Little diddy about today

Went to the nuclear department of radiology today. They fed me an egg with radioactive medicine in it. I had to sit there for over 2 hours and had 5 xrays taken of my tummy. Oh lucky, lucky me.

I kept burping it up and it tasted like I ate pennies. My tummy still doesn’t feel right. I feel like going to bed early today.
I am working on some new Miss Nose for you all. Maybe some fake news even. Got some more ideas for slug life.
Anywoo, I am getting off here. I feel really sick. See you all soon.

Miss Nose News

Monday, February 22, 2016

Oh how these humans love to tease me! They took in all the chickens to bath them after cleaning the coop. Here I am with chickens in the house and I am told not to chase them! PLEASE!

UGH! These silly humans are  making my life hell. DSCF1168

They take in Penguin and put her on the table for a picture but I am not allowed on the table. I am not even allowed to chase the chicken. What is a cat to do?

Then they have lasagna for dinner and tell me I can not lick the dish! WHATEVER!

After a day like this, I am glad I have my coffee, computer, and the news to report! Now it is time for me to sleep! News gets up early and one must sleep when one can!




Miss Nose News

Sunday, February 21, 2016

We cleaned the cockatiel cage today. The birds had the bottom off of their cage. The humans put them on the floor with the top part of the cage over them to protect them from us. I would love to chase them around the house.

They are pecking at the floor. I have no idea why they would even like to do this. I sit and watch the intently until the humans have the bottom cleaned. Now they are back in their whole cage and put up high where those silly humans think I can not reach.





Miss Nose News

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The mice are no where to be seen. They appear to not be coming out in this white stuff. Yesterday, we had rain which made everything slippery today. I doubt any mouse will be out in this. I can’t wait until spring when I can chance mice again.




Miss Nose News

Friday, February 19, 2016

It is snowing, then raining, then snowing, and then raining. This crazy weather has no idea what it wants to do. Well at least I have hot coffee, my computer, and the news to keep me going.




Behind Miss Nose

I am so behind. I have some posts for Miss Nose News and I haven’t had an opportunity to get them on here. I will try and get them up but some are not currant. But I will post them anyway.

Miss Nose and the New Jersey Fire


Miss Nose sitting around waiting for news. The latest is an old military base in New Jersey went up in flames. 5 Boroughs came to put out the fire. 11 acres with several of the warehouses sublet to various businesses. The police academy and fire fighters both use this area. School buses are located there. Explosions were heard and felt by near by homes. Several were evacuated. The fire is now contained but the conspiracy theorists are going wild!


A Slug Life


I get so sick of all the hatred people display on facebook. I hate that they down anyone getting food stamps. Everyone says to cops, people who get assistance, and other government related programs that it is their money from taxes paying for this. You are wrong. First, you do not own the money, the federal reserve does and that is owned by our banking system. Money is just a bargaining tool for you to use. Now the people who commissioned the bankers to make this paper funding said to the makers of paper, “We have discontent in the land. People are saying they are hungry, they are buying cars and want roads, they want affordable housing, healthcare. They want and are refusing to work until we give them something. How can we give them something? How can we get them to give us some of their money so we can give them something?” Well boys and girls, taxes evolved from that discussion. And VOILA the slug life was born or as I like to call it SLAVERY, but I am told I am not allowed to use that term because someone else owns it.

Here is the hierarchy of your slug existence!

  1. the bankers who made the paper money
  2. their buddies and pals, the 1% who gives you the money but not for free. Here is where you, the slug, have to grind away all those hours working.
  3. The SLUGS! That is you!

Now really and truly you own nothing. Don’t believe me, ask Willie Nelson. The government will tell you they own it all and if you don’t give them the money back, then say goodbye to the stuff you bought that you think you own. See the catch 22 here. Try not paying the taxes on that nice house with that nice mortgage that the bank owns! Now are you seeing it!

I just want to shake these people. Everything according to the government is an asset. The only thing you own is your naked body. Now there are ways to get total freedom from the government. You can run in the woods, naked, and pray you don’t get arrested for trespassing. You can be homeless. But you can NOT beg for food, nor can you hunt or fish without a license. Why? Because that is all owned by the bankers and the 1% who own everything which we call “the government”.

Therefore, I care not that some people receive food stamps. Which by the way started out where anyone could get them. They are Farmer’s Money. Yep, the farmers at one time decided to get together to feed the nation so nothing was wasted and created their own banking system. Then the “government” got involved and decided that they would give it only to the lowest slugs so they wouldn’t die of starvation and keep working for the higher up slugs!

I think that is why most slugs think that paying taxes means you own the government. You don’t. The government owns you little slug! You just have to realize you are part of a gang or mob and that you have to pay the Godfather for protection, food, housing, and the other stuff you may want. You are being extorted. That is why the man has his buddies the 1% create new items. So you can be extorted more but believe you are happy because you have tv, internet, a computer, a phone, clothes, food, a house, a car, but do you really?

What a day I had

I imported my blogger over to wordpress and spent all day working on it. All my tags came in as categories. I had to sort that out, find a theme, make the pages, and do all the other crap one must do. I have a headache from hell getting all that over. Not sure which theme I liked most. Settled on one just for now. Go take a look and tell me what you all think. It is KWP Money Reiki. I had it on blogger forever. It is my reiki life there. I miss my friend Eyla. She helped with it. I had someone else who would help me as well but facebook pissed him off and he gave up. He did most of the financial reiki and articles. He found them and placed them for me. I miss him too but oh well, I guess it is back to just me. Google has decided that the only ones who can comment are people with google accounts and I think wordpress may be the same way, but since I am here writing my stories anyway, I figured I would put it here. It will help since it is easier to write here and just switch a site without having to open a new tab or go to another site. I like blogger. I really do. But I need more simple right now.

I hope your day is going better than mine.