A Slug Life


I get so sick of all the hatred people display on facebook. I hate that they down anyone getting food stamps. Everyone says to cops, people who get assistance, and other government related programs that it is their money from taxes paying for this. You are wrong. First, you do not own the money, the federal reserve does and that is owned by our banking system. Money is just a bargaining tool for you to use. Now the people who commissioned the bankers to make this paper funding said to the makers of paper, “We have discontent in the land. People are saying they are hungry, they are buying cars and want roads, they want affordable housing, healthcare. They want and are refusing to work until we give them something. How can we give them something? How can we get them to give us some of their money so we can give them something?” Well boys and girls, taxes evolved from that discussion. And VOILA the slug life was born or as I like to call it SLAVERY, but I am told I am not allowed to use that term because someone else owns it.

Here is the hierarchy of your slug existence!

  1. the bankers who made the paper money
  2. their buddies and pals, the 1% who gives you the money but not for free. Here is where you, the slug, have to grind away all those hours working.
  3. The SLUGS! That is you!

Now really and truly you own nothing. Don’t believe me, ask Willie Nelson. The government will tell you they own it all and if you don’t give them the money back, then say goodbye to the stuff you bought that you think you own. See the catch 22 here. Try not paying the taxes on that nice house with that nice mortgage that the bank owns! Now are you seeing it!

I just want to shake these people. Everything according to the government is an asset. The only thing you own is your naked body. Now there are ways to get total freedom from the government. You can run in the woods, naked, and pray you don’t get arrested for trespassing. You can be homeless. But you can NOT beg for food, nor can you hunt or fish without a license. Why? Because that is all owned by the bankers and the 1% who own everything which we call “the government”.

Therefore, I care not that some people receive food stamps. Which by the way started out where anyone could get them. They are Farmer’s Money. Yep, the farmers at one time decided to get together to feed the nation so nothing was wasted and created their own banking system. Then the “government” got involved and decided that they would give it only to the lowest slugs so they wouldn’t die of starvation and keep working for the higher up slugs!

I think that is why most slugs think that paying taxes means you own the government. You don’t. The government owns you little slug! You just have to realize you are part of a gang or mob and that you have to pay the Godfather for protection, food, housing, and the other stuff you may want. You are being extorted. That is why the man has his buddies the 1% create new items. So you can be extorted more but believe you are happy because you have tv, internet, a computer, a phone, clothes, food, a house, a car, but do you really?