satellite providers. We do have electricity and a well with a septic so INDOOR PLUMBING! So exciting not having to use an outhouse!

Once we are settled, I can begin to write again. I am trying to now but we are still putting away stuff and cleaning up the house. So much to do but at least we have a home. Miss Nose has been upset and joyful at the same time. You should see the amount of mice she has caught.

I should be grateful but I don’t feel it. I really thought they were willing to let the house go. I didn’t want to move in there but once I was there, all I wanted to do was stay. I hate to move. I hate change. But as I look outside the windows here, on this quiet deserted road, I see so many stories floating in the air. I am hoping to never move again.

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      1. If I were you, I would check craigslist and have him buy one. They are good to have no matter what. Then when he retires or if he wants to leave that job for some reason, you have a place already. Good to be prepared.

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      2. He had a good chance to with my Christmas money from Dad. He chose not to.
        I get my parent’s place in Arizona. Dad recently had it renovated. Almost new.
        Only problem. The location.
        It’s in the desert. Or close to it. Too hot a good part of the year.
        I will also have a small lot on Lutheran Valley Ranch in Colorado. I wish we still had a cabin there.
        It would be perfect for the summer.

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