What a day I had

I imported my blogger over to wordpress and spent all day working on it. All my tags came in as categories. I had to sort that out, find a theme, make the pages, and do all the other crap one must do. I have a headache from hell getting all that over. Not sure which theme I liked most. Settled on one just for now. Go take a look and tell me what you all think. It is KWP Money Reiki. I had it on blogger forever. It is my reiki life there. I miss my friend Eyla. She helped with it. I had someone else who would help me as well but facebook pissed him off and he gave up. He did most of the financial reiki and articles. He found them and placed them for me. I miss him too but oh well, I guess it is back to just me. Google has decided that the only ones who can comment are people with google accounts and I think wordpress may be the same way, but since I am here writing my stories anyway, I figured I would put it here. It will help since it is easier to write here and just switch a site without having to open a new tab or go to another site. I like blogger. I really do. But I need more simple right now.

I hope your day is going better than mine.


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